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How to Pack One Diaper Bag for a Toddler and Newborn

By Lauren Hartmann, Disney Baby

Recently, I realized that in the next couple of months I'll be packing a diaper bag for not only one, but two little ones. My daughter is still in diapers and also requires some toddler essentials when we're out. And a newborn? Well... newborns require a lot of gear. I started feeling a little bit overwhelmed at the prospect of packing a diaper bag for two kids. Would all of that stuff even fit in one bag?

So, I decided to do a trial run and pack my bag with all the essentials for a newborn and a toddler. It ended up being a great success! I definitely had to pare things down from when I had my daughter and would bring along everything except the kitchen sink for even a simple outing to the grocery store... but I think it will be much better this way. I still managed to pack all the essentials to keep myself prepared, but not over-prepared. I figure, I can always leave some emergency rations in my car!

Take a look in my bag and see what I packed, along with a few tips and tricks.

There are a lot of things you'll need to pack if you have two little ones, but with the right bag plus a little organization and forethought, it can be done!

What to pack for the Newborn:

*Baby Wrap/Carrier - I picked one that's made of lightweight jersey fabric so it can be easily thrown in my purse. I have a feeling it's going to get used a ton since I'll need to have my hands readily available to wrangle a toddler.

*Swaddle Blanket - These are great to keep on hand while you're out or even to just add shade over your car seat or stroller. I also use them in lieu of a nursing cover. With my daughter I always carried around a big, bulky nursing cover, but I much prefer using a swaddle blanket or a scarf now that I know what I'm doing. The ones in this three-pack are a cute option.

*Burp Rag - For obvious reasons. Babies are messy! These look like good ones. My daughter rarely spit up, so I only actually own a couple of them and need to stock up still.

*Binky - Many babies love pacifiers. My daughter never took one, but my son just might, so I added it in just in case.

*Teether/Toy - With my first child I carried WAY too many toys and distractions everywhere with me. Not only did these toys end up getting left behind everywhere, but they took up a ton of space in my bag. This time space is a hot commodity, so I plan on sticking to one toy that can pull double duty. A brightly colored teether is a great example. Bonus points if you pack one that makes fun, jingly noises. One of these all-in-one activity toys would actually be perfect.

*Changing Pad - Newborns require a lot of diaper changes and you never know where you'll be when the need for one arises, so carrying a changing pad is important. My diaper bag actually came with one that rolls up to fit easily, but you can find other fold-up options out there if you look.

- With my daughter I nursed, but also had to supplement due to supply issues, so bottles came along with us on all of our outings. In the event that we need to supplement again this time around, I would also be bringing along a small container of formula or a small cooler bag with breast milk.

*Extra Clothes - I haven't packed extra clothes in my diaper bag in ages, since toddler diapers and messes tend to be more contained than newborn messes. I recommend packing three simple outfits that won't take up much space. What you see here is a jersey pants and top combo, a one-piece romper and then if you end up getting down to that final outfit, I just pack a simple bodysuit. We love these plain white ones from Disney Baby - the grow-an-inch snaps make them wearable for much longer and the price is perfect.

*Wet Bag - I forgot to include my wet bag in this photo, but I cannot say enough times how useful one of these is with a tiny babe. They're great for storing messy clothes and/or burp rags until you can get home to wash and they totally keep the smells contained. A definite must. They're also great for keeping clothes from toddler accidents too.

*Nursing Pads - Disposables are great for on-the-go, but you can definitely also toss in some reusable ones - these are just what I happened to use.

*Clutch of Mama Essentials - I keep all of my personal affects in a clutch that is separate from all the kid's stuff. My wallet, keys, sunglasses, lipstick, etc. can all go in here and makes it easy for me to find what I need easily.

*Diapers - Something I'll be packing for both of my little ones for awhile yet (unless my daughter surprises me with her potty training skills soon). I usually only bring two diapers when I'm out with my daughter, but I'll obviously need to add more to my stash once I have a newborn around. They go through diapers at an alarming rate!

*Wipes - I love the cases that come with my Huggies Natural Care wipes when I buy large packs at Costco. I save them up and keep them all over my house as well as giving them to the grandparents or whoever else might be babysitting. It's super convenient. Also - we tried a ton of wipes when my daughter was a newborn and these were the only ones that didn't give her a rash. These will be used for both baby and toddler... and wiping tables and sticky faces and pretty much everything. I love baby wipes.

What to pack for the Toddler:

- We covered this one above.

*Sippy Cup - My little one isn't great with regular cups yet, so I always bring along my own sippy cup for her - especially if we're going to be at a restaurant. Be sure to choose one that won't leak!

*Snacks - A toddler's appetite knows no bounds, so I always make sure to bring plenty of snacks if I know we'll be out for awhile. Usually this consists of some type of bar, a baby food/smoothie pouch and I usually pack a few of these snack bags with things for her to eat on-the-go.

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