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10 Tips to Plan the Perfect Sprinkle Party

If this isn’t your first pregnancy but you still want to celebrate your new baby, the “sprinkle” might be for you. Here’s what you need to know to plan or host a casual but intimate party.

Pregnant again and don’t want to throw a traditional baby shower...but still want to celebrate your newest arrival? If you’re looking for a lower-key gathering, a “sprinkle” party is a shower-lite — a lovely way to welcome a second (or third, or fourth...) addition. The name says it all: Instead of an extravagant event where a first-time mom is showered with gifts, it’s a modest, casual gathering where Mom gets sprinkled with just the necessities. Here are the must-knows about sprinkle baby showers for moms and their hosts:

Set a Date

Plan your baby sprinkle at least two months before your due date so you have plenty of time to ensure you have everything you need — and you don’t have to do any last-minute shopping before baby's arrival.

Time It Right

Baby sprinkles are often shorter than traditional showers, lasting two hours as opposed to an entire afternoon. If you’d like a longer gathering with a still-casual vibe, you can also opt for an “open house,” where guests pop in and out any time during a set time frame.

Make a Guest List

A sprinkle shower is more about support and advice than games and lavish gifts, with a more casual, intimate tone. That means that most parents like to keep guest lists at sprinkles limited, inviting only closest friends and family. You might also want to make it co-ed, inviting Dad and/or other male relatives and friends.

Choose a Theme

Since you’re keeping it informal, you don’t need to go all-out with elaborate decorations, fancy invites and gift bags for guests. That said, having a baby sprinkle theme makes the decorating easy. A whimsical idea is to capitalize on “sprinkles” and have a sundae or cupcake bar with all different colors and types of — you guessed it — sprinkles. You can print "sprinkle a lot of love" on colorful invitations. If you're in need of ideas, browse Pinterest for popular themes.

Serve Light Snacks

Skip the caterer and keep your menu light, with bite size hors d'oeuvres, snacks and sweets (think cheese cubes with crackers, a yogurt bar with fruit and candies, raw veggies and dips, nuts and olives, trail mix, mini cupcakes, brownies, etc.). Not only will it make party prep relatively effortless, it will give your guests an opportunity to mix and mingle.

Set a Gift Protocol

Unlike a first blowout baby shower, at a sprinkle you’ll likely have most of the big-ticket items you need from the first time around. Instead, you’ll want to stock up on basics you’ll need right away and will go through quickly (diapers, diaper cream, toiletries, wipes). Baby clothes are a good option too, especially if the baby is a different sex than the previous child or born in a different time of year. If neither is true, consider clothes in sizes 12 months or larger: While they may not be in use for a while, that’s the age where clothes start to get more wear and tear and hand-me-downs may be scarce. Gifts for the mommy-to-be are also appropriate (a spa gift card or one for a favorite local take-out place for when cooking hot meals isn’t so easy). Although you may not think a baby registry is necessary, setting one up can be helpful for guests since it takes the guesswork out of buying gifts.

Diaper Wishing Well

Diapers, Diapers, Diapers!! Experienced moms know how many diapers they will need so having guests bring diapers will make the mom to be really excited. This is also a great way to provide the mom with diapers for her older child as well. Depending on the age including Huggies Pull-Ups can be a big help to the family.

Ditch the Ribbon Hat

The usual games and silliness was fun once, but this time put the emphasis on those nearest and dearest to the mom. A few suggestions to add a personal touch to the fete:

  • Ask guests to write their best advice for the sibling on slips of paper, which can be turned into a keepsake book (also a great way to make big brother or sister feel included in the festivities).
  • Make a no-sew quilt, perhaps made with outgrown clothing or blankets belonging to the older sibs and/or cousins.
  • Decorate a plain baby book, asking everyone to jot sweet sentiments to the baby.
  • Personalize white one-piece undershirts for Mom and the guests with fabric paint.

Don’t Forget Siblings!

A new baby is exciting, but it can also be equally anxiety-provoking for your other kids. You can help ease insecurities by:

  • Including the names of older siblings on the invites
  • Giving big brother or sister a special job, such as putting gifts on the right table
  • Offering a small gift
  • If you’re planning a “meet and greet” sprinkle after baby is born, inviting the older sibling to introduce the new baby

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