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When it’s time to bring your baby home, Huggies is here to lend a hand during those first few weeks. We’ve put together everything you need to make you and your baby feel right at home.


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6 Weird Things That Newborns Do That Are Totally Normal

“Oh my gosh, is he OK?” 

I rushed into the hospital room to find the pair of panicked parents bent over their son’s crib, frantic as they waved me over. 

“He keeps catching his breath, is he OK?” they asked. 

As an OB nurse, I’ve seen a lot of normal and even “abnormal” things that newborns do. Luckily, however, the majority of the time, all those seemingly weird things that newborns do are totally normal. Like in the above case, where their son was absolutely fine. So what’s up with all of those weird things about newborns? Let’s take a look. 

Their feet look completely purple

After birth, it can take a while for a newborn’s circulatory system to fully kick in and oxygenate his or her entire body. Healthcare providers are taught to not even expect full oxygenation blood levels until at least 10 minutes following birth, so don’t be alarmed if your little one’s feet and hands look bluish or purple in color when you first hold him or her in your arms. 

They are breaking out worse than you when you were in your teenage years.

Newborns’ skin is so, so sensitive, and in their first 24 hours of life, they are exposed to so many harsh skin irritants—the gloves of nurses and other healthcare staff, that blue paper stuff they drape over your belly for “sterile” purposes, and the hospital linen they wrap your baby in, which, let’s face it, is washed with some heavy-duty bleaching and cleaning detergents. It’s very common for newborns to have “baby acne,” and it usually clears up on its own in a few days or weeks without any lotions or creams. 

They look like they’re always catching their breath.

If you watch your newborn sleep, you may be alarmed to notice that they look they are having difficulty breathing; I always compared it to that heavy breath-catching you do after a really good cry. But what’s probably going on is that they are just breathing like a normal newborn. Newborns are irregular breathers, meaning they don’t have a regular breathing pattern and may even “pause” breathing once in a while. (Of course, if you’re ever concerned about your baby’s breathing patterns, don’t hesitate to speak to your doctor!) 

They poop more than you and your husband combined.

Honestly, how can that much poop come out of such a little body? I know it seems to defy science, but all of that pooping is totally normal in a newborn. She’s got a lot of stuff to clear out, including dead skin cells from her time in your womb, and newborns need a lot of sustenance in those first few days to get some incredible growth going! (That’s where all those infamous meconium poops come from! Ew!) 

They’re totally hairy.

As you probably know, newborns are covered in soft, fuzzy hair called lanugo, which falls off the closer the baby gets to birth. Your baby may have some residual hair left, especially if he or she was born early. So fear not, your little hairy baby will probably lose some of the fuzz in the coming weeks. 

They lose weight before discharge.

Most babies lose a little weight within their first 24 hours of life, due to #4 (lots of pooping) and shedding some of the extra fluid they accumulated during their journey through the birth canal.

Disclaimer: This is not to replace medical advice. If you feel certain there is an issue, you should always be comfortable calling your pediatrician or setting an appointment to discuss your concerns. It’s always better to ease your concerns by checking in with your doctor than to remain worried. 

This article was written by EverydayFamily from Everyday Family and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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