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Techno Parenting: 5 Great Apps for Parents with Babies

By Jeana Lee Tahnk

Back when I was pregnant for the first time, I relied heavily on books and the Internet to gather information about "what to expect," pregnancy symptoms, newborn care and everything you want to know when you're preparing to become a parent for the first time. There was no such thing as a smartphone or apps back then.

How quickly it has moved from nothing to never-ending! In the span of a few short years, there are now hundreds, perhaps thousands, of apps at parents' disposal, chock full of information about every stage of parenting.

Here are a few picks that are great for parents of babies:

Ready, Set, Baby! ($4.99, iOS)

This is the modern day equivalent to all those baby books I read religiously with baby No. 1. Made for today's tech-savvy parents, this app features tons of content, how-to videos, shopping guides and expert recommendations on everything you need to know for baby's first year.

Baby Bundle (Free, iOS)

Created by a pediatrician, Baby Bundle is a great all-encompassing app for so many things, from keeping track of growth, feedings and diaper changes to monitoring the baby and recording health visits and vaccinations. It also contains trusted health advice and a symptom checker

Baby Monitor, (Free, Android)

There are a lot of expensive baby monitors on the market, but if you have two Android phones, you can instantly have a baby monitor on your devices. This eliminates the need to lug around a monitor anytime you travel and it's right on your phone, so you can always keep an eye on your baby.

BabyBook by CandoBaby (Free, iOS)

There are so many milestones during the baby's first year, it's important to record them to treasure forever. BabyBook offers built-in templates for you to simply plug in pictures and edit text as necessary, for a seamless and easy way to create that memory book. You can also get the book printed as a forever keepsake.

White Noise Baby (Free, Android)

Babies love to hear white noise because it reminds them of the time they spent in the womb. And anything to help them sleep better is worth checking out. White Noise Baby also features other sounds including heartbeat, water, hair dryer and vacuum cleaner to help babies achieve that deep slumber.

There are thousands of great apps for parents to choose from, but these five are great for covering the basics of life with a baby.

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