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5 Ways to Get Inspired with Your Nursery Decor

By Savannah Wallace, Disney Baby

Decorating a nursery can always be a daunting task. With so manypaint options, "themes," and an overload of inspiration, it can easilyleave you feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start. Of course theother reality is cost. It's easy to find beautiful inspiration butrealize quickly that your budget doesn't allow room for major, fancypurchases.

There is something special about the "nesting" feeling of putting anursery together before little one comes along. As I was expecting myfirst, I felt like decorating the nursery was my way of wrapping my mindaround the thought that "I" was about to be a mom. It was a way to put apinch of order in my racing mind and know that when Soren came into theworld he would have a place to call his own, even if he didn't use itfor the first couple months.

So, how do we get inspired for putting together a beautiful nursery? Where should you start? Here are a few tips.

1. First Things First - You'll want a place tocollect all of your ideas and thoughts. As you are inspired, you'll needeasy access to something you can write down an idea or save a photo. Ilove using sites like Pinterest to store all of my ideas for a specificroom. You can make notes on the photo before pinning it to keep track ofyour ideas! Another great way is to use a note taking app on your phoneand jot down ideas that come to you. If you're the pen and paper type,try using a notebook to store photos, paint swatches, and ideas. Startthis process early on so that when you get ready to start decorating youhave everything in one place and lots of inspiration!

2. Themes - A lot of people feel that they need tosettle on a nursery "theme" - maybe something like bumblebees orairplanes? While this certainly isn't a wrong way to decorate thenursery, don't feel like your stuck going with a theme. Maybe you canmake your theme subtle and not obvious? For example, if your theme is"Finding Nemo," maybe you paint the room using color inspiration fromthe movie and hang ocean-themed photos, but not directly from the movie.Maybe you decorate with a Nemo and Dory here and there but not so"in-your-face." You'll know it's an ocean theme but have to look alittle to realize it's Finding Nemo. :) Another way to take a theme isto do a non-theme. Maybe you just decorate the nursery using a morekid-friendly version of your personal style? Maybe you use a color orshape as a theme? Or maybe you make it abstract like "camping under thestars" or "americana!" Have fun with it, and don't be afraid to thinkoutside the box.

3. Inspiration Source - Do you have a specialblanket or piece of art that really stands out that you love? Us that asthe main inspiration piece and build around it! Match colors, patterns,and textures that compliment that inspiration piece. Get creative!

4. Look Everywhere - Inspiration is everywhere ifyou look. You don't have to grab a baby magazine to just findinspiration for a nursery. Look at other magazines, your favorite blogs,your favorite places, children's books. There are so many fun avenuesof inspiration to pursue!

5. Give Yourself Time - Being rushed and not givingyourself enough time can be a huge inspiration crusher. If possible,start the process early and decorate slowly over time. To save money,DIY some of the projects, take time to thrift unique pieces, or huntdown a great sale. You want this to be fun and enjoyable NOT stressfuland overwhelming. So have FUN!

Enjoy decorating, beautiful mama!

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