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Get Ready for Your Fourth Trimester

The time between your baby's birth and her first three months of life is known as the fourth trimester. This special time is all about getting to know your little one during those precious first few months you will have together at home. The so-called fourth trimester is a time of change, discovery and bonding for both you and baby.

The desire to see babies thrive will never change. How families find their way has. That’s why Huggies teamed up with Medela Inc, to offer more moms the support they need to reach their breastfeeding goals. Breastfeeding doesn’t look the same for everyone. And that’s more than okay. There’s no perfect way to do it, and plenty of ways to get to your own version of perfect.

To help you with planning for your fourth trimester, check out these tips from Medela Inc.

Be supportive

Your little one is making a huge adjustment by transitioning to life outside of the womb. You can help baby cope by creating soothing everyday experiences for her. Things that remind baby of being in the womb can be especially comforting. Activities such as holding baby close so that she can hear your heartbeat can help provide familiar sounds and sensations.

Of course, new moms and dads need support too. Focus on practicing routines as you get to know your baby and don’t stress about sticking to a solid schedule. Consider simple comforts such as a rocking chair or glider for the nursery to help you get through late nights comfortably.

Bond with baby

Your body is designed to help you bond with your new little one. Both during and after your birthing experience, high levels of oxytocin (yep, the love hormone) are released by your brain to help you bond with baby.

Breastfeeding is another wonderful way to connect with your newborn. If possible, take advantage of the very special bonding time immediately after birth, which is known as the golden hour. This is the ideal time to start breastfeeding. Let your doctor and nurses know your wishes so that routine medical procedures don’t interfere with your precious bonding time.

Brush up on breastfeeding

A good latch is the secret to successfully breastfeeding your baby. Once baby is comfortably latched on to your breast, you can relax and enjoy feeding your little one. There are lots of different positioning styles that you can try when feeding too. When baby is latched on properly, you should be able to hear the sound of her swallowing milk.  Medela offers step-by-step instructions to help you with latching.

Help baby sleep

When babies are growing in the womb they experience plenty of motion. Many babies find motion comforting and can fall asleep more easily when they are moving. To help your baby sleep, you can try holding her on your chest as you walk quietly through your home. Pushing baby in her stroller or taking her for a ride in the car are other ways to provide the kind of soothing motion that could help your little one sleep.

Involve your partner

While you bond with your baby through breastfeeding, your partner can also connect with baby in other meaningful ways. Holding and burping baby after she nurses is a wonderful way for your partner to get involved with feedings. Bath time and nap time also offer other opportunities for your partner to play with baby and provide comfort by rocking or holding to help baby peacefully fall asleep.


Get more advice from Medela, Inc. at

Medela, Inc. the #1 recommended breast pump brand*, is proud to provide moms with quality products that support their breast milk feeding goals – whatever their lifestyle. Medela will be adding new products to its collection later this year that were designed in direct response to customer feedback. We develop our products based on breastfeeding science, our own research, as well as user testing and feedback from moms. We teamed up with Huggies to offer more moms the support they need to reach their own breastfeeding goals.

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