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5 Drama-Free Ways to Name Baby

Maybe it’s a family tradition that every new baby must be named after great-grandmother Edna. Or perhaps the name Horace is one that your hubs holds close to his heart. Whatever the reason behind your baby-naming drama, negotiating what you will call your child—when one of you already has a name in mind—can be a huge challenge.

If you need some alternative ways to generate options for your little one’s name, read on. Turning to the five sources of inspiration below can help you face those egos and family expectations with meaningful names, selected through a thoughtful approach—who can argue with that? Increase your odds of success by getting your partner involved in the research and brainstorming.


Since there are about 7,000 languages in the world, you definitely have lots of options if you take this route. A great place to start is with a meaningful word and a search to see what inspires you. A quick look at how to say “peace” in other languages reveals that in Spanish the word is paz. When translated into Swahili, the word for “peace” is amani. Either one of these could make a beautiful name for a baby girl. Pick a language that’s close to your heart because of your travels or family ties for added significance. 


For thousands of years humankind has been inspired by Greek mythology. Maybe you and baby’s daddy will be too. Tapping into mythology for naming inspiration opens up the possibility of your daughter being able to claim Hera, the queen of the gods, as her namesake. Hoping your son will be a future musician? You may want to consider christening him Apollo after the ancient Greek god of music.

Countries of origin

Are you dealing with a baby-naming drama that’s linked to heritage? If so, you may not want to stray too far for your inspiration. Explore the culture in question and find something about it that moves you. It could be a city or town, a national hero or simply a popular name from the country that you find appealing. This approach can be a great way to compromise and honor a family’s heritage without giving in to the pressure of using a pre-selected name.


Turn to the pages of the classics, contemporary novels or children’s books and you’ll find that the literary world can be a great source for baby-naming ideas. For example, a quick look at Shakespeare produces the regal sounding names of Orlando or Juliet. With an exploration of kids lit, you can find cute and original monikers such as Colin, Madeline or Charlotte. Even your favorite author’s name is fair game when considering literature as your inspiration.


Who could argue against a name that indicates your little one is destined for greatness? Look to the annals of history and you’ll find plenty of inspiring names that are likely to make everyone in the family feel proud. Considering presidents, heroes, activists and others who have made significant contributions to the world we live in allows you to make a personal statement too. Think about issues and significant events that you feel connected to and start your research there.  

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