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Is a Registry for Second Baby a NoNo?

By Charlene O'Hanlon

Back in the days when Emily Post ruled the etiquette world, aregistry for your second baby was frowned upon, considered in very poortaste. Apparently, a second registry was akin to begging for gifts.

Thank goodness we have evolved. These days, registering for a secondbaby is not only acceptable, it has become expected. Here are a fewreasons why a registry can be helpful:

Fills in the gaps: You may have gotten everything youwanted on your first registry, but inevitably you'll discover something(or two or three) you left off the list. Or what you received is eitherlost, worn out or just plain unusable.

Helps when "starting again": For parents whosechildren were born more than three years apart, sometimes the baby stuff(except the keepsakes) has been donated or gotten rid of. A registrycan provide baby supplies that didn't have a shelf life-at least, not ontheir shelf.

Replace recalled items: Safety is first priority forany parent, so using an item that has been recalled should never happen,even if the item seems safe. Have a crib style that's been recalled?Get rid of it and ask for a new crib on your registry.

Different gender: Baby No. 1 was a boy. Baby No. 2was a girl. There's not much in the clothing department that can bereused. Even if the registry consists of just clothing, it's worth it.

Different seasons: Baby No. 1 was born in the summer.Baby No. 2 was born in the winter. Fill the registry with bunting,hats, heavy outwear and mittens. Ever thought of a towel warmer forthose cold-winter-night baths?

Diapers, diapers and more diapers: You know fromexperience how many diapers your baby will go through. So why not askfor lots of what you know you'll need? Ask for various sizes so youwon't end up with too much of one size and nothing else. Oh, and don'tforget the wipes.

Parents shouldn't flinch at the idea of setting up a second babyregistry. After all, it's no longer Emily Post's world, and babies needlots of stuff. Register away!

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