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Flower Power Baby Shower

decorative potted flowers

A baby shower is all about celebrating the blossoming of a new life, which makes this floral theme a perfect fit. It’s classic and it's beautiful—and it can be customized to suit the personality of the mom-to-be, whether she’s elegant and sophisticated or down-to-earth and casual. Here’s what you need to know to carry off this baby shower theme in style.


Looking for a memorable way to announce your baby shower theme? Design your invitations to look like vintage flower seed packages. (Either pick up a vintage seed catalog at your local thrift store or search for vintage image reproductions online.)


While you’re hitting the thrift store, you’ll also want to be on the lookout for eye-catching containers that can be used to dress up the party décor. Think vintage mason jars, tea tins, juice glasses, and teapots—anything that can be teamed with a small bouquet of flowers. Tip: You can create a spectacular centerpiece for the food table by tucking a few roses inside a stack of floral-themed vintage teacups. What could be simpler or more beautiful?

floral arrangement table decorations

Diaper Cake Centerpiece

Of course, if you would prefer to create a centerpiece that is as useful as it is beautiful, a diaper cake is hard to beat. In this case, you’ll want to decorate the cake with artificial plants and other natural-looking elements and use a floral-themed cake tray as a base.

Not quite sure how to go about making a diaper cake? Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Supplies.
    To make a three-tiered diaper cake, you’ll need 100 diapers, 100 elastic bands, elastic cord (to hold each tier of diapers in place), a roll of burlap ribbon, and a flowerpot filled with artificial flowers and greenery.
  2. Assembly.
    Once you have the necessary supplies on hand, you’re ready to start assembling the cake. Roll the diapers into cylinders and wrap each cylinder in an elastic band. Cluster the cylinders together with a length of elastic cord to form each tier of the cake, remembering to nestle the flowerpot into the middle of the top layer.
  3. Decorating.
    Once the assembly is complete, you’re ready to start decorating. Wind a layer of burlap ribbon around each tier (to hide the lengths of elastic cord) and your cake is ready.

Gifts for Mom

Looking for a way to nod to the floral theme when you’re shopping for a gift for the mom-to-be? Simply dress up her existing gift with a bouquet of flowers. As you can see, this diaper bag makes a great vase.

Thank You for Party Guests

It's the perfect way to wind up a great day: send each baby shower guest home with an attractive and meaningful memento of the baby shower. Ask each party guest to spell out her commitment to the new baby on a heart-shaped card, and then attach that card to a vase of flowers (your thank you gift to her for being part of the celebrations). The vase will serve as a powerful reminder to her to continue nurturing the tiny budding life that is this new baby.

For more inspiration to plan the perfect shower visit Huggies Baby Shower Planner on Pinterest!

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decorative potted flowers

Flower Power Baby Shower

Party On: Celebrating with a Baby Shower

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