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Your Child's Personality: My, How Big It Is!

They may be small, but their personalities are getting ginormous. Parents on HUGGIES Facebook community share the ways they’ve seen their children coming into their own.

"My 4-month-old is developing my silly giggle when we play, and will squeal back when spoken to in a playful tone."—Julia M.

"Stetsen likes to roll his eyes when you tell him how cute he is. At 14 months, eye rolling is still cute! Not so much at 14."—Kaycee T.

"We were out to dinner this past Saturday and my 17-month-old kept breaking out in dance and walking up and down the aisle of the waiting area, waving at everyone. It kept everyone entertained and helped pass the time."—Becky R.

"My almost-10-month-old shakes his head no with a big grin on his face when I say ‘no.’ It’s impossible to keep a straight face when he does that."—Krista M.

"My 27-month-old avoids bedtime by putting on a concert—she sings and throws her arms in the air when she’s done. She still has to go to bed, though!"—Heather H.

"Logan raises his eyebrows when he’s indifferent about something—only one if he’s really unsure."—Kylee W.

"My son will rip off his diaper and go find you. Once you see him, he will have a huge giggle fit and run away laughing, and then I crawl around following him and eventually get the diaper back on."—Asheli L.

"My little one is very independent. Once he learns how to do something, he has to do it by himself each time."—Paulina T.

"She goes to a store and will smile and talk to everyone! We think she’ll end up being a cheerleader."—Kaila R.

"Abel is very, very laid back. He looks 100 percent like his Daddy, and apparently has his Daddy’s personality as well. I’m not as laid back, so he doesn’t get it from me! Thankful for a laid back little guy!"—Stephanie B.

"My 21-month-old likes to grab your hands, put them under his shirt, giggle, and say ‘Tickle belly, tickle belly!’"—Debra B.

"At 14 months, Maya will stomp her foot when angry. And if she’s caught doing something she shouldn’t, she will blow you a kiss."—Candi D.

See what parents are talking about on the HUGGIES Facebook community.

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