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15 Baby Girl Names Inspired by Love

A year ago, I was getting ready for the birth of my third daughter.Her due date was Valentine’s Day, but she decided she’d rather wait a few more days and was born on the 18th.

Of course, we thought about lots of love-related names as we prepared to name her, since we knew she’d be a February baby.

Here are some of my favorites if you’re thinking about names inspired by love too!

  1. Amy – This French name means “dearly beloved.” If you want a more unique spin, consider going with the French spelling “Aimee” instead.
  2. Adora – For that baby you adore, try this regal-sounding name with Latin roots!
  3. Amara – This is a Greek name that means “lovely forever.” Can you imagine anything sweeter for your little girl?
  4. Carys – It’s a Welsh name that means love (Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas used it for their baby daughter).
  5. Court – Short for “Courtney,” you can also think of it as a fun spin on the old-fashioned term “courting” for your beloved baby.
  6. Essie – This shortened and modernized version of the Biblical name “Esther” conjures up a woman who entreated her husband to save her people.
  7. Kayleon – An Israeli name meaning “loveable,” it’s often used for boys, but it’s so close to the feminine name “Kailee” that I like it for a girl too.
  8. Lalasa – This Indian name means “one who promotes love.” If you’re having a second or third child, this is the perfect name since it also means “peaceful,” and any second-time parent knows that’s a dream characteristic in a baby!
  9. Lovelyn – Instead of “Evelyn,” this name is perfect for your little Valentine’s baby.
  10. Maite – In Spanish, this name means “loveable. I particularly love this as a unique middle name.
  11. Mila – This Russian name means “people’s love” and it’s a perfect short and easy first name.
  12. Rose – How could this list leave off “Rose,” the most romantic flower of them all?
  13. Sonnet – One of my all-time favorite baby names, this one conjures up images of Shakespeare’s most romantic poetry.
  14. Tris – Originally a boy’s name, Tristan is a Celtic hero who killed a dragon and eventually became a Knight of the Round Table and was deeply in love with Queen Isolde.
  15. Val – If your baby hits the February 14th jackpot, you can’t go wrong with this name!

Image: Disney Baby

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