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Can’t imagine a baby shower without a diaper cake? Neither can we! Diaper cakes have established themselves as baby shower must-haves in recent years—and for good reason. Not only does a diaper cake make for an eye-catching centerpiece for the baby shower gift table, it also doubles as a much-welcome gift for the parents-to-be. Here’s what you need to know to create a diaper cake that’s every bit as beautiful as it is practical, and that meshes beautifully with the theme of your baby shower.

Tea for Two Diaper Cake

You’re hosting a baby shower for a friend who is known for her passion for all of all things vintage and her limitless appreciation for a great cup of tea. This one-of-a-kind diaper cake pays homage to her two loves in a creative and eye-catching way.

Diner-Themed Diaper Cake

This classic diner-themed diaper cake is almost unbearably cute, featuring a teddy bear behind the wheel of a classic car. All you need to complete the look are a red-and-white checkered tablecloth (think 1950s diner!) and a red-and-white “baby on board” sign.

Story-Themed Diaper Cake

Once upon a time, there was a friend who hosted a truly fabulous baby shower—a shower devoted to all things books. That’s the story your friends will be telling about you once they get a look at this fabulous story-themed diaper cake. Stick with a classic nursery rhymes theme or build your cake around a modern-day children’s storybook hero.

Camp Baby Diaper Cake

Imagine if merit badges were part of parenting. It wouldn’t take new moms and dads any time at all to earn their diapering badge! That’s the idea behind this camp-themed diaper cake: celebrating the amazing skills development opportunity that is parenting….

Lemonade Stand Diaper Cake

Hosting a baby shower on a hot and steamy summer day? Think lemonade stand! All you need to create this lemonade stand-themed diaper cake are 100 diapers, 100 rubber bands, a few yards of yellow ribbon, a half-dozen lemons, and a handful of artificial daisies.

Twinkle Diaper Cake

Twinkle, twinkle little star, do you know how loved you are? Here’s an eye-catching twist on the classic nursery rhyme: a diaper cake that celebrates the arrival of the newest little star in your world. Your party guests will admire its sparkly sophistication (a look that makes it a natural for an evening baby shower).

Travel-Themed Diaper Cakes

Motherhood: it’s a trip! This travel-themed diaper cake pays tribute to the adventure that is motherhood. All you need are colorful ribbon (or, if you prefer, strips from an old map), a few sprigs of artificial greenery, and a “Welcome to the World” sign for baby. Make the travel theme even more explicit by creating this one-of-a-kind Parisian-themed diaper cake.

Garden-Themed Diaper Cake

Baby showers are all about celebrating new life—which makes this garden-themed diaper cake a natural. Decorate your cake with miniature gardening implements, seed packets, and faux ivy to create this naturally spectacular diaper cake.

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