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Change is good 101 Diapering

Here you'll learn how to master the delicate art of diaper changing.When diapering is not a chore, you'll find that bothyou and your baby can enjoy the time you spend togetherin this daily routine. Over the years we've learnedplenty about diapering babies — and have gathered someof the best suggestions right here.

Gather changing essentials

Most parents agree that a well-planned changing areamakes diapering quicker and easier. Keep essential suppliesclose at hand (yet out of baby's reach) on nearbyshelves. Essential supplies include: diapers, baby wipes,baby lotion (cream or oil), cotton, petroleum jelly, diaper rash cream and diaper rash liquid powder.

Since a baby who is preoccupied is a baby who won'twiggle and squirm, give baby something to look at whilebeing changed — such as an unbreakable mirror or a colorful picture.Later on, when baby is able to grasp objects, keep favoritetoys close at hand.

Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1

Gently lay your baby down on a flat, firmsurface. Unfasten the soiled diaper and hold both yourbaby's legs up by grasping both ankles with onehand. Remove the soiled diaper and thoroughly cleansebaby's bottom in and around all the creases withHUGGIES® Baby Wipes, and be sure to wipe baby'sbottom from front to back.

Step 2

Now apply anyjelly, cream or powder you're going to use. Ifyou use baby powder or cornstarch, shake it carefully intoyour hand first and then pat it on your baby. Thatway baby won't breathe in a cloud of powder. Or, use liquid powders that don't have airborne particles.

Step 3

Next, slide aclean diaper under your baby so that the fasteners arein the back. Pull the diaper up between baby'slegs, making sure it's on straight, so it willwrap evenly around baby's hips. Then open thetabs, place them over the front of the diaper, and pressthem down firmly in place. For a snug fit, fasten theside closest to you first. Then roll your baby towardyou to tighten and fasten the other side. Try to keepthe overlap of front and back as neat as possible sothe diaper will hug baby's waist comfortably.

If you want to tighten or adjust the diaper, simplylift the fasteners and reposition them anyplace on thespecial tab "landing zone," which is oftenmarked by colorful characters near the top of the waistband.The fasteners on HUGGIES® diapers are refastenableand can be opened and fastened again as often as necessary.

Special safety note: Be aware that even a tiny newborninfant can roll off a changing table. So either usea changing table with a strap or keep one hand on yourbaby at all times.

The scoop on poop

Most new babies have between one and 10 bowel movementsdaily, and their stools are usually quite loose. Itmay be weeks, or even months, before your baby has well-formed,pasty stools. If you are breast-feeding, your newbornmay have a bowel movement at every nursing, and thestools will probably be much looser than those of abottle-fed baby. Some babies may not have a bowel movementfor up to three days at times — this is not abnormal.But if your baby has trouble pushing the stool out orgoes longer than three days without a bowel movement,call your doctor right away.

You should also be aware that breast-fed babies usuallyhave stools of a yellowish-greenish color and thoseof bottle-fed babies tend to look darker.
If you notice an increase in the number of your baby'sbowel movements, or if you notice a change in coloror odor, your baby may have a case of diarrhea and youshould consult your doctor at once.

And, because newborns have loose and frequent stools,you'll want to make sure your new baby wears diaperswith elastic at the legs and waist. They'll givea secure fit to help stop leaking.

The heartbreak of diaper rash

Even with the most expert and careful diaper changes,diaper rash happens. It's one irritation mostbabies go through, particularly if their skin is sensitive.Despite its name, diaper rash isn't really causedby diapers. It is caused by bacteria that react withurine in a baby's wet diaper to form ammonia.It's the ammonia that irritates the skin, causingsmall, red pimples or patches of rough, red skin.

Doctors say that keeping a baby dry is the best wayto prevent diaper rash. So check diapers often and changethem as soon as they show the slightest trace of wetness.Highly breathable diapers like HUGGIES® can alsohelp keep baby's skin dry. Of course, if yourbaby has a mild case of diaper rash, be extra carefulto change diapers frequently. Your doctor will probablyalso recommend that you apply a thin layer of protectiveointment or petroleum jelly to the affected area.

Also, many mothers report that leaving diapers off ababy for at least 15 minutes daily often helps to clearup a case of diaper rash. Of course, if a rash doesn'theal in a couple of days, consult your doctor.

Diapers to go

The diaper bag is the essential piece of luggage wheneveryou travel with your baby. You can buy a diaper bagmade just for that purpose, or easily improvise oneout of almost any roomy canvas or nylon tote.

What to pack? Be prepared for anything with the followingdiaper bag essentials: a HUGGIES® Baby Wipes TravelPack, a supply of HUGGIES® Diapers, plastic bagswith twist ties for easy disposal, whatever cream, jelly,or protective ointment you use, and — in a separatepocket of the bag — any bottles needed for mealson the go. Don't forget a small toy or rattleto distract your squirming baby while you diaper. AndHUGGIES® Disposable Changing Pads are perfect for changeson the go. They protect your baby from unsanitary surfacesin public restrooms and safeguard floors, rugs andfurniture in homes you visit.

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