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25 "Hot" Baby Names for Summer

By Amnah Ibrahim, Disney Baby

We're relishing in the heart of spring around here, but it's hard not to look ahead to summer. Here in California, we've been experiencing some summer-high temperatures that have pretty much encouraged summer-like thinking. We're enjoying cool slices of sweet watermelon, warm nights lounging in the backyard, and lots and lots of water play with the garden hose and water balloons.

With the sun shining mighty hot and bright these days, I felt it would be a perfect time to suggest some summery baby names to consider for your summer-born babies. The names listed have either a "hot" or "sunny" meaning, so you're sure to come across one perfect for a summer baby!

Grab a glass of lemonade and put on your shades - these names are hot and sunny!

Apollo - With ties to Greek mythology, this sun-inspired name sounds modern despite its ancient history.

Aidan - This Irish name means "warm; little fire," just right for your little one that is sure to warm your heart.

- With a meaning of "red rising sun," this Turkish name will rise to the top of your summer baby names list.

Cira - This pretty name directly translates to "sun," with Spanish and Italian ties.

Cyrus - Another direct definition of "sun," this time with an African background.

Dawn - Pretty self explanatory! Welcome a new baby with the dawning of a new sun.

Dayton - Your baby will certainly fill your heart and life with light, just as this name meaning "town full of light" suggests.

Domingo - Baby born on a Sunday? This name will fit perfectly!

Eleanor - Baby will be your "shining light" with a name like this.

Elena - Slightly shortened version and different sound from Eleanor, but with the same meaning.

Eloise - While this name typically means "healthy," it also has sometimes been associated with "sun."  Who wouldn't want a healthy and sunny name?

Helina - This lovely Russian name means "the light of the sun."

Hina - In Japan, this sweet name means "sunlight."

Marisol - Celebrate your love of "sea and sun" with this Spanish name.

Ra - Channel your ancient Egyptian with this name meaning "sun."

Ravi - Take a trip to India, and you'll still find that this name means "sun" but with a cool sound.

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