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Tis The Season To Announce…“We’re Expecting!”

You're pregnant and you want to tell the world and shout it from the rooftops. So go big! Social media is the way to get the word out quickly to friends and family near and far. But there is an art to the announcement and creativity is key.

Since it’s the time of year to snuggle up inside, getting toasty by a roaring fire with steaming mugs of hot chocolate after you’ve spent the day outside playing in the snow, why not use all those beautiful images of wintertime to spread your good news?

Here are some wonderful ways to illustrate your pregnancy during the winter months:

New Year’s vow:

Pose with a list stating your “New Year’s resolution” written on a large sign or chalkboard: “To eat more pickles and ice cream.” It may take a minute, but everyone will get the gist.

Snowman's Secret:

If you are ambitious, bundle up and go out in the snow to build a snow family. You’ll need a big daddy snowman, a medium-sized mommy and, of course, a tiny snowbaby with a sign: “Coming soon…when the snow melts.”

Baby boots:

Set up a pair of big daddy winter boots, medium mommy boots and tiny baby boots on a “Welcome” mat to announce the news.

Cup of joy:

How about three mugs of hot chocolate for a yummy image? Put a large marshmallow in each of the first two, labeled “Mommy” and “Daddy,” and then a tiny one in a little cup with a question mark on it or “Baby Boy” or “Baby Girl” if you know the baby-to-be’s gender.

Eating for two:

Stand in profile in front of an open (and stocked) refrigerator so your baby bump is showing and your arms are full of containers of ice cream, packages of cookies, piles of fruit and more with the caption “Eating for two!”

Warm weather news:

If you’re taking a winter visit to warmer climes, stick large, medium and tiny flip flops in the sand and add a message: “Our family growing by two feet. Coming summer ’16.”

Valentine's Day love:

Aim your announcement for this day of love in February. Have daddy pose behind with his hands on mommy’s belly in a heart-shape. Or better yet, hold two candy canes facing each other to make the universal sign of love.

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