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Simple DIY Projects for the Nesting Mom-To-Be

As baby’s due date approaches, you will find yourself eyeing the empty space that will become your baby’s nursery. The desire to start setting up furniture, prettying the walls, and staging the various areas for reading, changing, sleeping and organizing, is a nesting instinct that is completely natural. But, you don’t have to go on a massive shopping spree in order to create the perfect room for your baby. Instead, try some DIY projects that will allow you to satisfy your nesting urges and personalize your baby’s nursery.

Artwork is one of the easiest DIY projects to complete. One idea is to take your baby shower cards and use a stencil to cut out the messages and images from particularly special cards. Using a round circle stencil or a heart stencil will allow you to create uniform shapes. Glue these on to a foam core or poster board and frame the entire piece to hang in the nursery.

Other ideas for simple DIY artwork in the nursery include printing baby pictures of relatives to frame on the walls, finding nursery rhyme illustrations online and printing them out on card stock, and using large alphabet puzzle pieces from thrift stores to spell out baby’s name.

There are many ways to customize existing furniture to repurpose in a baby’s nursery.  You can turn a bookcase into a clothes organizer by removing the upper shelves and installing a tension rod to hang clothes. Small baskets on the lower shelves can hold tiny items like baby socks, receiving blankets, burp cloths, and onesies. Use pretty, patterned contact paper to line the back of the bookcase and the shelves for an easy design refresh. Always make sure to secure dressers and bookcases to the wall with anchors and to latch lower drawers to prevent children from pulling them out or climbing on them. Check out The Safe Nursery check list from CPSC for more safety tips.

Don’t throw out the cardboard boxes your diapers come in. Cut the tops off of the boxes and cover the boxes in fabric that matches your nursery. Refill the boxes with your diapers so you have your stash at the ready, but now they’ll be in a DIY decorative container.

Instead of spending a fortune on custom window treatments you can purchase plain or printed flat twin size sheets. You may even be able to find patterns that coordinate with your crib bedding. Most flat sheets have a hemmed upper edge, which you can snip open on either side. Simply slide a curtain rod through the now open pocket and you’ve got curtains that can easily be thrown in the washing machine when they get dirty. Remember to keep baby safe by never putting a crib, child bed, or furniture near window blinds or drapery where baby can easily grab and pull on them.

Giving in to your natural desire to start nesting can be a really fun and rewarding part of your pregnancy. By implementing some DIY projects you will also feel as if you are creating a truly personalized, safe, and unique space for your baby, that will reflect how excited you are to welcome this new addition to your family. 

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