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Why Baby Hugs Are the Best

By Jeana Lee Tahnk

Aren't baby hugs the best? Especially those babies give when they're just learning to hug, like the ones my 7-month-old gives me-all squishy, drooly and uncoordinated. The best ones are on the ground, when she crawls on top of me and rests her head on my chest for a split second or holds her gaze in my eyes for an extra moment. Even though those actions might not fall under the traditional parameters of a hug, they just make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, so the end result is the same.

They're also showing me more her personality, her playful side, her silly side and her affectionate side. It can be hard in those first few months to see beyond the constant demands that a newborn makes, but when those hugs come out, you know your child is growing and developing, and is no longer that little swaddled burrito that you have to hold all day.

I love this age because she is not fully mobile, so I can play with her on the blanket without her running away. To her, I am still curious enough to hold her attention, whether it's the color of my toenails or the way I snap my fingers. The physical interaction she gives me is unprompted and pure, which is what makes them so special.

Before I know it, she'll be toddling off, exploring the big world around her and finding other things that to hold her interest her more than the ribbon on my shirt or the sounds I can make with my hands. And I'll still get hugs when she's older, but there's just something about these newly discovered baby hugs that really make them the best.

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