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Add Swim Diapers to Your Summer Diaper Bag Essentials

Mom and Baby in pool

With summertime in full swing, chances are there’s plenty of sunshine and water play in your family’s plans. Whether your baby or toddler is in a pool, the ocean, or a lake, a swim diaper is a water play essential. Keep your little one’s bottom covered and comfortable while making sure the inevitable messes stay contained.

Why use swim diapers? Unlike regular diapers, swim diapers are made specifically for use in the water. They don’t absorb liquid like everyday diapers so they won’t swell up in the pool. What they do do (no pun intended) is help prevent the spread of fecal contamination and E. coli by keeping the inevitable poopy diaper contained. By helping to prevent the infection-causing bacteria from spreading in the pool, everyone stays healthier.

Disposable swim diapers come in various sizes and pull up easily, making it a cinch to slip them on right before your little one goes into the water. They should be changed as soon as they are soiled, preferably away from the pool area in a bathroom or designated changing area. Disposable swim diapers should be thrown away after every incident, and a new one put on baby before their next water activity. If you’re at a beach or lake, you can put soiled diapers into an empty baggie until you have access to a garbage can. Swim diapers come in cute styles and patterns, but you can easily put on a bathing suit bottom right over them.

You should check your baby’s diaper every 30 to 60 minutes. Keeping the pool contamination-free benefits everyone and helps keep a healthy swimming environment for all to enjoy. If you’re potty training you may want to use a swim diaper just in case, but take your toddler to the bathroom for potty breaks on a regular basis.

Many public swimming areas, especially public pools, have their own rules about swim diapers. Some require different types of swim diapers or an additional swim pant, and regulations about where to change dirty diapers are usually posted.  You can always call ahead to find out if your destination has specific rules about swim diapers.

Be sure to include swim diapers in your diaper bag this summer so you’re always ready for your baby to join in the fun at the pool or beach without worrying about creating a poop-tastrophe!

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Mom and Baby in pool

Add Swim Diapers to Your Summer Diaper Bag Essentials

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