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When Your Due Date Comes and Goes

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As the months of your pregnancy go by, there is always one date that is circled on your calendar – your due date. Friends, family members, and even strangers will repeatedly ask when you’re due. For many parents, the date on the calendar that seemed so definite will come and go, and pregnancy will enter a new phase – overdue.

If you go past your due date, you’re not alone. Minneapolis mom Kelly learned having a memorable due date can work against you. “I was overdue with my first. I made the mistake of telling everyone my due date [which was Thanksgiving], so I got dozens of calls from friends and family asking ‘Have you had the baby yet?’ during the holiday break. My doctor scheduled me for testing and induction on the following Monday [which would have been two weeks after my due date], but, thankfully, I went into labor on Sunday! And I was actually relieved my son wouldn’t have to share his birthday with Thanksgiving every year.”

Going past your due date can create a lot of anxiety as you may not know what to expect. Author and pediatrician Dr. William Sears offers some helpful insights: “You may have a weekly ninth-month prenatal checkup to get ultrasounds to assess the volume of the amniotic fluid, a biophysical profile or discussion of possible induction of labor at some point. If you are overdue, your healthcare provider will counsel you on worrisome signs to watch for. Frequency and content of healthcare provider visits during the final month depends greatly on your particular obstetrical situation.”

For Amy, a mom in upstate New York, her doctor’s guidance and advice was especially important. According to Amy, “My doctor didn't want me to go more than two weeks past my due date because of my previous C-section, so we scheduled a VBAC delivery. But my son didn't want to come out, so C-section it was, again. He was born in a room full of laughter, though, because when he was finally born they said, ‘Congratulations, you have a toddler!’ He weighed in at 10 lbs. 5 oz.!”

Your official due date may come and go, but one thing’s certain—the moment your baby’s born, your life will change. Even though being overdue may be tough in the moment, know this time will pass and your beautiful baby will be in your arms soon enough. 

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