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Holding your child for the very first time is an almost indescribable moment. We spoke to some parenting bloggers who adopted their children to learn more about the first time they met and held their new child - and the powerful emotions and hopes they felt upon cradling their child in that first hug. 

“As soon as I held my son I had an overwhelming feeling that we had known each other before and that we were back together again,” said Mitch Chaitin, author of  “I cannot explain it, but it was a feeling of recognition, and I knew that we would have no worries moving forward…this was our son.”

Maria Bailey host of "Mom Talk Radio," was in the delivery room when her first daughter was born.  “The first time I held my first adoptive daughter, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for her birth mother, whom I had just watched deliver her.  I felt indebted to her generosity and sacrifice and silently vowed to grow this child to be the best adult possible as a means to repay her.”

For Linda Grant, the writer of NYCSingleMom, the adoption of her daughter made her family complete. " The agency called me a few days after she was born. She was fourteen days old when I held her for the first time. All I could think was that after years of waiting, my dream to be a mother finally came true.”

Not all children are adopted as infants. Jill Robbins, a Texas based blogger who writes at, adopted her son when he was two years old. According to Jill, “The first time I held Zack in my arms I felt joy and sadness. I loved him instantly. He was two and he really didn't have any clue about what was going on...I'd waited for him, and getting to hold him for the first time and having that wait be over was...well, it's very much the same feeling any mom has when holding her child for the first time, no matter how she came to be a mom.” 

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