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The Four Seasons – Baby Shower Food and Fun Themes For Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

If you’re trying to come up with the perfect theme for a baby shower, your first stop should be the calendar. The four seasons and their corresponding holidays present a perfect way to put a timely and festive spin on a party for the mom-to-be. Plus, it makes it easy to find related party supplies, giveaways and more as the stores are always stocked and ready.

Such celebrations give you an opportunity to step beyond the traditional pink and blue palate as you open up to the colors and tastes of the seasons.

So whether you are throwing a winter, spring, summer or fall fête, here are some fun ideas to incorporate the seasons into your celebration and create a truly memorable baby shower:

Winter Wonderland

Think white for your winter wonderland theme as you decorate with white tablecloths and white or silver spray-painted branches and pinecones. Don’t forget to sprinkle sparkly snowflake confetti around the table.

  • Food: Warm mommy’s tummy with a soup or baked potato bar. Set up several pots of hot soup or piles of crispy, oven-baked potatoes and assorted toppings. Include homemade croutons, shredded cheese, chopped scallions, salsa and roasted veggies, plus crusty breads, bread sticks and crackers. Instead of roasting s’mores by a fire, consider a white chocolate fondue station or fountain for dessert. Have bowls of strawberries, pieces of pound cake, pretzels and marshmallows for dipping, plus sprinkles and nuts to coat the chocolate treats.

  • Drink: Hot cider or cocoa is a must for a cold-weather celebration. Supply lots of fun add-ons like cinnamon sticks, candy canes and whipped cream.

  • Décor: Create beautiful – and inexpensive -- room decorations by using doilies and cutting out paper snowflake chains like you did in grade school. Add a hat, scarf, button eyes and a carrot nose to a diaper cake and you have a snowman centerpiece perfect for the frosty weather outside.

Spring Awakening

Spring is all about new life, so there is no better time for a baby shower.

  • Food: Think “mini” for everything you serve to keep it dainty and elegant. Have mini quiches made in muffin tins; finger croissants filled with tuna and egg salad; scooped out cherry tomato “BLTs” stuffed with bacon, lettuce and a squirt of mayo. Fill Easter baskets with blueberries and raspberries.

  • Drink: Set up a “mocktail” bar with non-alcoholic mixers including sparkling cider, seltzer, carrot, orange and cranberry juices to mix and match. Finish off with swizzle sticks with little bunnies on the ends.

  • Décor: With this theme, you need flowers and more flowers. Fill vases of all shapes and sizes with pink tulips and blue forget-me-nots, yellow daffodils and green foliage. And of course, you need some baby’s breath to celebrate the greening of the earth and all things newborn.

Summer Picnic:

Morning is a great time for a summer brunch, before the world heats up. Plan to be outdoors in a yard, park or garden if the weather permits, and hand out mini battery-operated or old-fashioned paper fans to keep the crowd cool.

  • Food: Think cold! Serve gazpacho with celery stalks, mini burgers, lettuce leaves filled with potato salad, corn on the cob and other finger foods for easy outdoor eating. Make fruit skewers with ice cold watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes and strawberries. End the celebration with flavorful homemade ice pops made with yogurt and other fruit flavors.

  • Drink: Now’s the time for pitchers of chilled iced tea and lemonade. In advance, fill ice cube trays with water, mint leaves and lemon slices for a tasty and decorative touch.

  • Décor: Spread red and white checked tablecloths and matching napkins for a picnic look. Fill a kiddie pool with ice, rubber duckies and soft drinks. Turn a giant watermelon into a baby buggy. Cut one quarter of the melon out and scoop out the entire interior, turning it into melon balls. Attach four orange slices with skewers at the bottom to create the wheels. Fill with watermelon balls and other fruit.

Fall Harvest:

The colors of fall are a perfect inspiration for a baby shower.

  • Food: It’s time for pumpkin everything! Serve pumpkin spice cake pops, pumpkin lattes, and pumpkin pie. Hand out individual cups of warm pumpkin soup garnished with roasted pumpkin seeds.

  • Drink: Serve an autumn-inspired punch made with apple cider, pear nectar, ginger ale and seltzer, garnished with slices of fresh apple.

  • Décor: What's better than a pumpkin – or several -- for a fall centerpiece? Use a permanent marker to draw a baby face on each one and make a hole where the mouths should be. Fill the holes with pacifiers and you have an adorable decoration. Stick a baby bonnet on top or a bow-tie underneath for extra cuteness. And don't forget a treat table in honor of Halloween.

For any season you can add some humor to the mix. Set up a popcorn bar for the woman who is about to “pop!” Everyone gets a bag or container to fill with an assortment of flavors as a grab-and-go exit treat. At these parties, no one will go hungry. Enjoy!

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