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What Is a ‘Sprinkle Shower?'

Three colorful cupcakes with checkered liners and decorations on top spelling out the word "baby"

by Team Scary Mommy
July 15, 2019 Updated August 23, 2019

What is a Baby Sprinkle?

I had a baby sprinkle, and it was a great decision. It’s a baby shower for a second or third, or what the heck, even fourth baby-to-be. It’s also known as a Baby Shower Light. It’s basically the diet soda of baby showers — the lovely refreshment I never knew I needed.

Let me back up to when I didn’t know what a baby sprinkle was. The first time I heard the words “baby sprinkle,” I thought maybe it was a cute way to describe a weak pelvic floor. But it’s actually a new trend to upgrade some of the baby gear that hasn’t held up from one kid to the next. Sure, I had a baby shower for my first, but there are some onesies so worn out, I now use them as dusting rags. Not to mention every new kid needs an entirely new stockpile of diapers and wipes. This baby sprinkle concept was kinda brilliant. Here’s what I learned.

Yes, It’s Fine

While pregnant with my second, I floated the idea of a sprinkle by a few other moms of multiple kids at the playground. There was a resounding yes from all of them who reminded me of everything from the latest car seat innovations (yes, they now make one that lasts through all the stages of growth) to bouncer recalls, to the fact that while some wardrobe staples like winter coats and boots can totally be passed down to the next kid, high rotation items like baby carriers, crib sheets, and leggings have an expiration date of six months. Not to mention the boatload of diapers and wipes every new kid requires. One of the moms introduced me to Huggies® Special Delivery ™ diapers; the softest plant-based* diapers. Note to self: Purge all baby books in next yard sale. Moms of older kids have been there, done that, and I need to talk to them more often.

Celebrations Are Good

The more I thought about it, I really liked the idea of celebrating the coming of this baby too. Why should only the first baby get that special welcoming? Also, here’s a perfect excuse to get low-key dressed up, have some nice sandwiches (hello, store-bought deli counter because no one has time) and replenish some baby essentials. Yes, I was looking forward to a little revamp of our gear but also was long overdue for some grown-up conversation and connecting with friends without having to catch someone at the bottom of the slide every two seconds. Heck, I even mustered up a few extra minutes to blow-dry my hair — my daughter was hanging off my leg at the time, but I got the job done.

How to Sprinkle

In the end, I was glad we went for it. A few friends have also planned their own sprinkles, and it’s become a second-time mom new tradition — owning it feels great. As a sprinkly gift to you, I’m sharing my special Sprinkle Registry for any of you out there on the way to your second or third. It is full of all the must-haves for your next baby that weren’t around for your first (don’t feel bad) or are far improved from what you had for your first (don’t tell your first) or simply you need more of. Sprinkle on!

This article was sponsored by Huggies®. Your perfect care inspired us to create Our Perfect Diaper, Huggies® Special Delivery™. It is the softest plant-based* diaper and delivers trusted leakage protection. Dermatologically tested and clinically proven hypoallergenic for baby’s delicate skin, free of parabens, fragrance and elemental chlorine. Designed for ultimate skin comfort so you have no doubt you are giving your baby the very best. #HuggOn.

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