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How I'll Always Remember My Pregnancy

Of course, you can’t wait till the nausea is history—but there’s plenty you’ll want to remember from the time you carried your baby. Moms share the unique ways they memorialized their nine months.

I made a picture book for my bump. "I started with an engagement picture of me and my husband, then a wedding picture, then us and our dog, then the picture of my belly the day we found out I was pregnant. The remaining eight pictures were of my belly each month as the baby grew. Last, we had the newborn photos. We made a copy of the book so our daughter could have her own. I've done this for all four of my children."

—Sharon Waldrop, mom of four, Crawford, Georgia

I journaled my bump. "My husband and I kept a diary of our last pregnancy. We’d lie in bed and I would write a few paragraphs, then James would add a paragraph or two. We referred to the baby as ‘Pineapple’ because it’s what I craved my entire pregnancy. We wrote down everything—what I had for breakfast (pineapple, broccoli and a scrambled egg), names we were thinking of, how much we loved her before she was even born."

—Jennifer Margulis, mom of four, Ashland, Oregon

I blessed my bump. "Instead of a baby shower, I had a blessing ceremony at home before my son was born for friends and family. We laughed, ate, and each of my friends read a blessing and gave me a bead. I made a bracelet with the beads so I could wear it during the birth and keep it near me always."

—Michelle Mintz, mom of two, Commerce, Michigan

I measured my bump. "I measured my growing belly with a tape measure, and jotted down the dates on it as well as symbols for milestones, such as a heart for hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. I can’t imagine a more personal keepsake."

—Brinley Johnson, mom of one, Jensen Beach, Florida

I made a plaster cast of my bump. "I bought the kit at the Belly Mask site during my fourth pregnancy. My three closest friends put the gauze on my skin to make the cast. We laughed so much, and I really felt joyful. It hangs in my art studio at home, a treasured keepsake of a miraculous time in my life."

—Laine Holman, mom of five, Rancho Cordova, California

I took notes about my bump. "I jotted down all sorts of things in my day planner—anything I didn't like eating, physical changes I experienced, how much I slept, what the doctor said each visit. I’m saving the planner, and I can’t wait to show it to my son one day."

—Besmah Messallam, mom of one, Columbia, Maryland

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