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Finding Balance

Becoming a mom is a wonderful experience (of course!), but between working, cleaning, and caring for your baby, it can also be time-consuming. Huggies has some quick, easy ways to help give you a break.


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Countdown to Baby Nest!


10 Secrets to Getting Things Done as a Work-at-Home Mom

Being a full-time mommy and working from home is like juggling two full-time jobs at once. Remember the days when everything on your “to-do” list was checked off and there was nothing left for you to do? Remember when we were kids and used to get “bored”….those days are no more! ;) I’ve found that there is ALWAYS things to be done. When my husband asks, “Are you done with work for the day?” or “How much left do you have to do?” my answer is usually, “I’m never done, but I’ll stop if needed!”

It seriously is such a huge joy and blessing to have the ability to stay at home with my son, run my own business, and create my own hours. I couldn’t be more thankful. I’m exactly where I want to be. However, that certainly doesn’t make each day easy or my task list finish itself magically…no fairy godmother here. ;)

I have a lot of roles in my life. On top of having the honor of being Soren’s mommy, I also blog full-time for my business, run a graphic design company with my business partner, plan annual events, travel, speak, write for various blogs, run a YouTube channel and do my very best to keep up with our home, OH! and spend time with family, friends, and my sweet husband. Whew! I get asked the question a lot: “How do you do it all?” Well get ready, because I’m about to reveal all the secrets for getting things done…;)

  1. You Can’t – You thought I might have stumbled upon a secret formula or machine that makes time stand still? So sorry, I haven’t found one yet…but let me know if you do! The biggest secret to having a busy life and “getting things done” is realizing you CAN’T get everything done and you shouldn’t put that expectation on yourself OR let others put that expectation on you. Do what you can, when you can. Be adaptable.

  2. Sacrifice – While I wear a lot of hats, more often then not I’m wearing 3-4 REALLY WELL and letting the others get dusty. This analogy simply means that on a weekly basis certain roles are sacrificed and aren’t completed to the best of my ability. For example, I might be winning at getting house chores done for the week but let my inbox get filled to the brim. Or maybe I’m on top of my email game but I haven’t showered. all. week. You can’t do it all, so it’s important to be okay with that and realize some things might be sacrificed here and there.

  3. Set Priorities – Since we know things will be sacrificed it’s important to prioritize your roles and tasks. What are the most important things to you? For me it’s being a mom and spending time with Jon especially. This means that I do my very best not to sacrifice these roles in my life and allow other things to “get dusty” if needed before I would let those things “get dusty” in my life. This makes putting things off until another day a little easier when you know what you want to say “no” to and “yes” to.

  4. Be Intentional – When little ones go down for a nap, this is typically the best time to get things done. Be intentional with this time! Use a prioritized task list and work through it one at a time. Try to keep yourself from filling your time with un-important tasks like browsing the internet or binge-watching your favorite show. If you only have 2-3 hours stay focused. :)

  5. Plan Your Week – I like to start off each week sitting down and planning everything out. Where do I need to go? Errands? Big to-do’s? Events? Wish-list items? Scheduling appointments and outings in your calendar and put together your task list for the week. Have a task list of things that MUST get done and another for things you’d like to get done, bonus tasks if you will. :) This will make it easier for your brain not to panic when you see so many un-checked boxes because you know you are focusing on the priorities and letting yourself be okay with only accomplishing a few (or many none) of the wish-list tasks.

  6. Accept Help – If you are fortunate enough to live close to friends, in-laws or parents that are willing to lend a consistent hand, be sure to take them up on the offer! You could also consider hiring a nanny for one day or a few hours each week. My mom comes over and watches Soren for me on Thursdays, and this allows me to plan to make a good dent in my task list. I usually stay at home so I can continue to nurse Soren if needed, but sometimes I will head out to a coffee shop to really focus if I’m working on a large project.

  7. Work at Night – Sometimes, but not every night, I dedicate the evening to work. I don’t want to do this every night, because I still want to make time to spend with Jon and have “me” time or meet up with a friend for a late night latte. But about 1-2 times each week I work a lot in the evening. After Soren goes to bed at 7 p.m., I usually have about 4 hours of good uninterrupted time to focus and get things done. If you are not a night person, then I might suggest working in the early, early morning before your little one gets up for the day.

  8. Stay Organized – It can save you so much time and effort if you stay as organized as possible in your work life. If you have a desk at home, make sure there is a place for everything so things are easy to find. Also, make sure your computer is organized! If this gets away from you and you can’t remember where you put an important email or if you wrote down the time of an important event it will cause you a lot of un-needed stress. Create folders in your inbox, on your desktop and in your office to store things to you need. Use organizational apps like task lists and calendars that sync to all of your devices for easy access. Who needs to be wasting 30 minutes tracking down information when you’ve got other work to do?! :)

  9. Stop – The last thing I want to be is a “workaholic” I never want to sacrifice my well being or the well being of my family for work. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE what I do but it will never be more important than my family. If I ever get to a point where I feel completely overwhelmed, stressed and out of sorts I like to take a step back immediately. Sometimes this means un-plugging for a week, sometimes it means taking the day off and not worrying about work, and other times it means not working that night and just soaking in the tub with a cup of hot cocoa. Be okay with taking a break. You want to feel re-charged and energized to get things done and sometimes stopping it just what you need to accomplish that.

  10. Experiment – And finally, know that what works for one person might not work for everyone and what works today might not work in three months. Be willing to adjust and adapt your schedule as needed to fit the needs of you and your family. Experiment with different schedule changes, seek advice, and check up on yourself often.
  11. You can do this mama!! xox

    Image : Disney Baby


5 Things I Do Throughout the Day to Make Parenting Easier

With two little ones in school, Macks at home with me all day, and trying to manage a full-time job from home, I am always looking for ways that I can make things easier on me throughout the day. Our schedule is pretty concrete, so I try to stick to that to make our day go more smooth, but there are also more things that I do to make my life as a mom easier.

1. Keep a changing station in the room you spend the most time in.

We spend most of our time in the living room downstairs. After a couple of days in our new house I was so tired of going up and down the stairs to change Macks’ diapers, so I set up a cabinet in the living room that has diapers, wipes, and a portable changing pad for easy access when he needs a diaper change downstairs.

2. Keep snacks handy at all times using reusable bags.

I love these reusable bags from Bumkins. They come in a variety of sizes so that I can fill them with different snacks for all of my kids. I’ll fill up a couple at the beginning of the day and keep them in my purse so that whenever one of my girls tells me they are hungry, I don’t have to stop and get them something. I just pull out the bag and hand it over.

3. Have toys in a place that they frequent often.

Macks loves to open up cabinets and drawers in the kitchen. I’ve childproofed everything but one cabinet and drawer and I’ve filled those with containers and toys that he can play with while I am in the kitchen. He feels accomplished because he’s opening and closing things and pulling them out and I am able to get things done because he is occupied.

4. Have a bag of necessities that stays in the car.

We’ve only owned a car for about six months since moving from the city and it didn’t take me long to learn that I needed to have a bag in the car that just stayed in there. It’s full of all of my necessities while we are out and about. I have a soft and warm blanket, like this Winnie the Pooh fleece blanket. It’s filled with diapers and wipes, his favorite Mickey Mouse toy to keep Macks entertained, and baby food pouches in case he gets hungry.

5. Write it down.

Because I have so much going on all of the time, I keep a pen and paper nearby or in my purse at all times so that when I think of something that I need to do or something that worked throughout the day, I write it down. I go back to that list each night and catch up and check things off of that list.

What do you do to make parenting easier?

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Dad and son hugging

The Most Precious Hug I’ve Ever Witnessed

I’ve never been a hugger. I’m not really sure why, but I’ve just never really loved hugs. I feel loved more through quality time, a well-timed compliment, or a thoughtful gesture. My husband, on the other hand, loves a good hug. My mother-in-law once told me that even as a little boy, he had absolutely no space bubble. He loved nothing more than to cuddle up on her lap, reading books all the live long day.

As you can imagine, my non-hugging ways and his hugging ones are sometimes at odds. Over the years we’ve been married, I’ve become more of a hugger, but even before having kids, he would mention how excited he was to have kids, because maybe — just maybe — one of them would end up being a snuggly, hug-lover too.

About four years into our marriage, our oldest daughter arrived and we became parents for the first time. We were over the moon and completely smitten with her. My husband was elated to be a father and was so sweet and attentive to her every need. As she grew though, as much as she did love her Daddy, she proved that she had taken after her mama in the snuggling department. Much to my husband’s disappointment, she wasn’t exactly the hugger he had been hoping for — though she did have plenty of other redeeming qualities.

I felt a little bit sad that fate had dealt him a raw deal with two loves in his life who did not share his affinity for cuddling, but he held out hope that perhaps one of our other future offspring might fill the void one day. Then, when our daughter was two-and-a-half, we welcomed Baby #2 into the world: our sweet, little Clive.

Clive could not have been more different from his big sister. Where she was often stoic and not easily impressed, he was gregarious and loved being engaged. She didn’t laugh for the first time until she was nearly 6 months old, but he laughed easily and often starting early, before 3 months. She was a curly-haired brunette and he had the lightest blonde, stick straight hair. She was dainty and delicate and more cautious; he was a bit like a bull in a china shop — bulldozing through his days with gusto. The most notable difference though, was that this kid LOVED to cuddle. If he could’ve been snuggled all day long, he would’ve been perfectly happy. He loved to be held and snuggled and would happily sit in our laps for as long as we would engage him. He adored (and still does adore) any and all human contact.

As you can imagine, this development thrilled my husband’s heart. He had finally gotten his snuggly baby, and I will never forget the first time Clive went up and hugged him completely out of the blue and of his own volition.

My husband was making our daily espresso at his coffee bar as we rushed to get ready for church one Sunday morning. As he was distractedly pulling shots and pouring them into cups, he noticed a tugging on his leg. He looked down to see Clive there, putting his arms up saying, “Hug you Dada.” It was such a sweet thing to see, as my husband abandoned his coffee pot and crouched down to our son’s level for the most precious hug I’ve ever witnessed. The pure joy that washed over my husband’s face and the look of complete peace on my son’s face as they shared this hug will forever be stored away in my mama-memory-bank. They hugged for a good 20-30 seconds, and I was able to pull my phone out of my pocket and quickly capture the moment in a photo. I’m so glad I did, because it is one that I look back at often, telling my husband, “Awww! Remember that?”

My husband is so thankful he finally got his “hugger,” and truth be told, our boy’s penchant for nonstop human touch has brought his sister and I around too. Maybe we are huggers now after all.

Image : Disney Baby

Song and dad playing outside together

15 Simple Ways to Show Your Child Love

I love my daughter to the moon and back, but sometimes I wonder if she knows it. Even though she can’t tell me that she understands my love for her yet, there are many little ways that I’ve found to show her my love, and over time I’ve seen in her responses that it’s pretty clear that she knows she is loved.

Here are 15 simple things you can do with your child or grandchild to show them love.

1. Snuggle.

Nothing says “I love you” like a good snuggle session – even the tiniest babies can understand the love behind this. Hugs and squeezes, cuddling in bed in the morning — all of these things are an important part of building a strong bond between you and your child.

2. Drop everything.

We live in a world that is “go, go, go” and I will be the first to admit that I often find myself more attached to my phone, computer, and daily schedule than I should. I realize that work needs to get done, but make sure that sometimes you just drop what you’re doing, put away your phone and computer, and just take time to focus on your child. You don’t have to do anything exciting. Just being there and being present will demonstrate love.

3. Talk.

Just because they might not be able to talk back yet, doesn’t mean you can’t still talk to them. Tell your little one stories of your childhood, tell them about your favorite things – just talking to them is a way to show love.

4. Listen.

This is something I’m working on. I’m pretty good at talking to my daughter, but I don’t always think to stop and listen, since she’s not really speaking many coherent words yet. But, recently, I just stopped to listen, showing her non-verbal signs of active listening and she babbled on and on for about five minutes straight! Give your baby a listen – you’ll both be able to appreciate it.

5. Sing!

Hearing the sweet (at least to their baby ears) sound of your voice is a special and intimate way to show your child your affection. Sing some of your favorites – they’ll stick with your child as they get older. Or, even if you’re not much of a singer, make up a special song for your little one that is “their song” and sing it to them often.

6. Smile.

The simple act of smiling with and at your baby will provide them with non-verbal cues from you that they are loved.

7. Say “I love you.”

There is no such thing as telling your baby that you love them too often. I’m pretty sure I tell my daughter I love her at least 18,000 times a day, but at least she’ll never have any doubts.

8. Have a dance party.

Turn on some fun tunes and dance around with your baby – nothing says I love you like having fun together!

9. Give butterfly kisses.

I forgot all about butterfly kisses, but they are a sweet way to share your affections with your little.

10. Get down on their level.

Compared to our babies we are giants lumbering above them, so take the time to show you care by getting down on their level. Lay down on your belly next to them while they’re having tummy time or sit criss-cross-applesauce on the rug with them while they’re stacking blocks. This will most definitely make your little one feel important and cherished.

11. Go on an outing.

An outing doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy, but take a walk around the neighborhood, go visit the neighbor’s chickens, just do something fun and novel together. Getting out and doing activities together is a part of bonding for the both of you.

12. Build a fort.

Even teeny tiny babies enjoy the changes between dark and light, and building a simple blanket fort (even just throwing a blanket over the dining room table!) can be a bit of fun and show love.

13. Explore together.

Walk around your house or neighborhood and check out all the things there are to see. Tell your little one about the photos hanging on the wall or what some of the kitchen utensils in your drawers are used for. This is a fun activity that will also help your little one learn about the world.

14. Be silly.

Have fun together – don’t take yourself too seriously. Be silly with your baby. Make funny faces and do funny voices when you read them stories. Your baby will love it.

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Screenshot of Smartphone apps page

10 Must-Have Apps for New Moms and Dads

Even before Judah arrived, I always knew I would be the kind of mom who is on the go and plugged in, because I’m simply the kind of woman who’s already on the go and plugged in! In those very early days as a bleary-eyed new parent, when Judah was still just a tiny newborn, my smartphone was a lifesaver.

From my experience, as a total geek mom who loves her gadgets and tech, there are so many apps out there for new moms and dads – and it can feel overwhelming about which app does what, and if you’ll really even need it. After lots of app downloads since Judah’s been born, here are my 10 favorite tried-and-true must-have apps for every new parent: from logging diapers to meals, ordering baby essentials, and even just capturing those one of kind moments to share with family and friends – these apps have it all!

Apps to Keep Tabs on Baby’s Day

Baby Nursing/Breastfeeding

This was, hands down, my favorite, most-used app when Judah was first born. For nursing moms, this free app (with In App Purchases) is an absolute essential. You can comprehensively track your nursing and breastfeeding data, from timed nursing (including from which side) all with just a simple tap on your screen. You can also record your baby’s growth data and store videos, pictures, and sound. The Premium version ($3.99) includes tracking support for Bottles, Diapers, Pumping, Sleeping, Solids, Bath Time, Doctor’s Visits, Medication, and Vaccinations. Available in the App Store and Google Play.

Eat Sleep: Simple Baby Tracking

This free app does exactly what it says: it allows you to track your baby’s diapers, what and when they’ve eaten, and their sleep habits. You can even look at baby’s data over time, from daily, weekly, and monthly views, too. When you’re feeling like a “mombie” with your newborn, a baby tracking app like this is just the thing for sleep-deprived parents! Available in the App Store.

Apps to Help Keep Baby’s Essentials at Hand

This free app from is perfect for new moms and dads who can barely find time to get out of the house and to the store. You can make sure you’ll always be stocked with diapers for your newborn with this app on your phone, because it makes ordering diapers as simple as just a few clicks! You also get free shipping on all orders over $49 and shipping only takes 1-2 days. And you can get more than just diapers with this app, so it’s perfect for staying stocked up on baby essentials whenever you need them. Available in the App Store.

Babies “R” Us Mobile Shopping App

This free app came in handy even before Judah was born: we could update our registry right from our phones! Once Judah arrived a few weeks earlier than expected, we were able to make updates to our registry as friends and family wanted to send us any essentials we needed for our preemie. In addition to updating your registry, you can find items available for in-store pickup and even order them right from your phone. A handy app to have as you pin down necessities for baby, both big and small. Available in the App Store and Google Play.

Apps to Help Baby Get to Sleep

Sleepy Sounds

This free app was definitely an essential when Judah developed colic, and we had to break out an entire arsenal of new techniques to help him get to sleep. Sleepy Sounds features lullabies, white noise, and nature sounds to help baby get to sleep. You can set a timer for each sound, too. Available in the App Store and Google Play.

La Luna: The Story Project

The one iPad app ($1.99) I have to recommend is perhaps one of the most beautiful on this list. Featuring Pixar’s award-winning animated short, La Luna, the iPad app transforms the cartoon into an amazing interactive storybook where you can watch the film or read a storybook version of it, as well as watch behind-the-scenes footage. With its gorgeous imagery and soothing soundtrack, this app is perfect for bedtime. (Judah loves this app.) Available in the App Store.

Apps to Capture Magical Moments With Baby


This free app is perfect for capturing all your magical, precious moments with baby – and add cool filters to them, too! I am a big fan of Instagram, especially as a way of capturing those moments. It can also record up to 15 seconds of video, so Instagram is a great way of creating baby videos that get right to the adorableness without any filler. Available in the App Store and Google Play.


As much as I love free apps, sometimes it’s totally worth it to pay for apps that do something truly unique – like watch your baby grow every single day with this amazing photo journal app! You can take a photo of baby’s face every day (or any interval you choose) and Dayli compiles a time-lapse video of all the photos. It even includes guides to line up faces perfectly each time. Available for $2.99 in the App Store.

Apps to Share Your Family Fun


With family and friends all over the globe, Skype has been the perfect way for Judah to keep in touch with all of the people who love him. Not only does he get to talk with them, he gets to see them too, with Skype’s free video call service. So long as who we’re calling has a webcam or even a smartphone camera, we can have video chat moments together as extended family whenever we want! Available in the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore.


This free app is a mobile extension of the popular digital personalized photo products and service website. With it, you can easily create personalized photo books and other gifts right from your phone’s camera roll. Trust me, you’ll be taking millions of pictures of your baby, so this is a convenient way to bundle your memories of baby each year – and a super easy way to send out sweet grandparent gifts during the holidays! Available in the App Store and Google Play.

Image : Disney Baby


Even Ballerinas Need a Hug

The day my three-year-old daughter was asked to leave ballet class I thought I would die of embarrassment. Sure, she and her twin sister had stirred up some trouble in toddler soccer class. It seemed the "coach" didn't appreciate them turning the goal net into a spaceship, much to the delight of the other kids, but not to the other parents. However, ballet was supposed to be the thing my daughters would naturally gravitate towards. Not because they were innately graceful - they weren't - or in love with tutus and princesses - they didn't care - but because I had spent the vast majority of my childhood as a dancer.

The first time Ms. Audrey, the ballet teacher, brought my daughter into the waiting area, she very nicely explained that my daughter told her she didn’t really feel like participating. So the two of us just sat outside the class until she got bored enough to go back in. 

A week later at the second lesson, my daughter spent most of the class underneath the piano, feeling the vibrations that the strings were making, and told the teacher she wanted to figure out how the sound came out.  Needless to say, there wasn’t much dancing to be done that day.

The third class was an all out rebellion.  According to Ms. Audrey, my daughter danced when she felt like it, questioned the teacher’s choice in music, and created a veritable conga line at one point, upending the entire plan for the class. Hence the request to remove my daughter from ballet class altogether. 

All of the other little girls followed the teacher without hesitation – or at least they tried. They pointed and flexed their feet, made giant suns with their arms stretched overhead, and waited their turn to leap across the floor.  Was I proud of my daughter that she was such a non-conformist, literally marching to the beat of her own drum? I am ashamed to admit, I was not.

In that moment when the teacher brought my sullen daughter into the waiting area filled with the other moms and babysitters – all of whom had witnessed my daughters’ previous exiles  I was disappointed. I couldn’t wrap my head around why my daughter just wouldn’t do what was expected, just be like the other 3-year old little ballerinas, yet again. And, of course, I wondered where I had gone wrong.

My daughter climbed into my lap clad in her pastel pink leotard and tights with a giant pink tutu splayed out around her, and snuggled in deep as I wrapped my arms around her in a tulle-filled hug.

“Is there a reason you won’t listen to Ms. Audrey?” I asked her.

“That’s not how I like to dance,” she said.

“OK,” I responded, “but that’s what ballet is. You have to learn the real steps so you can put them together to make one long beautiful ballet.”

I could see her process this idea in her mind. 

She squeezed me tighter.

“I’d rather be out here with you,” she said. Then she looked up at me thoughtfully, “Maybe when I’m six I’ll try again.”

“Sounds like a plan.” I agreed.

Though secretly I hoped that no matter how old she got, she would keep dancing in her own unique way – and coming back to me for a reassuring hug.

Image : Getty

Dad and baby in stroller on the sidewalk

3 Simple Tips for Making Your Baby Gear Last

Having a great car seat, stroller, high chair and play yard is essential to a baby registry list. Sometimes, purchasing these pieces for your little ones can seem like an investment. I know whenever we’ve bought essential pieces for Soren, my first thought was, “How can I make this last and stay nice not only for Soren but for future siblings?” Because we all know that babies are MESSY. It’s almost a right of passage as a parent to constantly feel sticky, slobbered on, and have stains everywhere. And I’m sure we ALL avoid wearing white and purchasing any white furnishing for our homes! I know I do! ;)

So, how can we keep baby gear clean and make it last from one baby to the next? Check out these simple tips on making your gear look like new throughout the years.

1. Use Wipes for Everything

I use baby wipes for EVERYTHING now. Maybe it’s because they are also within arm’s reach? In any case, wipes are incredibly useful and such a multi-purpose product. I recommend keeping an extra bag of wipes sealed in the car, in your kitchen, and with your stroller. If baby makes a mess, use wipes to quickly get it up, so you prevent staining and dirt build up. Wipe down straps, buckles, trays, and fabric to quickly clean up small messes when you’re on the go! You can also purchase saline wipes. These work great too. I also recommend purchasing a few travel wipe dispensers and keeping them handy as suggested above.

2. Remember the Power of a Bib!

Bibs are great for keeping baby’s clothes clean, but they are also great for catching things that could potentially land on baby gear. Whether your little one is snacking on the go or eating a meal in his/her high chair, always make sure to put on a bib. Store bibs on a command hook behind your high chair for quick access, and always keep a few in your diaper bag for on-the-go needs! We especially love these waterproof bibs with the catch-all pockets. They are so easy to clean!

3. Give It a Regular Spring Cleaning

Be sure to set aside time every few weeks/months depending on what is needed to take the padding off your gear and run it through a delicate wash cycle. Let these air dry to prevent any shrinking. Don’t forget to use a high chair/gear cleaner to really wipe up messes and make sure your gear is free of anything icky. Maintaining the cleanliness of your gear day by day in simple ways will make it so much easier to keep up with and clean!

Looking for gear to add to your collection? Check out more Disney Baby gear over here!

Image : Disney Baby

Mom washing baby in specialized crib

How to Bathe Baby After a Blowout (And Other Messy Disasters!)

I love giving my babies baths. It’s a peaceful end to the day, they love splashing around, and there’s nothing like tucking a clean sleepy baby into bed. But sometimes bath time isn’t so much an end-of-day ritual as an emergency situation after a diaper blowout or a self-feeding lesson gone wrong.

In that moment, what you need is a bath that gets them clean (and keeps you from getting soaked!) ASAP.

Here’s how I handle those emergency bath times (and I’ve dealt with several in just the last two weeks):

1. Undress them in the bath tub

Since their clothes are likely really messy, I like to keep everything contained. I lay my baby down in the empty full-size bathtub and undress her there so I’m not getting the mess anywhere else.

2. Grab a towel and baby soap

Before you start the water, grab a towel, some baby soap, and a clean diaper while your hands are free.

3. Use a baby tub to speed things up

When you’re trying to get a big mess cleaned up, you don’t want it spreading all over the adult bath tub or to wait for the whole tub to fill up. I find using a baby tub makes things much faster because I can fill it up in just a minute or two and it’s much easier to clean out afterward than the big bath tub.

4. Throw the baby clothing directly into the wash

Spray some stain remover in with the clothing to keep it from getting ruined and run it as soon as possible to keep the stains from setting.

5. Enjoy the fact that you have a clean baby when you weren’t expecting it!

While a bath may not have been on the agenda, it’s nice to have a super fresh baby to cuddle with after the fact.

And if your baby is a bath-lover like mine, she’ll probably see it as an extra bonus too!

Image : Disney Baby

Parents playing with child playing with finding nemo doll

The Biggest Signs That Your Family is Complete

After welcoming our fourth baby into the world two months ago, my husband and I have had a lot of discussions about whether or not we feel that we are “done” having babies.

It’s such a foreign concept to me, having had a couple of surprise pregnancies that changed my life in completely wonderful ways, that we could plan such an eventful end. Family planning is such an individualized decision and for me, I’m not entirely sure that I could ever close the door on more babies. I love having a big family, and even when the arrival of our babies seemed unexpected, it always seemed like the most perfect gift once I held them in my arms. How could I ever doubt that?

I’m struggling with any decisions of whether or not we would like more children. We are both young parents and have a lot of years ahead of us where we could grow our family if we choose to do so, but it also feels like a road could be open for us to walk down for growing dreams, careers, or new experiences as well.

Not every mother wavers as much as I do. Kristel Acevedo, a fellow Disney Baby blogger, shared with me her and her husband’s recent decision to move into the next stage of their lives as a complete family of four. “Once [our daughter] Isabel was born, I just knew that was it for us,” says Kristel. “My husband and I are in full agreement that two is plenty for us. It feels like that’s the most we can handle – financially, spiritually, emotionally. We love our two blessings so very much and we feel like this is our family.”

I admit that I have somewhat of an obsession with talking to other moms about how they made the decision on how many children to have. It’s such a personal and widely varying decision. Some mothers have strict ideas about planning their families while other take a more laissez-faire approach and sometimes, the decision is simply out of our hands.

But what I’ve noticed in talking with other moms is that the decision on how many children have isn’t based on advice from a parenting book, or what your neighbors think, or how many children your mother had. It comes down to an inner voice, a feeling of what you and your partner feel is best and learning to trust yourself as a mother. As Kristel describes it, when she and her husband made the decision to be a family of four, she felt perfectly content. “We both feel really at peace with this decision,” she says.

As for me, I am still searching for the feeling of peace, and I’m not sure if I will find it until I hold just one more baby in my arms, but I look forward to what the future may hold for me and my family either way.

What about you? How did you make the decision of how many children to have?

Image : Disney Baby

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