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Fun Creative Baby Shower Food Ideas

Indulge the mom-to-be and baby shower guests with a fabulous food spread! Try our tips and ideas to ensure your event is fun for your guests — and easy on you.

When it comes to creating a great food spread for a baby shower, finger foods and healthy snacks are key. From tasty sandwiches to delicious sweet treats, here are foods your guests will love.

Fabulous Finger Food Snacks

Try these simple treats you can make ahead of time:

 Finger Sandwiches: Here’s an old standby for baby showers. For the traditional version, simply purchase a loaf of quality whole wheat sandwich bread. Spread cream cheese and thinly sliced cucumber on a slice. Top with another slice, cut into triangles and trim the crusts.

  • Variations: Replace the cucumbers with capers and smoked salmon, shredded carrots and raisins, or peaches and a thin layer of orange marmalade.

Salad Skewers: Purchase mini mozzarella balls, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil. Skewer the caprese salad ingredients on a toothpick, and serve with balsamic dressing in dipping bowls.

  • Variations: Try blueberries or strawberries, spinach leaves and chunks of your favorite cheese; iceberg lettuce, grapes and chopped chicken; or a fruit salad with pineapple, grapes, apples and more. Include blue cheese dressing, honey and other dipping sauces.

Veggie Sticks in Bread Bowls: Slice a loaf of crusty French bread into thick pieces and spoon out a bit of bread to create a “bowl.” Spread with hummus and add carrot, celery, red peppers, green beans, snap peas and cucumber.

  • Variations: Substitute the hummus with spinach dip or your favorite salad dressing.

Delicious Sweet Treats & Desserts

Moms-to-be love sweets (we all do!). For fast dessert fare, try these ideas:

Ice Cream Sandwiches: Buy a package of crisp chocolate or gingerbread cookies and a container of your favorite ice cream. Create a batch of ice cream sandwiches and place each in a cupcake liner for easy eating. Refreeze your sandwiches and bring them out when everyone is ready for a cold treat.

  • Variation: Use graham crackers, marshmallow fluff and chocolate ice cream for s’mores-style sandwiches.

Cupcakes: Cupcakes are quintessential baby shower food. Tailor the design and decorations to fit your shower’s theme.

  • Variation: Bake cupcakes in Mason jars for a great baby shower “thank you” gift that guests can easily take home with them.

Yogurt & Fruit Cups: For a delicious — and healthy — dessert, dollop creamy Greek yogurt between layers of your favorite fresh fruits (try berries, kiwi, grapes). Clear plastic cups or small jam jars work best.

  • Variation: Add a layer of granola or nuts.

Presentation Tips

A buffet table can be a lifesaver for any baby shower hostess. Letting your guests serve themselves will make your event easy and stress-free. And doing a buffet doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice sophistication. Dress up your table food service with our presentation ideas:

  • Stage your table with colorful or vintage tablecloths, vases of fresh flowers, potted plants, or bowls of colorful fresh fruit like lemons, green apples and oranges.
  • Create a banner. Cut Baby-to-Be’s name from construction paper and pin the letters along the hem of your table cloth, string baby clothes-pinned on a pretty ribbon or sash above your buffet, or add helium-filled balloons (ribbon-tied to weights) behind your buffet.
  • Add sweet touches: Look for vintage stuffed animals, toy cars and airplanes, old children’s books and more.
  • Create different layers of food for your spread by using cake trays for serving platters. Or, use overturned round cake pans beneath serving dishes to give depth and visual appeal.
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