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Mommy and Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

toddler in costume with stuffed bears

Dressing up your baby is always fun. But, Halloween presents an extra special opportunity to turn Mommy and Baby time in to something extraordinary when you create complementary costumes that will make you the hit of the trick or treating scene.  Here are some whimsical ideas for crafting Halloween costumes with Mommy/Baby themes.

Using a baby carrier is a simple way to attach baby to your body for easy carrying, while trick or treating or attending a Halloween party. 

A baby carrier provides a snuggly way to create a double costume, just remember to make sure that there are no easily detached parts on any costume that a baby can choke on, and when trick or treating be sure to keep your baby away from candy-filled bowls or bags.

Some imaginative ways to use the mommy, baby carrier combination include:

  • Mom dressed as a spider web/Baby dressed as a spider. Dress in all black and drape fake cobweb material found in craft stores around your body. Put a little black hat on your baby, and firmly attach eight pipe cleaner legs to the baby carrier to create your baby spider, making sure to place the legs out of baby's reach.
  • Mom dressed as a tree/Baby dressed as a monkey. Dress in brown leggings or pants and a brown sweatshirt and sew fake foliage and vines onto your top. You can use a store bought monkey costume for your baby and place baby in the carrier so he looks like he’s climbing up the tree.
  • There are some classic storybook characters that are super cute duos and are easily put together with some craft supplies and a little imagination.

Classic storybook Characters include:

  • Little Bo Beep and her sheep:
    Throw together a prairie costume for yourself with a long skirt, sun bonnet and a basket, and buy or create a sheep costume for your little one with a onesie or footed pajamas and a fleecy blanket or stroller sack. This costume can be especially cute for twins or multiples – instant flock of sheep – just wheel them behind you in a wagon or push them in a stroller.

  • The Princess and the Pea:
    Don a gown and a tiara to become a grown up princess, and put your baby in a green sleep sack with a little green hat. If you’re pushing a stroller you can drape it with a green sheet to create a little pea pod.

  • Goldilocks and the 3 Bears:
    If you’re naturally blond then Goldilocks is a simple costume to pull off. Curl your hair, put on pretty dress with or without an apron, and some knee high socks or tights. A brown fleece sleep sack and a brown hat can turn your baby into a cuddly bear with the addition of a couple of cotton balls glued on as ears. Add two large plush stuffed bears to the stroller or carriage for the two additional bears (or if you have two older kids they can be bears too).

No matter what you decide to make, be sure your baby is dressed appropriately for the weather and is comfortable in whatever getup you’ve chosen for Halloween. Check that there are no loose parts or small accessories that pose a choking hazard, and keep a keen eye on your baby's hands to make sure they aren't grabbing any candy on the sly.  And get the camera ready! You can’t go wrong when selecting a costume that pairs you with your baby – it’s inevitably adorable and treat-worthy.

Image: Getty

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