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What to Name the Grandparents

Congratulations! You’ve just learned that you are going to become a grandmother or grandfather. Now you’ve got to answer the big question: what do you want to be called? Do you want to be a “Nanny” or a “Momsy?” A “Popi” or a “Papa?” There are so many names to choose from and grandparents today are more active than ever in choosing a name that suits them.

Many grandparents have names that they’ve always known they’d pick when this milestone day arrived. Perhaps it’s the name they called their own grandparents. For others it’s a fun opportunity to choose something that’s all their own.

No matter what you are called, your grandparent moniker “is always going to be another name for love,” says Lin Wellford, author of The New Grandparents Name Book, which lists more than 700 names to choose from. “It’s so much more than a name; it’s all about the relationship you establish with your grandchild that makes it special,” says Wellford, who’s known as “Mimi” to her two grandchildren.

Besides, she notes, there’s no guarantee you’ll end up with the name you choose. Grandchildren will often come up with their own silly nickname or a muddled pronunciation of it and “you’ll love it even more.”

Here are some suggestions from Wellford’s book to get you inspired:

  • Traditional names: “Grams,” “Bubbie,” “Ganny,” “Granmama” or “Nanna.” “Granddad,” “Gramps”, “Granpappy,” “Pops” or “PaPa.”
  • Heritage names (from your family roots or ethnicity): French: “Grandmere.” German: “Mutti.” Italian: “Nona.” Spanish: “Abuela.” Swedish: “MorMor.” Greek: “Papu.” Hebrew: “Saba.” Cajun: “PawPaw.” Portuguese: “Avo.” Russian: “Dedushka.”
  • Playful names: “Glam-Ma,” “Gummy,” “Foxy” or “Sugar.” “Ace,” “Coach,” “Doody” or “PopZ.”
  • Names related to the grandparent’s interests or personal traits: “Gabby,” “Lovey,” “GrayMa” or “Granola.” “Flash,” “GreenPa,” “Grumpy” or “PutterPa.”

Or you may choose to be totally original. Harry Rosen, a dentist from Rochester, NY, decided he wanted to be the “Grand Dude”. And so he is to his four grandsons. Everyone gets a kick out of hearing those little boys calling this big guy “Dude!”

So why not express yourself and let your imagination go wild and see what name you can come up with that is totally yours.

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