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15 Creative Ideas for Monthly Milestone Pictures!

It is remarkable how quickly babies grow before our eyes. So many changes occur: They begin to develop those little charming personalities we end up falling in love with, they learn new things, and take on favorites and as well as dislikes.

Many times, I have found myself saying how I wish I could turn back time — or how I wish my children were little babies again. I think as parents, if we could, we would keep them small forever. No matter how fun they get as they grow, there is something very special about those early months.

It is almost impossible to capture every moment, even though many of us have tried, But what we can do, instead of having hundreds of blurry photos with poor lighting in our camera roll, is to set aside a little time each month to take a milestone photos.

Below I have listed some creative ideas for these types of pictures. Monthly milestone photos are a great way to not only capture your child in that specific age, but are also a great way to see how much they have grown and changed. 

Want to take it to the next level? Try combining some of these ideas for memorable and unique pictures.

15 Creative Ideas for Monthly Milestone Pictures!

  1. Use belly stickers: Simply peel and stick on baby’s outfit. 
  2. Sit baby in a chair to compare how much he has grown every month.  
  3. Put your child in an article of clothing that is big, such as a hoodie or cap, to see how he or she fills it in a little more with each passing month. 
  4. Take photos with a white background, and then add in the current age, as well as three or four milestones with a photo editing program. 
  5. Take pictures of the baby with a stuffed animal beside them — you’ll see how the toy looks smaller each time. 
  6. Use a chalkboard to write in age, current milestones, likes, statistics and features. 
  7. Use balloons for each month. Before you know it, your little one will be in a room full of balloons! 
  8. Sit baby in a bucket or basket. Soon they will be standing on it or holding it themselves. 
  9. Use baby blocks with numbers to write out their current age. 
  10. Each month use different items to write out the age, like pebbles, shells, jelly beans, etc. 
  11. Use a desk calendar to put/lay baby on, showing each time the corresponding month. 
  12. Use a small canvas to paint their age. 
  13. Carry/hold baby in front of your belly. 
  14. Use a rocking horse or tricycle. At first it will be in the background, but as baby grows, they will start to play/interact with it. 
  15. Make an imprint of their feet or a handprint on the same large canvas each month.


To get the best photos, make sure baby is well rested and under good lighting. Natural light is best; the next best alternative is daylight bulbs.

Image: Huggies

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