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14 Fast-Rising Baby Trends You May Recognize

A lot of expecting parents have asked me the same question lately: What are the hottest baby trends right now? I figured most of you would want to know the same thing, so here are 14 that I’ve noticed. Check them out!

  1. Eye-catching cribs are hot right now. You can have the crib be the statement piece/central focus of the nursery. If you are going to splurge on one item, I definitely say it should be the crib!

  2. Pastel colors are back. They are great for giving the nursery a soft, whimsical feel while not overwhelming the decor with too much color.

  3. Parents are leaning toward a minimalistic approach to baby decor and items. Parents these days don’t want anything too bulky, so something like this high chair is perfect because it isn’t HUGE, and it has a cute design with clean lines and only three colors.

  4. People are making their own baby food. Steam those sweet potatoes, blend ’em up with a tiny bit of water, and voila! You can store the food in the fridge for a few days or in the freezer until you are ready to defrost and give it to your little one.

  5. Vintage pieces are being used everywhere. Think of things like a hand-me-down crochet blanket that’s been in the family for years. They’re a sweet reminder of previous generations and they can add a beautiful accent to your nursery.

  6. Easy-to-fold strollers are in demand. Remember those big, bulky strollers from the eighties and nineties? They seemed comfy but if you didn’t have an SUV to tote them around in then you usually didn’t have enough room to bring them with you to run errands. Parents nowadays are busier than ever, so easy-to-put-away strollers are always best.

  7. Having a third baby seems to be more common. No longer is the “family of four” the model for the perfect family. Families of five are on the rise!

  8. Wooden accents definitely aren’t going out of style anytime soon. They are classic and chic and the perfect addition to any nursery.

  9. Moms are passing down their names. You know, the same way dads have given their sons their first names for generations. Now, moms are starting to do that as well!

  10. Newborn gowns for nighttime changes are becoming trendy. Have you ever seen an old photo of a newborn little boy wearing what looks like a dress and bonnet? This seemed quite strange to me until I realized why. Taking pants on and off for the multiple diaper changes a day is such a hassle. So now the trend is to wear nighttime gowns, where the bottom part of the bodysuit is open and easily accessible for nighttime changes. And don’t worry, they don’t look like dresses, haha.

  11. People love products that serve multiple purposes. For instance, play yards are great multifunctional pieces, as you can use them next to your bed for newborns, as a changing table, as a safe play space, and as a baby bed when you travel.

  12. Stylish pacifier pods are popular. These are like an extension of your purse or diaper bag, as most of them are clipped to the outside. Gone are the days of only having one pacifier with you at any given time. They disappear like candy, so you’ll love having a pacifier pod to hold multiple pacifiers.

  13. Gender neutral everything is one the rise, even if you already know what you’re having. Example: all white decor with hints of gray. Also, gender neutral names, gender neutral clothing, gender neutral baby products and accessories.

  14. Hybrid baby names are a trend. For instance: The dad’s name is Jeremy and the mom’s name is Emma, so the baby name is Jemma.

There ya go! Are you going to be one of those parents that goes with the trends? Or do you have your own unique style you’ve already decided on for your newborn? Let me know in the comments!

Image : Disney Baby

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