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Tips for Making Sure Your Baby Has the Right Diaper

By Jeana Lee Tahnk

When my first baby came into the world, like most new parents, I wascompletely clueless about everything. I listened intently to the nursesafter the birth, studied how they bathed my baby and left the hospitalwith whatever they put into that big plastic bag.

One of those items, of course, was that starter pack of diapers.Believe me, after changing 10 to 12 diapers a day, you get prettycomfortable after a week or so and you've logged about 100 changes.

I remember running out of that initial pack of diapers and standingin the aisle at my local pharmacy, gazing through a euphoric andsleep-deprived haze of all the diaper options out there. Wait, he's 8 pounds-do I go newborn or do I go size 1?And to add to the sizing confusion, I couldn't figure out why therewere different types of diapers under the same brand. What were thedifferences? This was way before the age of the smartphone, when I couldlook things up in an instant.

For me, back in the day, it was through trial and error that Ifigured out what worked when it came to diaper sizing. And after threekids in diapers (one of whom is still in the diaper stage), I feel likeI've become pretty well-versed in what works.

Here are my suggestions on how to find the right diaper:

Experimentation: There are lots of diaper styles outthere. Get a few packs and see what works the best, what you like andwhat seems to make your baby the most comfortable.

Recommendation: Ask your friends what diapers theyuse. Why do they like them? I found that most of my friends ended uppicking one brand and sticking with it.

Size of baby: Just like adults, no two babies are thesame size. If your baby has super squishy legs or is more lean in theleg, you may want to consider sizing up or down accordingly.

Size of diaper: The weight recommendations are generalguidelines, but again, based on fit and your baby's body, you mightwant to try different sizing. My baby doesn't quite meet the weightguidelines for the size diaper she wears, but I like that they're alittle bigger on her and give her a little extra room.

Diaper features: Something I found very important,especially during those first few months when diaper changes wereabundant, is having an elastic waistband. So many middle-of-the-nightchanges were spared from having a full head-to-toe clothing changebecause of that elastic band in the back.

Aside from your baby, your baby's diapers are something you becomefamiliar with very quickly. You want to make sure that you find onesthat you have faith in (no leaks!) and are comfortable with. And whenyou do, chances are you'll stick with them for years to come-or, atleast until your little one is potty-trained.

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