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Thanks For the Memories: How to Host a Camp-Themed Baby Shower

Oh, the great outdoors! The sun-filled days of playing soccer, canoeing in the lake and singing around the campfire. Even though summer camp was ages ago, it’s not too late to recreate some of the good times for a baby shower, especially if you’re still friends with your former bunkmates. It’s also a great theme for an outdoorsy mom who’d rather wear hiking boots than heels.


For many, just the thought of camp brings back all sorts of memories that lend themselves to fun food, crafts, decorations and general good times, whether you host a baby shower in the woods or your own backyard.

Start the day off right by handing out stickers that look like badges when everyone arrives. Your guests can wear “Most Goals”, “Best Sportsmanship” and “Dodgeball Star”. Of course, the mommy-to-be gets to be “Camper of the Week!”

To greet your crowd, create a banner for the party entrance. Cut out large triangles from brown paper bags and hang upside down so they look like pennants. Write one letter on each to spell out “Welcome” and hang from a rope with clothes pins. Add vintage felt flags or those from your old camp.


Get in the mood by covering tables with burlap. Collect piles of twigs and pinecones that you can tie with twine to create all sorts of creative centerpieces... the more rustic the better. Fill glass bottles with woodsy flower arrangements and large glass vases with pine cones, leaves, rocks and moss for an outdoorsy look. Stick an inexpensive lantern on each table or archery arrows in an old thermos for a cool accent. Instead of table numbers, designate each: “Bunk 1,” “Bunk 2,” etc. If your party is inside, consider purchasing some posters of tree-filled forests, scenic vistas and waterfalls for a fitting backdrop.

Food and drink:

Remember bug juice, that sticky sweet bright red and orange stuff you gulped by the gallon? Create a much better tasting punch made with cranberry and orange juice, seltzer and berry sherbet or crushed fresh berries. Serve it in plastic cups with a camp logo or the mommy’s initials as a take home souvenir from a fun-filled day. Hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill are a must, along with healthy versions of the old camp standbys: potato salad and coleslaw. Add big bowls of cut up fresh fruit and some crudités, and you’re all set.


What’s camp without s’mores? If you are able to build a fire, give everyone a marshmallow on a stick and let them roast away. If not, pack up little goodie bags filled with fixings for sweet treats to take home later. You can also make s’mores on a stick by dipping marshmallows in melted chocolate and rolling them in crushed nuts. Or set up fondue pots and let everyone go dip crazy! Be sure you supply an assortment of goodies that taste great gooey, including pretzel rods, strawberries, bananas and pineapple.

Decorate cookies to look like Girl Scout badges. Or if you have an in with a local troop, buy a batch of Girl Scout cookies and serve the real thing.


Crafts are not only fun to make and a great favor, but they also give guests the opportunity to chat and mingle, perfect for parties where the guests haven’t seen each other in a while or don’t know each other well. Set up a station to make friendship bracelets, tie-dye onesies for the new baby, or get crafty with ice pop sticks.


You might want to forgo tug-of-war with pregnant women in the mix, so opt for something tamer like singing your old camp faves. If there’s a guitar player in the bunch, ask her to bring her instrument or download some appropriate tunes. For the super creative, take a favorite song and change the words to fit the mom-to-be and her new baby. It will be a gift she’ll never forget!

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