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Finding Balance

Becoming a mom is a wonderful experience (of course!), but between working, cleaning, and caring for your baby, it can also be time-consuming. Huggies has some quick, easy ways to help give you a break.


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Stress less, Moms

Making life easier

Are you familiar with the Amelia Bedelia book cover on which Amelia is running (and smiling) with perfectly rosy cheeks, a freshly baked pie in hand, her apron and shoes on, and even a cute hat on her head? She appears to have it all together in the midst of what is assumed to be a moment of chaos. Truth be told, many days I feel like Amelia. However, I'm in sweats, my hair is disheveled, I'm makeup-free, barefoot, and carrying a bowl of Raisin Bran above my head so my dogs don't get it. Sometimes I wonder if the kind of woman Amelia Bedelia represents truly exists. Never mind — if she does, I don't want to know about it.

Luckily, there are several products and habits that will make life as a busy mom easier to manage, and, at a minimum, make us feel as though we've got it under control. Here are some stress less tips for busy moms.

Stress less tip #1: Get a bluetooth

A bluetooth headset is a very important staple. As a busy mom, you will want to have conversations with other adults (possibly even telemarketers) just to keep in touch with the outside world. I always thought all those people driving their cars wearing bluetooth looked extremely silly. However, I will readily admit that they figured out a secret to surviving the madness earlier than I did. They can do whatever they are doing (in their case, driving) and talk on the phone at the same time. It's a beautiful thing. The headset phone allows you to talk while you cook, clean, change diapers, make bottles — you name it! Your neck will thank you, trust me. Invest in a headset for your current phone or get a headset phone altogether if your current phone will not accommodate a headset attachment.

Stress less tip #2: Chocolate

If you ever feel guilty about consuming this heavenly delight that can improve even the worst of moods, consider this: Chocolate is actually a vegetable. That's right, folks. Think of it this way: Chocolate is derived from the cocoa bean and bean equals vegetable, right? Sugar is derived from either sugar cane or sugar beets, both of which are plants — in the vegetable family. Thus, chocolate is a vegetable (plus, chocolate bars contain dairy, which is good for your bones). Need I say more?

Stress less tip #3: Paint it pretty

Color therapy was likely first practiced by the Ancient Egyptians, who shone sunlight through colored gems onto those who sought healing. Today, this therapy is used in many of the nation's premier spas as a way to soothe the frazzled mind and assist with meditation. Tones of blue have been shown to encourage relaxation and tranquility as well as inspire patience and calming thoughts. If it works with the neighboring rooms' decor, why not paint your primary work area a shade of blue? If blue simply will not work, know that greens and purples are also calming colors. Reds, yellows, and oranges, however, are stimulating. Try to avoid these colors in those areas where you spend a great deal of time. As I'm sure you're well aware, neither moms nor their kids need to be any more stimulated than they already are by 5:30 p.m.

Stress less tip #4: Buy 14,000 Things to be Happy About, by Barbara Ann Kipfer

I love this book. It is impossible not to find something on nearly every page of it that will evoke a fond or funny memory and make you smile even in your worst hour. I actually highlighted (way back when I had free time) my favorites so I could find them quickly. Some personal favorites: The Electric Company (TV show), funnel cake, and shorty skis. By the way, what ever happened to The Electric Company? Or 3-2-1 Contact for that matter.

Stress less tip #5: Visit 30-Day Gourmet

Are you as tired as I am of what I now refer to as the "4 o'clock panic?" This is when you stop to think, oftentimes out loud, "Okay, what are we going to have for dinner tonight?" (It's also usually about the same time your husband calls and asks the same question.) Until recently, five out of seven nights a week, that question was answered at my house with the word "cereal" or "pancakes." No longer. And not because I've suddenly become a devoted cook. I found out about a fabulous site product: 30 Day Gourmet. Their site allows you to download and test out for 30 days — and then order — a cookbook that will allow you to bake 30 nights' worth of meals in one "lazy Sunday afternoon" (as if such a thing exists anymore)! It can be modified, of course. Bake enough meals for two weeks if that's all you need. I am simply so pleased to be able to announce that "Tonight, we'll be having Chicken in a Pot. (Even though my four-year-old often responds with "Can't we just have pancakes?")

Stress less tip #6: Get a good chiropractor

What is the most common physical complaint of moms? Lower back pain. In a two-year study completed in 1990 by Britain's Medical Research Council, chiropractic treatment was found more effective than hospital out-patient care for lower back pain. Now, I realize that the image many of us get when thinking about getting a chiropractic adjustment is that of Madonna lying on a table having her neck whipped around in that Truth or Dare documentary of her Blind Ambition Tour, but I have become a firm believer in this alternative form of medicine.

I don't trust it to cure disease just yet, but in terms of helping my ever-aching back and neck, it's a godsend. According to Dr. Jennifer Wise, director of the Synergy Institute in Naperville, Illinois, "It has been my experience that integrating the arts of chiropractic and physical therapy in one setting benefits the patient, allowing them to achieve faster and more complete healing. As a chiropractor, I work to align the patient's skeletal structure, while our on-site physical therapist works with the patient's soft tissues to make the healing process occur more quickly. It is important to train the soft tissues to have memory and endurance so that postural correction is long lasting."

Stress less tip #7: Keep a small wallet

All moms know that given the opportunity, they could fill an L.L. Bean, large-sized duffel bag with supplies for a day away from home with their children. The key to not doing that (once you're truly beyond the "I have to take everything in the house with me" stage) is to ensure that your purse is not big enough to carry much more than the basic necessities. I make sure mine is only large enough to accommodate a wallet, cell phone, antibacterial gel, and SNICKERS bar. Same goes for wallets; buy a big one, and you're going to somehow acquire thirty credit cards (or a variety of Starbucks Buy-10-Get-1-Free cards and the like) and the poor contraption will be ready to explode at any moment. Find a wallet that is only large enough for your license, a credit card or two, and some cash.

Stress less tip #8: Claim your quiet time

Joseph Campbell said, "You must have a certain hour of the day when you do not know what was in the morning paper — a place where you can simply experience and bring forth what you are, and what you might be." This time has become even more important in my daily routine than taking a shower (and many days, trust me, I do trade one for the other!). Life is a journey. Oftentimes, we feel as though we're lost and the map is missing somewhere under a big pile of toys. Who are we? What are we here for? What will we do with ourselves when our children actually leave the house one day?

Spending some spiritual quiet time each morning and/or evening is invaluable. It can keep you centered and focused, and remind you that there is something so much greater than you at work in your life. That fact allows me to let go of my need to control everything (at least for a moment or two). Three great books to get you started on your journey:

Stress less tip #9: Get a cell phone

If you don't have a cell phone by this point — for any reason — I beg you to get one this evening. All women should have one for safety's sake. I'm certainly not encouraging anyone to have conversations while driving; however, I personally feel quite naked if I get halfway down the block and realize that I've forgotten my phone. While out and about, it's comforting to know you can be reached at any time if one of your children needs you.

Unfortunately, the most life-altering sanity-saver for busy moms has not yet been invented. I envision it as a robot of sorts that does everything from cleaning to cooking to dressing kids for school. One day, perhaps. For now, I'm sticking with low expectations and a HERSHEY'S Bar.


Even Ballerinas Need a Hug

The day my three-year-old daughter was asked to leave ballet class I thought I would die of embarrassment. Sure, she and her twin sister had stirred up some trouble in toddler soccer class. It seemed the "coach" didn't appreciate them turning the goal net into a spaceship, much to the delight of the other kids, but not to the other parents. However, ballet was supposed to be the thing my daughters would naturally gravitate towards. Not because they were innately graceful - they weren't - or in love with tutus and princesses - they didn't care - but because I had spent the vast majority of my childhood as a dancer.

The first time Ms. Audrey, the ballet teacher, brought my daughter into the waiting area, she very nicely explained that my daughter told her she didn’t really feel like participating. So the two of us just sat outside the class until she got bored enough to go back in. 

A week later at the second lesson, my daughter spent most of the class underneath the piano, feeling the vibrations that the strings were making, and told the teacher she wanted to figure out how the sound came out.  Needless to say, there wasn’t much dancing to be done that day.

The third class was an all out rebellion.  According to Ms. Audrey, my daughter danced when she felt like it, questioned the teacher’s choice in music, and created a veritable conga line at one point, upending the entire plan for the class. Hence the request to remove my daughter from ballet class altogether. 

All of the other little girls followed the teacher without hesitation – or at least they tried. They pointed and flexed their feet, made giant suns with their arms stretched overhead, and waited their turn to leap across the floor.  Was I proud of my daughter that she was such a non-conformist, literally marching to the beat of her own drum? I am ashamed to admit, I was not.

In that moment when the teacher brought my sullen daughter into the waiting area filled with the other moms and babysitters – all of whom had witnessed my daughters’ previous exiles  I was disappointed. I couldn’t wrap my head around why my daughter just wouldn’t do what was expected, just be like the other 3-year old little ballerinas, yet again. And, of course, I wondered where I had gone wrong.

My daughter climbed into my lap clad in her pastel pink leotard and tights with a giant pink tutu splayed out around her, and snuggled in deep as I wrapped my arms around her in a tulle-filled hug.

“Is there a reason you won’t listen to Ms. Audrey?” I asked her.

“That’s not how I like to dance,” she said.

“OK,” I responded, “but that’s what ballet is. You have to learn the real steps so you can put them together to make one long beautiful ballet.”

I could see her process this idea in her mind. 

She squeezed me tighter.

“I’d rather be out here with you,” she said. Then she looked up at me thoughtfully, “Maybe when I’m six I’ll try again.”

“Sounds like a plan.” I agreed.

Though secretly I hoped that no matter how old she got, she would keep dancing in her own unique way – and coming back to me for a reassuring hug.

Image : Getty

Mom and baby in playroom with Mickey Mouse doll

5 Things I Do Throughout the Day to Make Parenting Easier

With two little ones in school, Macks at home with me all day, and trying to manage a full-time job from home, I am always looking for ways that I can make things easier on me throughout the day. Our schedule is pretty concrete, so I try to stick to that to make our day go more smooth, but there are also more things that I do to make my life as a mom easier.

1. Keep a changing station in the room you spend the most time in.

We spend most of our time in the living room downstairs. After a couple of days in our new house I was so tired of going up and down the stairs to change Macks’ diapers, so I set up a cabinet in the living room that has diapers, wipes, and a portable changing pad for easy access when he needs a diaper change downstairs.

2. Keep snacks handy at all times using reusable bags.

I love these reusable bags from Bumkins. They come in a variety of sizes so that I can fill them with different snacks for all of my kids. I’ll fill up a couple at the beginning of the day and keep them in my purse so that whenever one of my girls tells me they are hungry, I don’t have to stop and get them something. I just pull out the bag and hand it over.

3. Have toys in a place that they frequent often.

Macks loves to open up cabinets and drawers in the kitchen. I’ve childproofed everything but one cabinet and drawer and I’ve filled those with containers and toys that he can play with while I am in the kitchen. He feels accomplished because he’s opening and closing things and pulling them out and I am able to get things done because he is occupied.

4. Have a bag of necessities that stays in the car.

We’ve only owned a car for about six months since moving from the city and it didn’t take me long to learn that I needed to have a bag in the car that just stayed in there. It’s full of all of my necessities while we are out and about. I have a soft and warm blanket, like this Winnie the Pooh fleece blanket. It’s filled with diapers and wipes, his favorite Mickey Mouse toy to keep Macks entertained, and baby food pouches in case he gets hungry.

5. Write it down.

Because I have so much going on all of the time, I keep a pen and paper nearby or in my purse at all times so that when I think of something that I need to do or something that worked throughout the day, I write it down. I go back to that list each night and catch up and check things off of that list.

What do you do to make parenting easier?

Image : Getty

Dad and baby in stroller on the sidewalk

3 Simple Tips for Making Your Baby Gear Last

Having a great car seat, stroller, high chair and play yard is essential to a baby registry list. Sometimes, purchasing these pieces for your little ones can seem like an investment. I know whenever we’ve bought essential pieces for Soren, my first thought was, “How can I make this last and stay nice not only for Soren but for future siblings?” Because we all know that babies are MESSY. It’s almost a right of passage as a parent to constantly feel sticky, slobbered on, and have stains everywhere. And I’m sure we ALL avoid wearing white and purchasing any white furnishing for our homes! I know I do! ;)

So, how can we keep baby gear clean and make it last from one baby to the next? Check out these simple tips on making your gear look like new throughout the years.

1. Use Wipes for Everything

I use baby wipes for EVERYTHING now. Maybe it’s because they are also within arm’s reach? In any case, wipes are incredibly useful and such a multi-purpose product. I recommend keeping an extra bag of wipes sealed in the car, in your kitchen, and with your stroller. If baby makes a mess, use wipes to quickly get it up, so you prevent staining and dirt build up. Wipe down straps, buckles, trays, and fabric to quickly clean up small messes when you’re on the go! You can also purchase saline wipes. These work great too. I also recommend purchasing a few travel wipe dispensers and keeping them handy as suggested above.

2. Remember the Power of a Bib!

Bibs are great for keeping baby’s clothes clean, but they are also great for catching things that could potentially land on baby gear. Whether your little one is snacking on the go or eating a meal in his/her high chair, always make sure to put on a bib. Store bibs on a command hook behind your high chair for quick access, and always keep a few in your diaper bag for on-the-go needs! We especially love these waterproof bibs with the catch-all pockets. They are so easy to clean!

3. Give It a Regular Spring Cleaning

Be sure to set aside time every few weeks/months depending on what is needed to take the padding off your gear and run it through a delicate wash cycle. Let these air dry to prevent any shrinking. Don’t forget to use a high chair/gear cleaner to really wipe up messes and make sure your gear is free of anything icky. Maintaining the cleanliness of your gear day by day in simple ways will make it so much easier to keep up with and clean!

Looking for gear to add to your collection? Check out more Disney Baby gear over here!

Image : Disney Baby

Mom washing baby in specialized crib

How to Bathe Baby After a Blowout (And Other Messy Disasters!)

I love giving my babies baths. It’s a peaceful end to the day, they love splashing around, and there’s nothing like tucking a clean sleepy baby into bed. But sometimes bath time isn’t so much an end-of-day ritual as an emergency situation after a diaper blowout or a self-feeding lesson gone wrong.

In that moment, what you need is a bath that gets them clean (and keeps you from getting soaked!) ASAP.

Here’s how I handle those emergency bath times (and I’ve dealt with several in just the last two weeks):

1. Undress them in the bath tub

Since their clothes are likely really messy, I like to keep everything contained. I lay my baby down in the empty full-size bathtub and undress her there so I’m not getting the mess anywhere else.

2. Grab a towel and baby soap

Before you start the water, grab a towel, some baby soap, and a clean diaper while your hands are free.

3. Use a baby tub to speed things up

When you’re trying to get a big mess cleaned up, you don’t want it spreading all over the adult bath tub or to wait for the whole tub to fill up. I find using a baby tub makes things much faster because I can fill it up in just a minute or two and it’s much easier to clean out afterward than the big bath tub.

4. Throw the baby clothing directly into the wash

Spray some stain remover in with the clothing to keep it from getting ruined and run it as soon as possible to keep the stains from setting.

5. Enjoy the fact that you have a clean baby when you weren’t expecting it!

While a bath may not have been on the agenda, it’s nice to have a super fresh baby to cuddle with after the fact.

And if your baby is a bath-lover like mine, she’ll probably see it as an extra bonus too!

Image : Disney Baby

Parents playing with child playing with finding nemo doll

The Biggest Signs That Your Family is Complete

After welcoming our fourth baby into the world two months ago, my husband and I have had a lot of discussions about whether or not we feel that we are “done” having babies.

It’s such a foreign concept to me, having had a couple of surprise pregnancies that changed my life in completely wonderful ways, that we could plan such an eventful end. Family planning is such an individualized decision and for me, I’m not entirely sure that I could ever close the door on more babies. I love having a big family, and even when the arrival of our babies seemed unexpected, it always seemed like the most perfect gift once I held them in my arms. How could I ever doubt that?

I’m struggling with any decisions of whether or not we would like more children. We are both young parents and have a lot of years ahead of us where we could grow our family if we choose to do so, but it also feels like a road could be open for us to walk down for growing dreams, careers, or new experiences as well.

Not every mother wavers as much as I do. Kristel Acevedo, a fellow Disney Baby blogger, shared with me her and her husband’s recent decision to move into the next stage of their lives as a complete family of four. “Once [our daughter] Isabel was born, I just knew that was it for us,” says Kristel. “My husband and I are in full agreement that two is plenty for us. It feels like that’s the most we can handle – financially, spiritually, emotionally. We love our two blessings so very much and we feel like this is our family.”

I admit that I have somewhat of an obsession with talking to other moms about how they made the decision on how many children to have. It’s such a personal and widely varying decision. Some mothers have strict ideas about planning their families while other take a more laissez-faire approach and sometimes, the decision is simply out of our hands.

But what I’ve noticed in talking with other moms is that the decision on how many children have isn’t based on advice from a parenting book, or what your neighbors think, or how many children your mother had. It comes down to an inner voice, a feeling of what you and your partner feel is best and learning to trust yourself as a mother. As Kristel describes it, when she and her husband made the decision to be a family of four, she felt perfectly content. “We both feel really at peace with this decision,” she says.

As for me, I am still searching for the feeling of peace, and I’m not sure if I will find it until I hold just one more baby in my arms, but I look forward to what the future may hold for me and my family either way.

What about you? How did you make the decision of how many children to have?

Image : Disney Baby

Baby in white standing in crib

The Most Helpful Items for 5 Huge Baby Transitions

I always heard parents say, “Time really flies by,” and didn’t think much of it until I had my own kiddos. Turns out, they are right! I can’t believe I now have a 3-year-old and an 18-month-old. My-oh-my, I feel like I just gave birth to each of them a few weeks ago.

With each phase of their lives comes new beginnings, and it seems that they move on to the next steps of life so quickly. I don’t know how I could have gone through all of those changes in such a short period of time without the help of the things on this list.

Check out my list of “next steps” and what we used to help us transition:

1. Bottles to sippy cups.

Bentley is our first little dude who actually likes milk, and we had quite a trying time getting him to give up the bottle — that is, until we got this Mickey Mouse sippy cup from NUK. It has the feel of a bottle and a similar-shaped lid, but the nipple is what sets it apart the most. It has the texture of a bottle nipple and will even fit your existing NUK bottles, but it comes in the shape of a sippy cup spout. This made the transition easier for Bentley to take a hard-topped sippy cup later on, because his mouth was used to the shape.

The NUK cup also has handles on the side so Bentley could learn to hold it on his own. He loves to drink his milk out of his Mickey Mouse sippy cup, and we love that it helped us transition so smoothly.

2. Pacifiers to NO pacifiers.

This one is a bit tricky, because it isn’t always the easiest task getting your baby to no longer take a paci. Both of our boys used them, and Bentley still takes one when he sleeps. I think NUK pacifiers have the best shape for the orthodontic effect on the teeth. Plus, NUK comes in a ton of different sizes for different age ranges.

Truth be told, we got KJ off of pacifiers when he had a fever blister. He couldn’t use one for a few days, so we just took them and put them in a drawer, and he never saw them again. He only asked for them a couple of times the first two days, and then it seemed like it was “out of sight, out of mind.”

And instead of putting a pacifier in his mouth to get him to fall asleep at night, I instead began scratching his back to soothe him to sleep. Now he asks me to scratch his back each night, and I love getting to spend that extra five minutes of quality time with him, helping him to fall asleep.

Reminding KJ that only babies take pacifiers and being a big boy meant that it was time to say goodbye to his pacifier helped us as well.

3. Crawling to walking.

First bit of advice: don’t be in any hurry to get your child to walk. Pushing them to do something they aren’t ready for will only frustrate them more. You can, however, encourage them vocally and with certain items that will aid in the learning process.

The best way to strengthen their little legs is to get them moving! Getting a bouncing activity center like this Minnie Mouse Premier Bouncer is sure to do just that. It has a bounce pad and a seat that spins for endless fun, plus great interactive toys and even a chewable teething toy.

A few months after they start their bouncer adventures, you can move on to a walker, like this Minnie Mouse Bows and Butterflies walker. This helped KJ and Bentley get used to the motion of their legs and feet pushing them forward and backward. It also helped them to strengthen muscles they weren’t using as much while crawling. Plus, it’s loaded with a toy deck to keep their attention. Did I mention how perfect this is to entertain your little one while you cook dinner? And it even has a removable toy tray which is perfect for tummy time!

4. Crib to the bed.

If you’re thinking ahead for this one, then buying a crib that BECOMES a bed, like this Magical Dreams 4-in-1 Crib from Delta, is the right way to go. Not only is it a gorgeous crib, but it converts into a toddler bed and is just as beautiful in each setup.

Regardless of whether your crib converts, or you purchase a new bed for your little one, I highly recommend making it a BIG deal when you get it all set up with its mattress and new bedding. We told KJ that he was getting a big boy bed, that we were so proud of him for being such a cool kid, and that we couldn’t wait for him to see how awesome his new bed would be. That way he was really excited when we got it all set up.

You could even redecorate the room with a new theme. Anything that makes it seem like a big deal will help with the excitement of the transition. And good news: Now you can snuggle your little one while you read stories to them at bedtime. It’s a win-win for your little one and for you!

5. Diapers to the potty.

Don’t fret, this transition takes a while and has many layers. We started by buying Pull-Ups for KJ so that he could get used to the pulling down and pulling up motion when it was time to use the potty. They also have designs on them that are more similar to the designs on underwear so the appearance of them introduced KJ to what underwear would look like.

Our next step was to purchase a potty just for KJ. We actually have two, one at our house and one at Grandma’s house so that he always has somewhere “special” to use the restroom. I love this Jake and The Never Land Pirates potty because it has a comfy seat, removable potty bowl, and a flushing handle on the side. The handle teaches him to flush and gets him used to hearing a noise after he potties. I was always afraid of the sound of a flushing toilet, and although the potty sings a song, it still reminds him that you need to flush and to expect a noise afterward.

Once we got the special potty for KJ, we also bought a potty seat so that he could safely and comfortably fit on top of regular-sized toilets. If you’ve ever attempted to put a toddler on a normal-sized toilet, then you’ve seen the face they make where they stiffen up and think they are going fall in. This potty seat allows them to use any regular-sized toilet while giving them handles to hold onto and a comfortable, smaller seat to sit on. And don’t forget about the step stool so they can climb up to the potty. It can also be used at the sink when it’s time to wash their hands or brush their teeth.

Then, we bought some potty toppers so that he could have a clean toilet seat to sit on when we are out at a restaurant, at the mall, or even at Disneyland! They easily fit in a diaper bag or purse and ensure that your kiddo will be sitting on a clean potty.

As quickly as time flies by, we have to be ready for each stage with our little ones. I am so glad I thought ahead about some of the stages that were coming so that we were prepared as parents to help our little guys along. And I’m definitely happy that KJ is now 3 years old and potty trained!

Image : Disney Baby


The Power of Hugs

Looking for a reason to give more hugs? We’ve got plenty. Here’s a roundup of recent research on hugs—why they feel so good and why you’ll want to squeeze as many as possible into your busy life as a parent.

Hugs are the ultimate stress reliever.

A simple hug can reap tremendous benefits for both you and your child. In fact, according to Michele Borba, author of UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World, a hug could very well be “the most powerful tool in your parenting toolkit.”

Not only does a hug boost levels of the feel-good hormone oxytocin: it also reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol. The result? A less stressed and more blissed out you.

Needless to say, this can have a far-reaching impact on your parenting abilities—great news, if you happen to be new to this parenting thing. Because you’ll be calmer and more relaxed, you’ll find it easier to tune into and meet your baby’s needs. And that, in turn, will result in a calmer and more relaxed baby. It’s the ultimate parenting win-win!

Hugs are good for kids’ brains.

Hugs boost feelings of connectedness and security, something that delivers a powerful developmental boost. After all, when a young child feels safe and secure, he’s more willing to take the kind of risks that lead to learning—like beginning to explore the exciting world beyond your lap. As Borba notes, “The more secure your child is, the more open he’ll be to new experiences.” And the more opportunities he’ll have to develop his amazing brain.

Hugs deliver important health benefits.

Looking for a powerful mood-booster that delivers a smorgasbord of other health benefits, too? Look no further than the closest hug. Hugs can help to lower your blood pressure and reduce your heart rate. They can even give your immune system a boost, helping you to ward off the common cold. And it’s all thanks to the stress-reducing powers of oxytocin.

It’s no wonder hugs feel so good. They’re incredibly good for us. It is any wonder we keep coming back for more?

Hugs function as powerful relationship glue.

Hugs help to forge a powerful bond between you and your child. Some people refer to it as an elevating glow because it lifts your emotions. Others think of it as a warm glow because it leaves you feeling warm inside. That’s the hormone of love and connection working its magic, according to Borba. And the truly magical thing about this connection is the fact that hugs offer as much benefit to the giver as they do to the receiver: “It’s not just a one-way street.”

Here’s some final evidence about the far-reaching impact of hugs. The hugs you give your child today are an investment in his long-term emotional health, influencing his ability to give and receive love for many years to come: “What we really want is for our children to become that emotionally healthy, empathic person who can make a difference in the world,” says Borba. “And it all starts with that one-on-one connection—with the power of that hug.”

Image: Getty


How to Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back

Your body went through numerous changes over the course of your pregnancy, and you had nine months to adjust to your changing body that was growing and nurturing the baby inside.  After nine months of change you can’t expect your body to just bounce right back to its pre-pregnancy state.  But, if your doctor gives you the go-ahead at your six-week postpartum check-up you can start to get back on the path to your pre-baby self by trying some of these suggestions.

Get outside with your baby

If you are a runner or jogger, then invest in a good jogging stroller and take your baby with you on regular runs or walks. In addition to the exercise, you will also benefit from being outside in the fresh air and sunshine, and so will your baby!

Find a mommy and baby exercise class 

Check your local list serves, gyms and even ask your pediatrician about nearby yoga or fitness classes specifically for new moms. The classes will be tailored to your post-baby body, and you will meet other new moms with babies the same age – a win-win all around.

Eat healthy whole foods

If you are breastfeeding, your baby will be eating the same as you. So think lots of vegetables, fruits and healthy whole grains, which will provide you and your baby with necessary nutrients and vitamins.  Don’t think about dieting at this time, and always consult you doctor about how many calories you need during breastfeeding.  If you’re not breastfeeding you won’t need as many calories, but you should still prioritize unprocessed and healthy foods so that you will give your body everything it needs.

Drink lots of water

Staying hydrated, especially as you start to increase your physical activity is essential and is especially important if you’re breastfeeding.  Flavor water with fresh lemon, lime or oranges, or mix with a little juice if you don’t like plain water.

Check out online and DVD exercise videos made specifically for postpartum moms

A quick online search will pull up many highly rated and well-reviewed videos by fitness experts that are created with new moms in mind. Always check with your doctor before starting an exercise program, but if you have the go ahead, these are a great and inexpensive option that you can do right at home when baby is napping.

Get your sleep when you can

Speaking of napping, since your sleep will be erratic those first few months until your baby sleeps through the night, you should try and nap at least once when your baby naps. Getting enough sleep is key to your body fully recovering. And you'll have the energy to exercise and enjoy your baby, too!

No matter how you choose to get back to your pre-baby body keep in mind that it took nine months to put the weight on and could take at least that long to take it off. Be gentle with yourself and know that fitting into your old skinny jeans is less important than feeling like a strong, confident new mom!

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Mom performing yoga with baby in her lap

Exercise with Baby

Beginning a doctor-approved postpartum fitness routine (as early as six weeks post-childbirth) may feel daunting, but research suggests that the numerous benefits of regular exercise—weight loss, increased energy, and reduction in the risk of developing postpartum depression—outweigh any initial discomfort or fear associated with getting back in the proverbial saddle. Make fitness a priority while spending quality time with your little one by engaging in these four effective workouts:


Your health care provider may advise you against jumping right into a high intensity fitness routine, but don’t let that stop you from moving. Lace up your sneakers, secure baby safely in the stroller, and hit the pavement for a 30-minute daily walk at a moderate pace. Not only will you improve your cardiovascular health by strolling, but you may also relieve stress and encourage more restful sleep. As you build up your endurance, add in a series of walking lunges and side kicks to tone your legs, using the stroller handles for stability.


Fitness should be fun, so grab your pint-size dancing partner—properly fitted with a Huggies® Little Snugglers Diaper that will help keep your newborn’s perfect skin clean and healthy—and pump up the music. Dancing is an ideal light cardiovascular exercise for new moms, as it targets all of the body’s major muscle groups, improves balance, and elevates your mood. At first, place baby in a front carrier to support his or her body, but as your coordination improves freestyle with baby in your arms.

Strength Training

Activate your muscles by performing a modified weight-training routine—the repetitions and number of sets may vary by person—using your baby as resistance. To ensure baby’s safety and comfort, wear proper footwear, take extra care while slowly performing each move, and change his or her Huggies® Little Snugglers Diaper before you begin to provide a cushiony layer of protection between your baby’s skin and any future mess. Lovingly hug your little one as you squat and return to a standing position. Sit in a supportive chair, hold baby underneath his or her armpits, and press your arms above your head before returning him or her to your lap. Lay on your back, sit baby on your abdomen and grab both of his or her hands before performing a set of hip thrusts. Alternate the strength training exercises as your fitness improves and baby grows.

Practicing Yoga

Incorporating the ancient physical, mental, and spiritual practice of yoga into your daily routine will help to strengthen your body, burn calories, and center your breathing. Layout a yoga mat onto your living room floor, place your baby on his or her back, andbegin a yoga sequence that will allow you to slowly transition from one pose to the next. For guidance onhowto include your little one,popin a mommy andme yoga DVD orlook for a local class that specializes in the total mind-body workout.

Use these exercise ideas to help you get motivated to move with your little one, but remember to always consult with your health care provider before starting this, or any, postpartum fitness program.

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