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6 Reasons Wipes Are A Parent's Best Friend

Messy baby eating in a baby chair Photo credit: Getty

Here are six reasons why you should always have wipes on hand:

Food doesn’t always end up in your child’s mouth. It’s easy to tell what your baby has had to eat—they’re usually wearing half of it on their lips. And cheeks, thighs, knees, feet, and toes. Grab a Huggies Natural Care® baby wipe [hypoallergenic wipes that are paraben, fragrance, and alcohol-free] for a quick, fuss-free cleanup. These handy sheets make wiping down the highchair tray, dining room table and other food-covered surfaces a breeze, too.

Little people like to be big helpers. It may be difficult to believe years from now when they’re teenagers, but young children love to take part in grown-up tasks—and that includes cleaning up. Huggies wipes are gentle and free of harsh chemicals, allowing your child to safely lend a hand in the cleanup.

Tiny artists don’t always contain their creativity to paper. If your budding Picasso chooses to turn your wall or floor into their canvas, you can grab a wipe and easily erase their masterpiece—after snapping a picture, of course.

It isn’t always the right time for bath time. Grab a Huggies® One & Done® Refreshing Wipe [offers thicker, refreshing TripleClean layers] to clean off stinky feet and dirty hands when travelling, or when a hectic day leaves no one in the mood for a bath. A soothing cleanse with wipes, a fresh diaper and clean pajamas can help get your baby ready for bed when time is short.

Big kids need wipes too. Your baby's older sibling may be potty trained but that doesn't mean that they aren't making messes!.  

Keeping your rides clean. Keeping a package of wipes in the car makes removing the gunk on car seat straps and padding a cinch. This advice goes for other sets of wheels as well: stash wipes in the stroller for easy clean-up after moveable feasts. Want to bring an extra dose of style and utility? Choose the Clutch 'N' Clean dispenser, which is refillable and perfect for keeping wipes fashionably within reach.

By Rebecca Levey
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