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5 Tips for New Moms of Twins

Finding out that you have more than one baby on the way can be both exciting, and a bit scary. But twin moms don’t need double the worry. Here are some practical tips to find out what’s really important, what can help keep you sane, and most of all how to enjoy the multiple joys of having twins.

You don’t need two of everything!

Some things you really need to double up on, like diapers (plan on going through 120 per week!), bottles and nipples if you’re bottle feeding, baby basics like onesies and receiving blankets, a double stroller and two infant car seats.  But you don’t need two playmats, two swings, and two of every toy or book.  Register for the necessities and then take your time filling in the other items once you see what your babies are attracted to and how they like to play.

Keep a journal.

Writing everything down – from feedings, to diaper changes, and especially medication doses if they need to take medicine at any point – will help you keep track of your babies’ development and give you peace of mind. Even if you think you will remember which baby did what when, chances are you really won’t. And having a journal is also great for when you have someone else watching your babies so you can make sure they were fed and changed on schedule.

Speaking of schedules – with twins this is not optional.

Getting your babies on regular eating and sleeping schedules will make your life much easier.  A routine will make feeding and caring for your babies painless, and getting your babies on a regular sleep schedule will give you time to sleep as well. You can find some great twin communities online, or check out books that outline how to get twins on a schedule as soon as you get home from the hospital.

Hold your babies, one at a time.

It sounds obvious, but many times parents can be so busy getting twins changed, dressed, fed, burped, and then down for a nap that you can forget to just have cuddle time. Even though they were born at the same time, twin babies need the same individual time to be held and talked to. Try to set aside time every day, especially when you have help, to spend that one on one time with each baby.

Ask for help.

Having twins is not double the work, it’s exponentially more work. An extra pair of hands (or even more) can allow each baby to have more one-on-one time, stay on schedule, and give mom a break. Enlisting friends and family to do some laundry, prepare meals, or even take one baby out for a walk while the other stays at home with mom, can make a huge difference for the twins and for mom.

Being a mom of twins already makes you a supermom – but you can’t do it well if you’re not also taking care of yourself. Above all else, remember to rest when your babies rest and try to enjoy the double smiles, double giggles and double love of two new babies at once!

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