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Top Baby Name Predictions for 2016!

It’s hard to believe, but 2015 is drawing to a close and soon we will ring in 2016. We’ve seen the popular baby names list from 2015 from Baby Center, Nameberry, and the Social Security Administration — and based on the trends, here are some predictions for 2016’s most popular names!


    1. Atticus: Meaning “from Attica,” this baby name topped Nameberry’s list for most popular baby names of 2015. With the popularity of the release of Go Set a Watchman this year, this name could top the list again in 2016.

    2. Luke: A Greek name that means “man from Lucania.” With the new Star Wars movie coming out soon, there could be a spike in this name in the coming year.

    3. Noah: Noah means “rest.” We saw this name on the popular lists of 2015 and we think that it will stay on the top next year as well.

    4. Liam: Meaning “resolute protection,” this name has risen up the charts since 2012. It’s not only popular in the U.S., but in Ireland and Sweden. This is a name that’s not going anywhere on the popularity list.

    5. Evan: Evan is a name that means “the Lord is gracious.” A classic yet popular name that we think will rise on the list for 2016.

    6. Owen: Owen means young warrior. A great name for a strong little boy.

    7. Kingston: An English name meaning “king’s town.” It’s most widely known as a Gwen Stefani’s son’s name, but we see this becoming a popular name that you’ll hear more often in 2016.

    8. Mason: Meaning worker in stone, this name has really skyrocketed as a popular baby name. As we see it becoming popular with television shows and celebrities, we think we will continue to see it on the top of the list next year.

    9. Ethan: A name that means firm or strong, this is a great name for a little boy.

    10. Owen: This is a name that means “young warrior,” which is hard not to love!

    11. Jacob: A classic name meaning “supplanter,” this name had a big jump in popularity since the Twilight series.

    12. Logan: Logan, a name that means “small hollow,” has been quite popular for many decades. Great for both a boy and a girl.

    13. Gale: While you would think of this more as a name for a female, with the popularity of the Hunger Games series and the last movie coming into theaters, this name could rise on the list for boys.

    14. William: Meaning “resolute protection,” this name continues to be on the top of the popularity list for boys’ names. It’s a classic name with many nicknames.

    15. Rhett: Meaning “advice,” this name could climb the charts and become one you will hear more often in 2016.

    16. Alexander: Meaning “defending men,” this name has been on the top 25 baby names since 1991. Having remained on the list that long, it’s safe to bet that it’s not going anywhere next year either!

    17. Cameron: Meaning “crooked nose,” this gender neutral moniker continues to top lists thanks to the popular television show, Modern Family.

    18. Colton: Meaning “from the coal” or “dark town,” Colton is a great name, and so is the nickname, Colt!

    19. Jackson: A favorite name of many, Jackson, meaning “son of Jack,” should continue to top the charts just like in years past.

    20. Michael: The name that means “who is like God?” has topped the charts for almost half a century. A great classic name.


    1. Amelia: A German name meaning “work,” Amelia has been on the top five most popular names for the past couple of years. Maybe it’ll take the top spot next year!

    2. Olivia: Olivia, meaning “olive tree,” was the #2 spot in 2014 and 2015. A feminine and dainty name for a little girl.

    3. Emma: Another lovely feminine name, Emma means “universal.” A simple and pretty name for your little one.

    4. Charlotte: This feminine version of Charles, meaning “free man,” was popular this year in part due to the naming of the Royal Baby. It could easily stay on the top of the charts for 2016, too.

    5. Ella: Meaning “all” or “completely,” Ella is a sweet and simple name for your little girl.

    6. Ava: A popular baby name that means “life,” this name will likely still top the charts next year. A simple, classic name.

    7. Mia: Another classic name that means “mine.”

    8. Isabella: Meaning “pledged to God,” this name rose to the top, maybe thanks to the Twilight series character, Bella. With the last movie coming out this year, it’ll probably remain popular in 2016.

    9. Abigail: Meaning “my father is joyful,” Abigail is a lovely name that seems to be gaining popularity.

    10. Emily: Meaning “rival,” Emily is a pretty name for your little girl.

    11. Sophia: A name that means wisdom, Sophia is a popular, feminine name that could be on the top of the charts for years to come.

    12. Madison: A name that means “son of Maud,” this is a great gender-neutral name.

    13. James: This traditional boy name that means “supplanter” is quickly gaining popularity for girls as well — possibly thanks to actors Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, who named their daughter James.

    14. Isla: A name that means “island,” Isla is an elegant name that is gaining popularity.

    15. Penelope: Having gotten popular recently because of celebrities, Penelope means “weaver.”

    16. Cora: A Greek name that means “maiden,” this is a lovely vintage name that could make a comeback in 2016.

    17. Lucy: An English name that means “light,” Lucy is a classic, feminine name.

    18. Liliana: A beautiful name that means “flower.” Perfect for your little blooming baby.

    19. Gale: Also on the boys’ list, this name may gain popularity with the soon-to-be-released Hunger Games movie.

    20. Violet: A very feminine name that means “purple,” this is a sweet name for your little girl.

Baby name meanings from Nameberry.

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