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Child and mom playing on grass with baby toys

10 Signs You’re a First-Time Mom

I remember the day I found out I was pregnant for the first time! We were flying back from our two-week honeymoon in Turks and Caicos and The Dominican Republic and I just felt “different.” I felt like I kind of had cramps but not painful ones; I felt super bloated and was a little nauseous. My hubby’s parents picked us up from the airport in Arkansas and we went to lunch. Directly after lunch, I had my mother-in-law drive me by the store so I could inconspicuously purchase a couple pregnancy tests.

Long story short, they were both positive! I knew it! And once I told Chris, he immediately started thinking of names and talking about how cool our baby would be. And he swore it was a boy. ;) Smart guy.

Being a first time mom is thrilling and amazing but can understandably be a little scary as well. If you’re anything like me, you quickly realize your whole life is about to change. You try to learn everything you can about the baby growing inside you and about the miracle that pregnancy really is!

Looking back now, after having two children, I get a good laugh out of all the little idiosyncrasies I had when I first became pregnant. All of us moms can relate, I’m sure. And if you’re pregnant or becoming a mom for the first time, these signs will make you laugh too.

Here are my 10 signs you’re a first-time mom!

1. You have the heaviest diaper bag in the world! You pack anything and everything you could possibly need for your baby and more… like you could actually survive on the contents of your diaper bag if you were stranded on the side of the road for a week. That’s when an awesome diaper bag really comes in handy. :)

2. You take at least an hour to install the car seat. Safety is of course of utmost importance, but you eventually get so used to installing and uninstalling your car seat that you could literally do it with your eyes closed and it would be just as secure as the first time you ever put it in your car.

3. You buy so much hand sanitizer that you should just buy stock in it. As evidenced by the purse size, the large one in each bathroom, the squirt bottle of it in your hospital room that you kept next to the hospital bed, the one in your kitchen, and the one in your car.

4. You bathe your baby daily. By the second kiddo, you sometimes just wait a couple days. Hey, don’t judge… they weren’t that dirty when I let them stay asleep after a long day. :)

5. You heat every bottle to the perfect temperature. By the time Bentley was born and was about 6 months old, Chris had convinced himself that Bentley actually liked his bottle cold. Hahaha.

6. Every time you feel the slightest twinge in your prego tummy, you research it for an hour. Little advice: The Internet is NOT your friend when it comes to strange feelings in your belly. Unless you’re reading this blog. This blog is your friend.

7. You have gone into the nursery that you set up and had ready months before your due date, just to sit in there and refold all of the baby clothes you’ve washed a few times. To be safe, of course.

8. You have more than one box of newborn diapers. Trust me, keep one box of newborn diapers and trade the rest of the newborn diapers for size 1 diapers.

9. For the first time in a while, you’re actually begging your mom for advice.

10. You’ve read every single Disney Baby blog about different baby names. Upon choosing the few names you like, you have tried spelling them eight different ways to make sure you have it just right!

I can’t stop giggling reading through these signs of being a first-time mom. I did them all! How about you?

Image : Disney Baby

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