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Nursery Design: Thinking Outside the Box

Mom-to-Be, are you feeling a little lost when it comes to mapping out the design for your baby’s nursery? If the thought of choosing themes, colors, furniture and decorations has you overwhelmed, worry not! We have great tips from Sherri Blum Schuchart CID, IDS, of Jack and Jill Interiors Inc. ( to help you take your little one’s nursery from ordinary to extraordinary.

If you’re looking for fun, interesting and unique design ideas for Baby-to-Be’s new room, nursery design pioneer Sherri Blum Schuchart of Jack and Jill Interiors Inc., has tips to help inspire creative decor and budget-friendly designs.

Girl’s Room Inspiration: Hollywood Glam

“Consider an Audrey Hepburn theme or Marilyn Monroe style pad with gilded or mirrored furniture with a sleek midcentury modern appeal,” suggests Blum Schuchart. For more glam style, add:

  • A crystal chandelier
  • A plush rug
  • Fringed or ruffled throw pillows
  • Lots of mirrors
  • Sweet gems and stones to lampshades, curtain hems and more (just be sure they’re out of reach from little hands)

“This style is definitely not too babyish and can grow nicely with a girl,” says Blum Schuchart.

Design Tip:
Don’t be afraid to check out discount websites and thrift stores for glam-inspired decorations. “They’re a great starting place for sourcing these items,” Blum Schuchart says.

Boy’s Room Idea: Steampunk Style

Gears, pulleys and other industrial elements can be easily incorporated into custom light fixtures, hung on walls, or even propped on bookcases or used as bookends. Additional design tips:

  • Frame some old maps.
  • Use neutral colors and mix in leather and weathered wooden pieces for texture.
  • Give the wall an old exposed brick look — or use barnwood wallpaper.
  • Recycle an old, wooden dresser. Avoid especially old items, which are likely to have been coated in lead-based paint.

Design Tip:
You can often find industrial-style elements gathering dust at thrift stores, grandparents’ attics, or in old storage areas. Dust them off and get creative!” says Blum Schuchart.

Twins! Double-Duty Tips

Worried about needing double the supplies for a twin nursery? “You don’t need double everything … just the crib!” says Blum Schuchart. Unless there are constantly two parents available to handle the babies, chances are you’ll be taking turns caring for your twosome — both changing and feeding them. As a result, Blum Schuchart recommends only one chair, changing station, and so on.

Expert Tip:
Do be sure to personalize the crib area for each child with unique wooden monograms or by hand-painting their names above the crib. If you have a boy/girl combination, don’t feel you have to use gender-neutral colors,” says Blum Schuchart.

Get Creative & Have Fun!

For a different spin to your baby’s room design, don’t be afraid to flex your own personal ideas and inspiration. Blum Schuchart suggests reviving things you may already have around your home: “Recycle and reuse!” she says. For example, rather than purchase a spendy light fixture, pick up something unique from a thrift store and spray paint it a fun color. Make sure that your existing items are free of lead-based paint, as well. When in doubt, throw it out.

Blum Schuchart did just this for a recent client: “I bought a discount store lamp and spray-painted it to match an expensive chandelier to save money on the lamp. A matching lamp was $400 and our lamp was $52 plus a can of spray paint!”

Image: ThinkstockPhotos
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