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Showered with Love

LOVE. That simple four-letter word is what life is all about, and is also the perfect theme for a baby shower. After all, it’s a party that’s simply overflowing with the sentiment. It brings together all of the things you love – family, friends, food and a new baby making its grand entrance into the world.

A "Love Sweet Love" inspired theme lends itself to lots of fun and creativity as you incorporate the theme and heart symbol into everything from the food to the crafts. Here’s how to shower the mom and baby-to-be with love.


Pink and red heart cutouts, confetti, rose petals, candies and more are easy ways to tie this theme together. Hang a heart-filled banner welcoming the mommy-to-be, and cut out heart garlands to string around the room. Wrap silverware packets in red ribbons and have baskets filled with red napkins. Shower the new mom with love by filling a cute pair of red rain boots with red, pink and white flowers as a centerpiece. Spray a watering can with bright red paint and set it up so it looks like it’s sprinkling sparkly heart confetti all over the table, truly showering love! If there’s a driveway or sidewalk outside the house where you’re having the party, lay out a red carpet, so to speak: use pink, red and white chalk to draw hearts, hearts and more hearts on the ground leading up to the doorway.

Food and Drink:

Serve up some sweet lovin’ by getting use out of your heart-shaped cookie cutters. They’re perfect to cut sandwiches, cookies and even some fruit (watermelon, cantaloupe) in the shape du jour. Be sure to scatter heart-shaped candies on the cake. Strawberries sliced down the middle and minus their hull look naturally heart-shaped so add their sweet deliciousness to the table as a cupcake topper, float them in a berry punch and fill bowls with them served with fresh whipped cream.


Cut out large hearts from red and pink construction paper and supply a bucket of sparkly markers so every guest can write a love letter to the new baby. Add your hopes, dreams and wishes, plus other sweet sentiments. Hang these with clothespins from a red string so the love line becomes part of the décor, and then compile them in a book for the new mom to save as a keepsake.


Play a trivia game to see how well you know the mom-to-be. Ask guests questions about her favorite food, music, color and what she craved most during her pregnancy. The one who gets the most right wins a heart-shaped box of chocolates.


Don’t forget to add some love to your favors. Fill heart-shaped candy boxes or tins with sweets for a take-home treat. Or layer tubes with pink and red bath salts and add a note: “Sprinkled with love.” 

Check out all our Huggies® Baby Shower inspiration on Pinterest and plan the perfect party! HUGGIES® Baby Shower Planner – Love Sweet Love  – Pinterest board

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