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Batter Up! A Pennant Worthy Baby Shower

By Charlene O'Hanlon

My family lives, breathes and sleeps baseball - specifically, thehometown team for my husband, who grew up in the Bronx. He and I areseason ticket holders (with a group of friends - who can afford itotherwise?) and every year we count down the days leading up to OpeningDay like a kid counts down the days until Christmas. So it was onlynatural that our baby shower pay homage to our beloved home town team.

Our friends are well aware of our love for the Bombers, even going sofar as to suggest "Derek," "Alex," "Andy" and even "Mariano" as namesfor the youngest fan-to-be, who we knew was going to be a boy. (We chosenone of those names, but that's another story altogether.) Ourblue-and-white pinstripe theme was perfect, with cupcakes decorated withbaseball toppers and "stadium food" - hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts, beer(for everyone but me) and ice cream - served. Classic games were shownon the television (it was the offseason), complete with a seventh-inningstretch. Everyone who attended showed up in team gear.

Our pinstripe theme also made it easy for folks to find the "perfect"gift. You can bet we got our share of team logos on onesies, baseballcaps, receiving blankets, pacifiers, sippy cups and slippers, not tomention a nursery lamp, crib bedding, a teddy bear and even a DerekJeter bobblehead.

The motif was great, the food was yummy and the gifts were awesome,but what made the day extra special for me was seeing my friends andfamily gather together to celebrate the impending arrival of our "littleslugger." Friends old and new - even those who are fans of thearch-rival team - joined in the fun. Relatives flew in from out of town.My husband's childhood friends arrived together in the same car. Folksfrom the neighborhood stopped in to wish us well. It was at onceexciting, joyous and humbling to see everyone gathered together for us.

That, for me, was the best gift of all. Except maybe box seats - those would have been good as well.

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