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A New Spin on Diaper Cakes

The diaper cake is a favorite centerpiece of any baby shower. But you don’t have to restrict yourself to making a typical tiered diaper cake.  Since diapers lend themselves to being rolled, folded, and stacked, you can fashion creations that are whimsical and unique to your shower’s theme.

When creating an alternative diaper cake, think about incorporating other baby items that can also be rolled or shaped, and come in colors other than white such as receiving blankets, washcloths, and baby socks.  You can also use toys and baby gear in your non-cake diaper cake. These items can be used to frame the cake, provide a defined shape, and build the diaper cake into the form you are trying to achieve. 

Here are some ideas for diaper cakes that are anything but typical.

Diaper Carriage

Construct a baby carriage by starting with an oblong wicker basket. Wrap the basket in a receiving blanket and tie ribbon around it. This will be the carriage body. Make four small round bundles of rolled diapers and secure them with ribbons. These will be the wheels. Place a layer of rolled diapers in the basket to make a mattress layer, cover with a blanket, and place a baby doll or stuffed animal inside to complete the carriage cake.

Diaper Caterpillar

Roll a receiving blanket to create one long tube.  Wrap diapers around the receiving blanket and fasten with a rubber band, to hold each in place and mimic the segmented body of the caterpillar.  Stick pipe cleaners through the rubber bands on each side of the caterpillar and bend them for legs. To create the head, wrap a tennis ball in a child’s sock and add some googly eyes, pipe cleaner antennae and a mouth. Attach the head by sliding the body into the end of the sock and you’re done.

Diaper Wreath

Start with a floral ring that you can pick up at a local craft store or florist, or cut out a cardboard ring from a carton. Roll one diaper and fasten with a rubber band. Wrap wide ribbon around the diaper to cover the rubber band, and glue or tie it closed. (Don’t let glue touch the diaper.) Glue the diaper to the wreath by putting glue on the ribbon and attaching to the base. Continue until diapers cover the entire base. Glue a bow or other decorative touch at the top of the wreath, and tie a ribbon around the wreath so it can be hung.

Don’t feel constricted by the idea of a diaper cake. You can use diapers in so many ways to design original and fun diaper creations that are meaningful to the mom-to-be and add delightful décor to your shower.

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