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6 Ways to Announce a Winter Pregnancy

It may be cold outside, but your big news is guaranteed to warm the hearts of lots of friends and family members at this time of year. Take advantage of the many celebrations and traditions the season brings by using them as inspiration for your winter pregnancy announcement.

Of course, you’ll want a creative and memorable announcement to share the big news with everyone, but there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. Here are some ideas to help you select the perfect winter pregnancy announcement.

Baby boarding pass

Traveling to visit family is frequently on the to-do list for lots of couples during the winter months. If you make an annual trek to visit loved ones at this time of year, take a close-up of three boarding passes: one for you, another for your husband and one that is simply labeled baby. Make the date of departure on baby’s boarding pass the anticipated due date and add in other funny details such as baby having a direct flight from the womb to the world.

Next year’s holiday table

Picture this: A super-elegant holiday table that features fancy place settings, a cloth tablecloth, candles and… a big and brightly colored highchair at one end. Everyone is sure to get the message that a very special guest will be joining the family soon.

Baby skis

Has an annual ski trip been a definite must for you every year? Take a pic of your skis lined up in the snow and add in a set of tiny doll skis and poles. Label your announcement Family Ski Trip and add next year’s date to send the message loud and clear.

Updated wish list

Lots of families share wish lists during this time of year. If this is one of your holiday traditions, don’t stop now. But this time load it with baby items only. Share with family or take a screenshot to use in your announcement.

Teeny-tiny stocking

If you celebrate Christmas, buy the smallest red and white stocking you can find. Hang really large stockings for each member of your family from the fireplace mantel or any other spot in your house. Place the teeny-tiny stocking representing baby at the very end.

Backwards holiday makeover

Visually split your announcement in half and label one section before and the other after. The before picture can feature you and daddy-to-be all dressed up as if you were going to a New Year’s Eve party. The after picture can be the two of you in sweats and leggings pushing a stroller and holding a baby carrier, diaper bag, baby monitor and lots of other supplies.

Image : Getty

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