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Updated July 21, 2016

To our Huggies® Rewards members: We are actively reading your concerns and are working to address each and every one of the comments and inquiries that have been sent regarding our updated Rewards program. We have received a high volume of inquiries since the updated program went into effect and appreciate your patience as we work to answer each of you. If you have contacted our Rewards Specialists and have yet to receive a response, please see the tips below to expedite resolution when the Specialist reviews your Helpdesk request.

I am waiting on a response from Huggies® Rewards and it has been several days.

When contacting the Huggies® Rewards helpdesk, please make sure to include your Huggies Rewards login in your request. Additionally, make sure you have signed in to your Huggies® Rewards account on or on the Huggies® Rewards app since July 1st so our Rewards Specialists can quickly identify you. If you have not yet joined Huggies® Rewards, but have submitted a request, please create an account for quicker resolution to your issues.

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I have a lot of Rewards Codes saved and didn’t get a chance to enter them. Will I get my points?

In order to award your points if you have outstanding Rewards Codes, we need you to send us a photo of your codes as soon as possible. To do so, please reply to your Huggies® Rewards Helpdesk request with a photo of the codes you wish to validate and include your Huggies® Rewards login. Please ensure each Rewards Code is legible in your photo so it can be validated.

If you have not yet submitted a Huggies® Rewards Helpdesk request for outstanding Rewards Codes, you may do so by visiting our helpdesk and including your Huggies® Rewards login and a photo of your Rewards Codes as an attachment.


Please remember to start saving your receipts on all future Huggies® purchases!

Other Common Questions

Where are the Rewards that I ordered?

The vast majority of our gift cards are emailed to you in the form of a gift card code. It normally takes 3 business days (not including weekends and holidays) for us to approve your order for an e-gift card. Once approved, we'll send the gift card code to the email address associated with your Huggies® Rewards account. If you don't receive it by the third business day after placing your order, be sure to check your spam and trash folders first to see if it's in there! If you still cannot find the email with your gift card code, please submit a helpdesk request and we'll be happy to look into it for you.

The delivery timeframe for Diapers and Training Pants orders is 4 - 6 weeks. For all other physical rewards orders, such as toys, the delivery timeframe is 6 – 8 weeks. 

The lengthy delivery periods are due to the fact that the order has to be processed and shipped to a fulfillment center and then eventually shipped to the address that you confirmed when submitting your order.

There are, on rare occasions, reasons for your reward to be delayed or go missing. They are the following:

1. We check our systems for fraudulent orders, but sometimes legitimate orders get flagged for a more in-depth review, which may add extra time to your delivery. 

2. On occasion, physical items are lost in transit. This is rare, but it does require extra time for us to track down your order and have it shipped to you.

3. eGift Card emails are sometimes flagged as spam by your internet service provider and they may never actually get to your inbox. Again, this rare but it does happen.

In all cases, our Huggies® Rewards Specialists are here to help get you a quick resolution to your issue. If you need any help or have any questions, please submit a helpdesk request and we'll be happy to look into it for you.

I successfully uploaded my receipt and the site says that it was rejected. What went wrong?

There are multiple reasons why your receipt can be rejected. For example, the image not being clear enough to read. The good news is that you can resubmit and try again! After signing in to your account on or on the Huggies® Rewards app and visit your Rewards History page. Scroll to the receipt listed as “Rejected.” Tap on Rejected and you will be shown the reason as to why. Tap the Submit a Receipt button next to the rejection reason to begin the upload process again.

Please note if you purchased a participating Huggies Product from a retailer where you have linked your loyalty card, you will not receive points for submitting receipts from that retailer. To read more about Loyalty Card Linking, click here. Loyalty Card Linking is only available for participating retailers in the US.

*For tips on how to take a good photo/photos of your receipt, click here.

How do I link my loyalty cards and earn points?

For US residents click here to link your loyalty card(s). Once a card is linked there is a verification process on our side that may take some time. Please wait up to 24 hours before making your first qualifying purchase. Then, simply purchase participating Huggies® Diapers and Wipes at your linked retailers and scan your loyalty card at check out. Points will then be added to your account once the purchase is registered in our system! Please note it can take up to 2 weeks for your points to be awarded.

I bought a Huggies® Product with my linked loyalty card, but I didn’t receive the points yet. Why?

It can take up to two weeks after a purchase was made for the points to be added to your account. If it’s been more than a couple weeks and you’re still not seeing the points, please reach out to us and we will look into your account.

Please also be aware that if you’ve made a purchase at a retailer where you have linked a loyalty card, you will not receive points for submitting receipts from that retailer, regardless of whether or not you scanned your loyalty card at checkout. Receipts uploaded from linked retailers will be rejected.

I can't find my answer here

For any additional questions, please review our FAQs. If you still have unanswered questions, please visit our helpdesk to submit a request.

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