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Vintage Maps Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower for a mom-to-be who is a bit of an adventurer? This vintage map baby shower theme celebrates the journey to her most exciting destination yet: motherhood.

Passport to Fun

Set the mood for the baby shower by creating invitations that tap into a travel motif. Dress up the invitations with a detail from a vintage map or go with a luggage, tickets, or passport theme. Then, either purchase pre-made envelopes in a coordinating color or make your own envelopes using vintage road maps from your local thrift store. Tip: Not quite sure how to go about making your own envelopes? Take apart a standard business-sized envelope and use that envelope as a template. Trace the shape of the envelope on the reverse side of an old map, re-create the envelope’s fold lines, and seal up the seams with a dab of glue.

Welcome to the World, Baby!

This vintage maps baby shower theme is all about welcoming baby to the world—and doing so in style. Create a flag-inspired banner made up of undershirts and onesies pinned to a tiny clothesline—a whimsical yet practical gift. Then carry the travel theme over to the gift table by combining miniature suitcases, colorful globes, and a too-cute pair of baby shoes.


Baby Love

Here’s an eye-catching party decoration that also happens to double as a keepsake for the wall in baby’s nursery. Either spell out baby’s name or stick with B-A-B-Y, if baby’s name happens to be a secret at this point. The great thing about this particular craft is that it couldn’t be easier and the results couldn’t be more fabulous. All you need are cardboard letters, an old map, and a pot of decoupage glue. Prepare to be dazzled by the results….

Travel Trivia

What could be more fitting for this particular baby shower than a travel-themed trivia game? What makes this particular game extra special (and a lot more fun) is the fact that it focuses on the geographical exploits of the parents-to-be. Where were they born? Where did they meet? Where did they share their first kiss? Those are just a few of the questions that baby shower guests will have the opportunity to answer as they play this one-of-a-kind baby shower game. You can either pose the questions game show style, with party guests competing to blurt out the correct answers. Or you can ask everyone to jot down their best guesses on a trivia game card—and then share the most off-the-wall or outrageous answers with the group. Let the fun begin!

World Cuisine

Motherhood: it’s a trip—which gives you the perfect excuse to take baby shower guests on a culinary trip around the world. Start out with an assortment of cheeses from far off lands and then wrap up your journey in the land of decadent world desserts (think baklava, gelato, and good old apple pie). Round out the food adventure by encouraging each party guest to bring along a pre-made meal inspired by their favorite world cuisine—and then tuck these meals into the freezer for the parents-to-be.

Check out all our Huggies Baby Shower inspiration on Pinterest and plan the perfect party! Huggies Baby Shower Planner Vintage Maps Board

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