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Make Your Own Creative DIY Diaper Cakes

A baby shower contains many wonderful elements such as fabulous food, thematic décor, fun games and joyful guests. There’s also a whimsical piece that has become a standard focal point at a shower – the diaper cake.  No, it’s not edible, but it is a really creative way to showcase the shower theme and provide the mom to be with lots of new diapers!  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to produce a memorable diaper cake – just basic arts and crafts supplies and some imagination!

A typical diaper cake often mimics the tiered style of a wedding cake. You will build up from the bottom to the top.  The easiest way to “build” your layers is to gently roll the diapers so that each one forms a column, and then pack them together, building from the inside out. Use a loose rubber band to hold the diapers in place so that they stand up straight. Keep encircling the diapers until you reach the desired size for your layers.  This is your “cake.”

Now comes the fun part... decorating! Ribbon is one of the easiest and most flexible materials you can use for adorning your diaper cake. Using fanciful ribbons in tulle, satin or velvet in colors that match your theme will literally and figuratively tie your cake together. Start with wide ribbon, which you can tie into a bow or cut to the proper length and hot glue the ends together.

To finish your diaper cake, think about your shower theme and how you can tie in unique flourishes to make your cake more personal and thematically relevant. Having a floral theme? Tuck a fresh or artificial flower bouquet into the top tier and glue artificial flowers to the encircling ribbons. For a woodland theme you can add artificial vines weaving their way around the cake and use pine cones as a topper. Attaching crystals and stick on gems will give your cake a sparkle and bling appeal. The only limit is your imagination.

If you want to go a more untraditional route you can create shaped diaper cakes instead of the tiered structure. You will still find the rolling technique useful for creating your diaper base, but bunching them in different configurations will allow you to produce charmingly unexpected diaper cakes.

For example, fill a baby bathtub with rolled diapers so that it looks like a tub full of bubbles and place a baby doll sitting in the middle. Add some rubber duckies and wrap the tub in a bath towel for a super cute twist on the diaper cake.

No matter what your theme may be, the diaper cake always brings a smile to your guests’ faces.  A bit of creativity, and a quick trip to the local craft store, is all you need to gather the necessary supplies and produce a DIY diaper cake that is sure to be memorable and special. Your shower just wouldn’t be complete without one!

Image: Getty

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