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Dad bending over playfully to listen to wife’s pregnant belly

Pregnancy Pointers Just-for-Dads : Things You Can Do Now

For new dads-to-be, their partner’s pregnancy can be a confusing and even stressful affair. We polled experts and dads alike to find out what helps dads-to-be actively partic-ipate in their partner's pregnancy. Our tips will help you relax and be prepared to cele-brate the birth of your baby — and your new dad status.

Do your homework

“Study up on the basics. You don’t have to read an entire book, but at least a few chap-ters. When your partner sends you links with information that she’s learning, make sure to review it, too,” says Seth D. Ginsberg, health advocate, social entrepreneur and new father.

Brush-up on your baby care skills.

Dads can find lots of helpful info in videos, books and online tutorials. Get a handle on the basics of baby care now — things like feeding, diaper changing, sleeping — so you’ll be prepared when you baby arrives. “Do 95 percent ‘preparation' so you only have to spend 5 percent on the ‘perspiration’ when it’s show time,” advises Ginsberg. “The month or so leading up to the due date is the perfect time to cram, but take it seriously. You’ll thank yourself later.”

Get your and your partner’s paperwork in order.

Work on collecting your insurance forms, financial information and consider setting up a will. “Do most of the legwork before the baby so that it’s ready to go,” says Ginsberg. “Call the health insurance company to get the newborn information, access to any post-partum care that you’re entitled to, and once the baby has a Social Security number, he/she should get added to the insurance.” Ginsberg adds an important note: “Most in-surance companies require a child/dependent to be added within 30 days of birth, so don’t put this off.”

Talk to your employer.

“Talk with your employer about paternity leave to understand your benefits, if they ex-ist,” suggests Ginsberg. Set up an appointment with your human resources representa-tive to learn more. You can also research the Family and Medical Leave Act on your own online.

Take care of yourself.

There’s no doubt a flurry of activity at home now, with your partner pregnant and a baby on the way. But you still need to take time to care for yourself. “Start eating better,” says Ginsberg. “Get yourself ready as if you were about to run a marathon – which you wouldn’t do without some training. If you can get some exercise in, you’ll need it (and won’t have much time to do it after the baby arrives).” If you’re confused about how best to start, simply begin by cutting back on greasy, unhealthy, fatty foods and focus on a healthy, balanced diet.

Learn how to feed a baby.

Even if mom is planning to nurse, it is great for dads-to-be to know how to give baby a bottle. Learn how to assemble a bottle, measure the formula, warm it to room tempera-ture, clean and sterilize it — and then do a practice run before the baby comes,” says Ginsberg. “You don’t want to do this the first time while holding a crying baby. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to do it.”


“Stay open, curious and inquisitive in your communication. Now, more than ever, your partner wants and needs to feel heard and understood by you,” says Dr. Fran Walfish, a child, parenting and relationship psychotherapist and author of “The Self-Aware Parent.” Spend time together with your partner. Schedule a weekly date night with your partner, says Walfish. “The couple is the foun-dation, the bricks and mortar of every family. Remember to tend and care for (your-selves first) in order to preserve the marriage and family unity.”

Letters that spell name on a pregnant belly

Baby Names: Interesting Statistics

Every year, the Social Security Administration (SSA) releases data about the most popular baby names. This info comes from Social Security card applications.

The Social Security Administration first started collecting baby names in 1997 — and retrospectively captured names as far back as 1880. Now, the agency tracks the names parents supply when applying for their child’s Social Security card.

This information is the source of popular baby name facts and statistics.

The Current Top Baby Names:

Curious to know the most recent findings? Here are the top 10 boys and girls names from this past year:


Male Name

Female Name































Fun Facts & Stats

  • The SSA’s findings reveal both the enduring popularity of some names as well as the effects of pop culture and current events. Here are a few examples:
  • Most Popular Boy Name Over Time: In the past 100 years, the male name Michael has held the top spot most often, 44 times.
  • Most Popular Girl Name Over Time: Mary has been the No. 1 girls name 41 times during the same period.
  • Biggest Jump in Popularity: Aranza (girl) and Bode (boy).
  • Aranza rose 3,625 spots on the girls side to 607, from 4,232 in 2013. The telenovela “Por Siempre Mi Amor” aired on Univision from 2013 to 2015. The show featured a young lead character named Aranza.
  • Bode jumped ahead 645 spots, from 1,428 in 2013 to 783 in 2014. This may be attributed to the Olympic alpine skier, Bode Miller, who won his sixth medal last year.

Fastest Overall Rising Baby Names:

  • Axl (boys): The second-fastest riser is possibly a nod to both rock legend Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses fame and Axl Jack Duhamel, son of Stacy Ann “Fergie” Ferguson (singer, The Black Eyed Peas) and Josh Duhamel (actor).
  •  Montserrat (girls): Montserrat, the lead character in a popular Latin soap opera, was No. 2 this year. Interesting: Another Monserrat (note the spelling difference), is also new to the list.

 New Names in the Top 10

  • James is a former No. 1 from the 1940s and 1950s.
  • Charlotte is enjoying her first time in the top 10 girls names. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were right on trend with naming their baby girl Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte.

Pregnant lady looking down at Ultra sound picture of what probably is her baby

Your Pregnancy at 20 Weeks: What’s Going on With You and Baby

You’re halfway there, mom-to-be! You’ve spent the past 20 weeks managing early pregnancy symptoms and starting to prepare you and your partner for the arrival of a new family member. Find out about what’s going on now with your body and your baby at this exciting point in your pregnancy.

What’s Going on With You

Chances are you’re feeling a bit of relief from pregnancy symptoms at 20 weeks. Your belly is popping and folks probably now notice that you’re pregnant. According to the Office on Women's Health (OWH;, the following are common symptoms and milestones at this stage of your pregnancy:

  • Your belly size has grown! The top of the uterus is now about level with your navel.

  • You’re gaining weight (about 8-10 pounds so far). Medical experts suggest that you’ll gain about a half pound to 1 pound every week for the remainder of your pregnancy.

  • Many new moms notice at 20 weeks (you’re halfway there!) that several early pregnancy symptoms — such as morning sickness and feeling tired — are now waning, and might even feel a boost of energy.

  • You’re nesting. If you’ve not yet started to get your home ready for baby, chances are this week you’re working on the nursery, picking out layette items, and enjoying preparing for your baby’s arrival.

  • Your dreams may be more vivid. As your hormones race, your baby grows, and your due date edges closer, many Mom-to-Be find that their dreams are more memorable — and more vivid—at this point in pregnancy. Keep a journal by your bedside and make a habit of writing down what you remember upon waking!

What’s Going on With Your Baby

Your little one also is going through major changes at 20 weeks of fetal development. Here’s a peek at what’s happening during this week of your pregnancy, according to the OWH:

  • Your developing baby is now about 6 inches long and weighs about 9 ounces. That’s roughly the size of a bell pepper.

  • Your baby is much more active at this stage, and chances are you may feel a bit of kicking going on inside your belly. These little flutters signal that your baby is testing limbs and moving around.

  • Time to read to your baby. Your baby can now hear! Babies grow accustomed to the sound of your and your partner’s voices. This is a great time to be reading, singing, and talking to your baby.

  • If you could see in your womb right now, you’d notice a fine, downy hair covering your baby’s entire body. This fuzzy coat, called lanugo, is coupled with a waxy covering called vernix. Both of these layers are protecting baby’s still-developing skin underneath.

  • Your little one is busy growing eyebrows, eyelashes, fingernails, and toenails.

  • Your baby is also swallowing (you may even feel these hiccups!).

  • Baby’s gender is now visible. During your fifth month of pregnancy, you can finally discover the gender of your baby! A qualified technician should be able to discern now if you’ll be having a boy or a girl.

Image : Getty


The Forbidden Foods of Pregnancy

By: Andrea Howe, Disney Baby

Pregnancy is such a strange time for a lot of us women. No matter if it’s our first or our fifth pregnancy, there’s always new ground to cover, uncharted territory to cross, new fears and new delights to be discovered. As I write this out, it sounds silly even to me, but the subject I always have the hardest time navigating through with each pregnancy is the ever dreaded and evolving list of foods to eat and stay away from. At each doctor’s appointment, when the nurse asks if I have any questions for the doctor, I inevitably always have a question about food. Here are some of the foods I eat with wild abandon, and the ones that I suspiciously stay away from.

Now this list in no way should be considered medical advice and a proven safe diet for a pregnant woman. Essentially, this is the list of foods that over the course of the years I have developed and feel comfortable with (for my own strange reasons) eating and avoiding. It’s interesting that as the years have passed, there are certain categories where I’ve relaxed, and certain categories where I have drawn the line in the sand and vowed to not touch.

Deli Meats and Hot Dogs

With my first pregnancy, I avoided these items as much as possible, but by the second and now the third, days have gone by where the only thing I have survived on were deli meats and hot dogs, no joke. During week 13-20, I had a ham, cheese and egg bagel every single morning. And at least 5 nights a week I had to have a hot dog, as if my life depended on it. I posted a picture of a hot dog on Instagram one night saying “Again with the nitrates.” I made sure to have a conversation with my doctor about my obscene consumption of deli meats and dogs and she assured me I’d be okay, and so would Baby. But the first time around I would have never eaten these items so much.

Soft Cheeses 

I could eat brie and crackers with salami and consider it dinner, so when I heard that you were supposed to stay away from soft cheeses when pregnant I felt like the rug had been ripped out from under me. By the time I found out that it was really only unpasteurized soft cheeses you should avoid, I felt like I had been jipped out of months of avoiding one of my favorite foods. I now eat feta, goat cheese, gorgonzola and brie as usual, but always confirm it’s pasteurized, especially at restaurants.


I’ve always felt it was okay for me to drink one caffeinated beverage per day, on the okay from my doctor. I had one friend that was so paranoid of caffeine she didn’t even eat chocolate during her pregnancy. I was never this way, but I do admit that I have strange ideas about caffeine that I’m sure hold no factual evidence. For instance, I think dark roast coffee must have more caffeine than your standard hazelnut, so I always avoid dark roast. Or that certain teas have less caffeine than coffee beans, so I order a chai tea latte rather than a regular latte. I think it’s just my way of feeling okay with drinking some caffeine each day.


So this category is where I’m the most strict. Don’t ask me why, as I’m sure some will say that drinking caffeine almost daily is worse than eating fish, but there’s just something about avoiding fish that helps me feel like I’m doing the right thing for me and Baby. Even items that are on the safe list like salmon and tuna every once in a while are foods I avoid. I looked it up and found that oysters were safe to eat, so I ordered a few the other night and felt such guilt after eating them that it wasn’t even worth it. Someone questioned me on this the other night as I was avoiding a smoked swordfish appetizer like it was the plague, and they said “Do you really think there’s enough mercury in this tiny appetizer to harm the baby?” And I said, “Probably not, but I just feel better not chancing it.” It’s where I draw the line in the sand and don’t cross it.

I’m sure my food list doesn’t make the most sense, but for me it helps me feel a bit more in control during a time where you feel like so much is out of your control. So are you super strict with your diet and avoid certain foods when pregnant, or do you hold a relaxed view and eat almost anything?


Tips for Moms on Bed Rest

By Amy Heinz, Disney Baby

When I was 30 weeks pregnant with baby #3, I went into pre-term labor and was told I’d need to be on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. It turns out the baby (and my body) didn’t seem to care that it was my oldest’s 5th birthday (with all kinds of fun stuff planned) the following week. Or that my (then) 2-year-old son was about to start Mommy and Me soccer. Or that my husband’s job tends to take place in about 30 of the 50 United States.

While it was a huge adjustment for all of us, we made it through and greeted our sweet baby girl at 38 weeks. Along the way, I got great advice and wrote about my experience in detail on my blog. (And John has written about his experience of being the husband to a wife on bed rest beautifully here on Disney Baby.) But here are some tips every mom on bed rest should have.

Your New View

Bed rest comes with all kinds of emotions and stress. Here are some tips to make this tough time a little bit easier. (Like maybe start with someone painting those pretty toes you’ll be starring at all day!)

Bedside Table Must Haves:

  • A big water cup 
  • Straws (have you ever tried to drink lying down?) 
  • Water bottles to refill your cup 
  • Tissues 
  • Lip balm 
  • Medications (bonus: an alarm to remind you to take them)

Keep a Cooler Within Reach Packed With:

  • Cheese 
  • Crackers 
  • Nuts 
  • Fruit 
  • Yogurt 
  • And all your favorite (healthy-ish) munchies

Stay Entertained With:

  • Thank you notes 
  • Movies 
  • Books 
  • Magazines 
  • Funny blog writing/reading 
  • And, Cari of Lola & Maddie suggests having a calendar to mark each day closer to baby’s due date

When You Say Yes to Help (and Cupcakes):

  • Be gracious 
  • Keep running lists of what you need from specific stores so you can pay people back on the spot

Be Good to Your Big Kids With:

  • Cuddles 
  • Balloon volleyball 
  • I Spy 
  • Beauty shop 
  • Card games 
  • Movie nights 
  • Surprise packages with new books to read together

Be Good to Daddy By:

  • Making a list of requests (rather than constant shout outs) 
  • Asking friends to keep him company/invite him (and the kids) out 
  • Acknowledging all he’s doing (even if it isn’t *exactly* how you would do it) 
  • Saying thank you … a lot

Be Good to Yourself By:

  • Reminding yourself what a great mom you’re already being to this baby 
  • Asking your doc if you can attend very important gatherings (like big bro’s bday party) in a reclining chair 
  • Remembering what a hair brush is (bonus points for make up brush) 
  • Bringing your social life to you (have a girls’ night in)

Be Good to Your Baby By:

  • Remembering it’s called bed rest for a reason … REST!


3 Things Pregnant Women Should Do, But Most Don't

By: Michelle Horton, Disney Baby

Now that my sister is pregnant (see below), it’s given me a chance to reflect on what I discovered during pregnancy that no one told me. Things that my sister never would have thought of without a little well-meaning advice.

Here are three things that pregnant women should consider doing, but many don’t:

1. Take a prenatal breastfeeding class. You already know about Lamaze or The Bradley Method or any other kind of labor prep class, but I’d suggest taking a specific prenatal breastfeeding class — preferably taught by a certified lactation consultant. The amount of information you need to breastfeed — the physiological facts, baby positioning, feeding frequencies, complication troubleshooting — is much more involved than labor. And it’s also nice to have a lactation consultant on hand that you’re already comfortable with. Your body instinctually takes care of the labor (although a labor prep class can help ease anxiety of the unknown, and also help you to know your options and rights), but the breastfeeding? That doesn’t quite feel instinctual.

2. Prenatal yoga. I found yoga to be one of the most important preparations for my non-medicated labor, but I imagine it to be beneficial for any kind of labor: learning how to center yourself, to meditate, to get in tune with your body. And, let’s not forget, the breathing. See more about how prenatal yoga translates to labor.

3. Get properly fitted for a bra. Of course all women should probably get fitted for a bra by an actual expert — because apparently most of us wear the wrong bra size — but it’s especially important during pregnancy. Your heavier ever-growing breasts need proper support (pregnancy is a danger-zone for future sagging) and some relief from the incessant soreness. I swear: getting properly fitted will change your life. In fact, I’m taking my sister to get fitted for a new bra this weekend.


5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming A Mom

There is nothing that can really prepare you for the incredible, overwhelming and over-the-top feeling of becoming a mother. You can read every pregnancy book out there, listen to the advice of loved ones and experts, but once you have a child everything you thought you knew goes right out the window. After the birth of my third baby, I was the most relaxed and easy-going. I had already gone through the experience of giving birth twice and my parenting tactics had loosened up quite a bit. These are the 5 things I wish someone would have told me before becoming a mom.

1. Listen To Your Gut; Follow Your Instinct

You know those feelings that you just can’t shake? The ones that tell you something is wrong or ‘off’ even though everything looks and seems just fine? Listen to them! Your instincts are almost always right.

2. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Please don’t worry about the little things, because in the end they are just that. The first year of your baby’s life is one of the most magical. People are not kidding when they tell you that it goes by in an instant. One minute your newborn is a tiny little thing that fits in the crook of your arm and the next, she’s walking. The laundry can wait and all those little things on your to-do list can be finished eventually. Don’t sweat it!

3. Ask For Help

There is absolutely nothing wrong or shameful about asking for a little help. Family members are usually more than willing to help with a few chores, pick up some dinner or help take the baby off your hands for a bit. If your family isn’t close by, hire someone. Remember, you still need to heal and getting a little bit of help is a must for the first few weeks at least.

4. Take Time Out For Yourself

Something as simple as having a bath without being disturbed, taking a walk by yourself or going out for a coffee with your husband or a friend can be incredibly refreshing and rejuvenating. You need time for YOU as well. When mama is happy, everyone is happy.

5. There Is No Right Answer

What works for one generation, parent or family may not work for another. Don’t feel guilty if you decide to do things a different way whether it be something as simple as sleep schedules or feeding preferences.


10 Power Foods To Fuel Busy Moms

By: Lauren Hartmann, Disney Baby

Let’s face it, being a mom and being busy are synonymous with one another. There are babies to feed, diapers to change, laundry to fold … the list sometimes seems never ending. When this happens, it is likely that feeding yourself tends to fall by the wayside or at least that’s what happened to me.

For the first three months of Fern’s life I pretty much subsisted on string cheese and granola bars. I was a bit overwhelmed and feeding myself always seemed to fall to the end of my to-do list. There are many reasons why this was a problem: 1) Inadequate nutrition while nursing can decrease milk supply in addition to not providing babies with all the nutrients that their growing bodies need, 2) Inadequate nutrition leaves you tired, cranky and unable to take on the challenges that new parenthood (or really any stage of parenthood) requires, 3) Inadequate nutrition is not going to help you lose that baby weight. Our bodies need a balanced diet and if we’re not eating enough food they go into starvation mode and desperately cling to fat.

So what’s a busy mom to eat?

10 Power Foods For Busy Moms

Trying to eat healthy foods as a mom bustling about taking care of a baby’s needs all day can be a challenge. Here are 10 foods that are easy for to prepare and eat quickly in between the plethora of tasks on that seemingly never-ending to-do list – foods that will keep you fueled for the day ahead!


Eggs are my absolute go-to food. It takes literally two minutes to scramble some up for breakfast and I can throw in some extras for flavor and fuel like spinach, ground flax, cheese, tomatoes, etc… I can also hard boil a bunch at the beginning of the week after my baby goes to bed and I’ve got instant grab-and-go snacks available for the week.


Fruit is not only delicious, but can also be very filling. I choose more dense fruits for when I’m hungry enough for a meal, but won’t be able to make a full meal happen any time soon (think: crying baby). Oranges and bananas are my good options for this scenario. Any fruit is a good option though and pre-slicing fruit earlier in the week is a good way to ensure that it actually gets eaten.


Pre-cut veggies are one "convenience food" that I don’t mind buying if I’m not buying a bunch of other pre-packaged, processed foods. Baby carrots, big bags of spinach and pre-cut broccoli are all great easy options. You’re much more likely to eat a salad when there isn’t any prep involved.


This is a great option to get a bit more protein in your day and makes eating your vegetables a bit more palatable if you’re not a fan of veggies like myself.


I am particularly fond of steel cut oats for their great texture and the nutritional punch that they pack and you can even find quick-cooking varieties that cook in 5-7 minutes. If you don’t think you can find 5-7 minutes to cook oatmeal in the morning you can always prepare a big pot of it ahead of time to portion out and heat up throughout the week.

Greek Yogurt

I love all yogurt, but the Greek variety has the most protein as well as a nice creamy texture that leaves me feeling full and satisfied. I like to throw in some berries or banana and a bit of flaxseed meal as well.

Flaxseed Meal

A quick and easy way to sneak in some extra Omega-3s into your day. Just sprinkle it on some of the foods you’re already eating.


Nuts, particularly raw almonds, are a favorite snacking option for me. A small handful offers a dose of protein, good fatty acids and keeps me full for just a bit longer.

Black Beans

You can eat these from the can or make them yourself ahead of time and then add them to salads or wrap them up in a tortilla for a protein packed lunch when you want it.


All you have to do is dump your fruits, veggies and maybe a dash of flaxseed meal or protein powder into a blender with a bit of milk or ice and pulse to the desired consistency. It’s a great way to get in a bunch of fruit and veggie servings in one sitting.


Create a Lifestyle Baby Registry

Whether you’re creating a registry online or by visiting a local store, you can make the process less overwhelming by considering how your lifestyle will affect what baby needs. You’ll create a unique and interesting registry that reflects your family’s personality, and receive wonderful gifts that you and baby will actually use.

So after you’ve added the bibs, bottles and other basics you need, think about the categories below. Taking your lifestyle into consideration will help you generate ideas for additional necessary items that should be added to your baby registry.

Living space

Your needs (and baby’s) can vary depending upon the type of home you live in. If you’ll be living in an apartment, you may want to register for space-saving items such as a booster feeding seat rather than a large and clunky high chair. Items that can be stored flat, like folding baby bathtubs or playards, are also practical picks.

Will you be living in a house? If so, you may have space for a dedicated nursery. That means you can register for nursery décor items such as artwork, lamps or bookshelves. Having more room also allows you to accommodate larger toys and accessories—so go ahead and add them to your list.  And if you have lots of stairs in your home, don’t forget to add multiple hardware-mounted baby gates to your registry.

Your community

Living in the city means you and baby may be taking public transportation. You might need to register for a lightweight, foldable stroller, a sunshade cover, rain gear and stroller storage accessories for grocery shopping and other outings. Things like backpack diaper bags, slings and carriers are also great if you’ll be traveling by bus or train.   

If you’re in the suburbs, a car could be your main mode of transportation. Registering for a collapsible stroller and car accessories such as window shades or a back seat mirror definitely makes sense. Do you have a backyard? Think about outdoor toys that baby might use or grow into as a toddler.   

The climate

Will baby experience four seasons or just one? Think beyond the onesies and plan ahead for all the clothing needs baby will have during the first year. Remember, swimsuits, sweaters, jackets and pants are all outgrown very quickly. Consider your travel plans throughout the year too. You may live in the warm climate of California, but if you travel to Minnesota for the holidays, your little one will definitely need a snowsuit.

Recreational activities

Are you a runner who plans on jogging with baby? A frequent traveler who will be signing up her newborn for a miles account? Your recreational activities definitely affect the kind of gear and supplies baby will need during her first year.  Don’t be shy about registering for items such as a travel bassinet, hiking baby carrier or even sunhats and chemical-free sunscreen. Your loved ones, friends and co-workers will feel great about giving gifts that contribute to family fun. 

Image : Getty


Fun Ideas for Your Fall Gender Reveal

Once autumn hits, everyone’s thoughts and plans naturally shift to giving thanks and getting together with family and friends. That’s why fall is such a fabulous time to announce baby’s gender to your loved ones.

This time of year also provides lots of fun themes that you can use to help you share the good news. Here are some ideas to create an unforgettable announcement for your baby’s fall gender reveal:

Pumpkin patch

Take that awesome fall pic you took of all the pumpkins at the pumpkin patch and change it to a black and white image. Color just one small pumpkin in pastel pink or baby blue. Follow up that eye-catching image with the message: Our little pumpkin is a (girl or boy)! No existing pic to work with? Create a mini pumpkin patch in your yard or at the park with five or six small pumpkins and then snap a close-up.

Scarecrow family

Line up two large scarecrows that represent a mom and a dad against an old wooden fence. Add one smaller scarecrow to the scene to represent baby. Dress up the baby scarecrow as either a girl or boy to help officially announce your baby’s gender.  

Football fanatics

If you and your family are serious football fans—or you’re expecting baby number two, three or four—this could be the theme for you. Snap a pic of your family in football uniforms or jerseys and set out a pink or blue helmet or football to represent baby in your team photo. Wrap it all up with the line: Our team’s new rookie is going to be a (girl or boy)!

Fall color

Nothing says fall like the changing colors. So why not take this classic autumn moment and give it a twist to help announce your baby’s gender? Take a picture that includes multiple colorful trees. When you edit your picture, change all the leaves on one tree to pink if you’re having a girl or blue if you’re having a boy. You can caption the pic with a play on a commonly heard fall phrase by writing:  A sure sign that a little (girl or boy) is on the way.

Baby cornucopia

The cornucopia is a very traditional symbol of fall and harvest time. Though the horn-shaped basket is usually shown overflowing with fruit or food items, you can easily use it to announce your baby’s gender in a creative way. For an announcement with a visual that says it all, pick up a cone-shaped basket at the store and forget about filling it with food. Instead, fill it with all pink or all blue baby items such as blankets, onesies and bath towels. You can artfully arrange your bounty of items so that they pour out of the cornucopia in a very dramatic way.

Thanksgiving themes

Share a seemingly routine Happy Thanksgiving email or post with family and friends. To clue everyone into the fact that your announcement is no ordinary holiday message, include a bold and memorable image that will immediately get attention. You could use a picture of Thanksgiving-themed pilgrim cupcakes featuring only girl pilgrims dressed in pink. If you’re expecting a boy, you might want to set a fancy Thanksgiving table with blue plates, cups and napkins. Finish it off by saying: We’re expecting a boy.

Image : Getty

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