Hospital Preparation

One way to make delivery a little less daunting is to prepare yourself with a hospital checklist, a packed bag and a birth plan with your OB-GYN.

Huggies tips, advice, and checklists to help prepare for the hospital on delivery day.
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Cleaning, Organizing, Freaking Out – Parents Share Their Nesting Stories

A pre-labor ritual that takes on many forms as you’ll see when moms and dads tell us how they channeled their nesting behaviors to get ready for baby.

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Hospital Games

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Hospital Packaging List

Jane Buckingham, Huggies Partner and Author of Modern Girl's Guide to Motherhood, shares tips on what you do and don't need at the hospital, including leaving valuables at home.

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Hospital Prep 101 - What To Pack To Make You And Baby Comfy

By being prepared for the hospital you can focus on what's important -- here's what to bring.

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How to Pack a Family Hospital Bag

Packing a family hospital bag that helps keep your partner and the rest of the clan happy and organized can go a long way in making you more comfortable.

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Is Your Family Ready for a Baby?

Getting everyone in your household ready for this period of adjustment is a smart thing to do. It can lessen the stress of bringing home a newborn and give everyone realistic expectations of what to expect after your little bundle of joy comes home.

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Making The Best Nest

Here are a few good ideas so that when the baby comes and you need to rest, you'll be able to pat yourself on the back and reach for a ready-made meal.

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Tips and advice from Huggies about the power of hugs.

Power of Hugs

From your first hugs to the gentle care NICU nurses give, learn about the incredible role hugs play in your child’s development.

Huggies has tips and advice for how to make nurturing connection while diapering.


Huggies has tips and advice on how to make diapering a nurturing connection for you and your baby.

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