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First Weeks Home

When it’s time to bring your baby home, Huggies is here to lend a hand during those first few weeks. We’ve put together everything you need to make you and your baby feel right at home.


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Hey, Moms: Which Daddy-Baby Moments Make You Melt?

Read these responses from moms on Huggies’ Facebook community and see if your spouse does any of these sweet dad things, too.

"I love when my husband has conversations with our 3-month-old. When he comes home from work, first he asks the older two boys how their day went—then he asks the baby."—Elizabeth S.

"The way our 10-month-old girl squeals and laughs when he tosses her up in the air. Priceless."—Jessica C.

"My husband didn’t know any children’s songs when our daughter was born, so he would sing ‘Jingle Bells’ to soothe her."—Cyndi W.

"My husband was deployed when our baby was born, so he didn’t get to hold her till she was 3 months old. Seeing that made me teary."—Mandi E.

"When our son was born, the nurse handed him to his dad and then she said, ‘It’s time to take him to the nursery to get all checked up" and before she could grab Michael from my husband, he walked out of the OR! He wasn’t letting anyone take Michael away after he got him in his arms! It was the sweetest and funniest moment. Even the doctors laughed!"—Katherine I.

"When my husband, who prides himself on being a man’s man, is playing with our 21-month-old daughter, running around in jewelry and a pink hat."—Amy H.

"When I’m feeding my son and he hears the door open and sees his dad walk in, he gets all excited and tries to get out of his high chair."—Christina E.

"When he uses the same voice with the babies that he uses with the dogs—high pitched and funny!"—Liz W.

"When he gets her after her bath and she passes out about the same time he does, so they’re both asleep in the rocking chair, still rocking."—Krys M.

"My daughter and hubby watch cartoons together every Saturday over a couch-eaten breakfast. Once they’re done, she leans her head on him and pats his tummy."—Kaitlyn W.

"When Daddy falls asleep on the floor in baby’s room, because he can’t walk out of the room and let him cry."—Cheyenne M.

"When he tries to teach my son about dinosaurs and evolution. By the way, my son is 2 months old."—Sarah T.

"When I walk in and he’s playing guitar and singing to her. It’s adorable, and she loves it."—Cassandra F.

"My husband and I take our son to the park on Sundays. My husband will go on every slide just to get a laugh out of him. I also love it when he shows our son how to make faces. His new one is sniffling like a dog!"—Becky N.

"All of their moments make me mushy."—Jessica S.


Check out what parents are talking about today on Huggies’ Facebook community.

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