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Top Baby Names from Across the Globe

One thing that most parents-to-be in this world can relate to is the desire to pick the perfect name for their little one. Exploring top picks from parents in other countries is a great way to discover what’s trending in a wide variety of cultures.

This approach to generating baby names can be a fun option for globetrotting parents, multicultural families or anyone who’s looking for a name that’s different, beautiful and unique.

Whatever your reasons for reading on may be, you’re sure to find plenty of international inspiration for your baby’s name here.



This is the largest country in South America and the only one on the continent to have Portuguese as its official language.

Favorite Brazilian names

Girls:   Alice, Sophia, Julia, Laura, Isabella

Boys:   Miguel, Arthur, David, Pedro, Bernardo



The border we share with our neighbors to the north spans 5,525 miles—it's the longest land border in the world. 

Favorite Canadian names

Girls:   Olivia, Maya/Mia/Mya, Sofia/Sophia, Emma, Charlotte

Boys:   Liam, William, Jacob, Lucas/Lukas, Noah



The Atacama Desert in northern Chile is the driest place on earth.

Favorite Chilean names

Girls:   Sofia, Emilia, Isidora, Florencia, Maite

Boys:   Agustin, Benjamin, Vicente, Mateo, Martin



This northern European country is frequently ranked as one of the happiest nation on earth. 

Favorite Danish names

Girls:   Sofia, Alma, Freja, Anna, Ella

Boys:   William, Lucas, Malthe, Noah, Emil



You can find the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, in this Arab country. 

Favorite Dubaian names

Girls:   Maryam, Sara/Sarah, Fatima, Ayesha, Noor

Boys:   Mohammed, Ali, Omar, Ahmed/Ahmad, Abdulla/Abdullah



Fans of royal families and football just might find their baby’s name right here.

Favorite English names

Girls:   Amelia, Olivia, Emily, Ava, Isla

Boys:   Oliver, Jack, Harry, Jacob, Charlie



Japan is an island nation that is made up of 6,852 islands.

Favorite Japanese names

Girls:   Sakura, Riko, Aoi, Wakana, Sakura/Sara

Boys:   Sou/Minato/Ichika, Itsuki/Tatsuki, Ren, Hinata/Haruta, Asahi/Haruki/Tomoharu



Parents everywhere should know that the stork is this country’s national bird.

Favorite Lithuanian names

Girls:   Irena, Janina, Ona, Danute, Regina

Boys:   Jonas, Vytautas, Tomas, Antanas, Mindaugas



This European nation is the second smallest country in the world.

Favorite Monaco names

Girls:   Victoria, Giulia, Chloe, Emma, Anna

Boys:   Gabriel, Alexandre, Lucas, Ethan , Aaron


New Zealand

The most popular names of the Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, are featured here.

Favorite Maorian names

Girls:   Maia, Manaia, Anahera, Ana, Aroha

Boys:   Nikau, Ari, Manaia, Wiremu, Kauri


South Africa

This is the southernmost country in Africa and it’s home to 11 official languages.

Favorite South African names

Girls:   Iminathi, Minenhle, Rethabile, Bokamoso, Karabo

Boys:    Junior, Bandile, Kungawo, Siyabonga, Lethabo



The home of flamenco is also one of the largest countries in all of Europe.

Favorite Spanish names

Girls:   Lucia, Maria, Martina, Paula, Daniela

Boys:   Hugo, Daniel, Pablo, Alejandro, Alvaro



Forests cover more than half of this Nordic country.

Favorite Swedish names

Girls:   Elsa, Alice, Maja, Saga, Ella

Boys:   William, Lucas, Liam, Oscar, Elias



This country is situated on two continents—Europe and Asia.

Favorite Turkish names

Girls:   Zeynep, Elif, Hiranur, Yagmur, Ecrin

Boys:   Yusuf, Berat, Mustafa, Omer, Ahmet


Image : Getty

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