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Congratulations! You have a little one on the way. Huggies wants to help you in a big way. We have lots of articles and videos on everything from baby names to shower planning and more, so you can celebrate every moment of this major milestone.


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Traditional Birth Announcement Options

Whether baby is about to arrive—or she’s already here—you’re definitely going to want to share the details of her official debut with family, friends and co-workers.

One of the best ways to make sure that everyone’s in the know is with a traditional birth announcement. They help you express your joy and also inform your tribe that the long-awaited little one has finally made her grand entrance. Traditional birth announcements usually include your baby’s full name, date of birth, time of birth, weight, and, of course, the names of the proud parents.

You can never select your birth announcement too early, so try to make your final decision before the delivery date if you can. This will make it much easier for you to send out the announcement sooner, rather than sometime after baby’s first birthday (it happens). Here are some options to consider when choosing a traditional birth announcement.

A No-Pic Approach

Yes, you can send a birth announcement without including a picture of baby. And no, you wouldn’t be the first to consider this option. You’ll find plenty of no-photo birth announcement choices online. There are classic, engraved notecards on thick cardstock (think royal proclamation); fun die-cut designs; and whimsical cards with cute and modern illustrations. If you’re feeling super creative you can even design your own.

An Eco-Friendly Announcement

This is a great way to make a statement about your family’s commitment to helping the environment and protecting the planet for future generations. There are online shops that offer announcement cards printed on 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper, so that means zero trees are cut down to create your card. If you’re placing an order locally, just ask. Printing on recycled paper may be available even if it’s not advertised.

The Photo Op

If you snapped a super-cute pic of baby at the hospital, or captured your little cutie in a candid moment at home, then this is the option for you. A photo birth announcement makes a great keepsake for family and friends, especially when you take advantage of the many ways there are to customize them. You can reflect who you are as a family by selecting from a wide variety of themes including comic books, embroidery, sports and more. Even your choice of design can communicate whether your clan is modern, contemporary, classic or traditional.

Totally Paperless

Of course, you can always go digital. There are all kinds of sites offering announcements in the same high-quality designs that are featured on paper birth announcements. Both photo and non-photo options are easy to find. If you want to give a nod to traditional snail mail, skip the social media posts and send your official announcement exclusively through email and only to the inboxes of close family, friends and co-workers.

Image Source: Getty

Baby and mom playing with teddy bear

20 Baby Names That Sound Lovely in English or Spanish

When I was single, I started making a list of names I liked. They were usually names I heard in a movie, or through a book I was reading. Other times, they were just names inspired from my family background. Growing up, it was important to know the meaning of names in addition to liking the name. It was a sign of how the baby’s personality might be or even would encompass their lives.

Of course, when I started having my daughters, my name list changed, and my husband also had an idea of names he liked for his girls. Naming your kids is not (and should not) be an easy task, but it should be fun. Perhaps it will not be as hardcore as it was for us, because as musicians, we made sure the girls’ full names had a great rhythm with the perfect amount of syllables.

Yes, I am not kidding. Our girls have no idea the time it took to name them, but we are happy! I am a blend of two cultures, so having names that are unique with a great meaning is huge for me.

If you ever have trouble coming up with names, rest assured, I can help you find some great baby names — especially Hispanic baby names.


Juliana – I have a great-aunt in Mexico whose name was Juliana, but I was not so sure of the name until I saw the spelling and also found out that a Queen of the Netherlands had the same name, which means “youthful.”

Sofia – Long before the Disney cartoon, I very much loved the name because it sounded dainty and sophisticated. The meaning of the name means “wisdom” or to be wise.

Amelia – After watching the French film Amélie, I knew I wanted a similar name that was not exactly Emily, but a derivative, which means “industrious.”

Isabel – In other countries, the other form of the name is Elizabeth. I knew that it was a name given to royalty. In Hebrew, it means someone who is devoted to God.

Alejandra – This name means “great conqueror” and is a beautiful Spanish name for those looking for a feminine version of Alexander.

Natalia – When I watched Natalie Wood in West Side Story, I kept her name in my journal. The Spanish version is even prettier and means “natal day,” or Christmas.

Adriana – I am very familiar with this name, since I have an aunt in Mexico who is almost my age with three boys. The name emits a strong character but it means “one that comes from the sea.”

Eliana – My Chilean grandmother’s name was Eliana. Since she dies more than 15 years ago, I thought it would be great to name one of daughter’s after her. The name means “God has answered.”

Carolina – The name has such a stylish ring to it. No wonder if fits Carolina Herrera well. It means “strong.”

Lucia – There is an amazing character in an opera called Lucia, but while C sound in Italian is “ch,” I knew that in Spanish it would be easier to pronounce. It means “graceful light.”


Lucas (or Luca) – This name has always been high on my list. I’ve heard it Italian films but it is also popular within the Hispanic community. It means “bright” or “shining.”

Marcelo – My father’s brother is Marcelo, which is a derivative of Marcus that is not as popular. I think it should be a name that is used more often for a boy. It is unique and Mars would be a cool nickname.

Gustavo – While my father usually went by Gus, I prefer Gustavo since it is much more professional and sounds what like it means: “royal staff.”

Matías – I think this Spanish version of Matthew sounds a lot more unique. It is shorter and means “gift of God.”

Ian – I would not have gathered it to be a popular Hispanic name, but I have always had this name on my list if we had a boy. It means “God is gracious” and is another version of Juan.

Liam – This is a shortened name for William and flows well with our last name. It is kingly and means “strong protector.”

Daniel – I love the sound of it in Spanish. I remember how faithful of a person he was in the Bible. The name means “God is my judge.”

Oliver – It is a well-known musical about an orphan boy, but despite it being of French origin, I love it’s pronunciation in Spanish. It is quite distinguished-sounding.

Alejandro – I am a fan of Alejando Sanz’ music and it is a Spanish version of Alexander meaning “defender or protector of mankind.”

Diego – This is Spanish for James and means “he that replaces.” It sounds very much like someone who likes to travel and is an outdoors person.

Image : Disney Baby


10 Adorable “Baby’s First Birthday” Themes

Post originally ran November 30th, 2014.

I can’t believe I am going to say this, but in a short few weeks, my youngest baby will not be a baby anymore. We are about to celebrate his first birthday, and I can say honestly that this year flew by faster than I realized was even possible.

We’ve begun the planning stages to celebrate his first big birthday with our close friends and family, and the first thing we need to decide on is the theme. Sure, he’s not going to remember this birthday other than looking at the pictures when he’s older, but this party is really for all of us — his friends and family. He is my last baby — the youngest little one — and I haven’t thrown a first-birthday party for any of my other kids before, so I want to go big.

We’ve been stuck on the theme for a while, which is important so we know what invitations to order, what decorations we need to pick up, and, of course, what food we’re going to serve. There are so many great ideas for baby’s first birthday party, and here are 10 of my favorite themes I’ve come across.

Office Inspired

I don’t know if there is anything cuter than seeing a young baby boy all dressed up like an adult. I have this thing about dressing my littlest as if he was an old man, and this office theme just seems to fit my love for all boy things. You can ask all the guests to wear their office finest and have a great time decorating with ties and high heels.

Very Hoppy Birthday

Get it? Hoppy instead of happy means this birthday theme is celebrated with the help of adorable bunnies! There are so many ways you can incorporate this theme into the decorations and food, and it’s great for either gender.

Twinkle Star

It’s a loved song and can make for a gorgeous theme for a first birthday. Think: decorations of stars and other celestial loveliness, paired with great friends, food, and a memorable time for your 1-year old.

Monster Madness

Monsters don’t always have to be scary, and if your little 1-year-old is fearless, this can be a really great theme idea for their first birthday. I see bright greens, blues, and oranges and the friendliest monsters you’d ever seen. You can serve some pretty creative cake pops, and I bet there are some adorable invitations you can send out, too.

See how googly eyes and polka dots work to make an adorable monster-themed party here.

Vintage Circus

What’s not to love about the circus theme? And you can take it up a notch by adding in vintage, because it’s kind of funny when you’re celebrating a 1-year-old’s birthday. You can pair black and white with bright red and orange colors and decorate with balloons, elephants, and have a great time doing so.

Trucks and Planes

If your little boy or girl loves all things automobile and airplane, this is the perfect theme! You can switch it up depending on your child’s personal favorite, whether that is the fast-looking sports cars, the vintage airplanes, or even tractors. This theme can lead to some creative desserts and photo ops, too.

Check out some cute ideas for a transportation party here.

Winter Wonderland

My little babe will be turning 1 in the winter season, so why not incorporate that season into the birthday party theme? You can have all things snowflakes, peppermint, and hot chocolate, too, making the most comfortable first-birthday party ever.

Modern Cowboy

Babies and cowboys totally mix, and whether you’re celebrate for a boy or a girl (or both? twinsies!), cowboys and cowgirls are always the way to go. You can choose any color theme you want and, well, who can resist little baby cowboy boots? Not me, friends. Not me!

Ice Cream Social

Maybe your baby is turning 1 when the weather is at its hottest or you’re throwing caution to the wind and you want ice cream in the winter. Either way, the ice cream social is a great way to celebrate baby and have a wonderful party with your closest friends and family. You can decorate with white and red swirls and, well, you can’t forget the ice cream bar!

Check out some amazing ideas on throwing your own ice cream social!

Animal Party

I call my baby my little animal because he’s always acting crazy, climbing on things, and there is something extra cute about baby animals — like my son — that just makes me happy. The animal party is a perfect theme idea for your little 1-year-old because there are endless opportunities to take the theme and make it unique while providing a great time for everyone!

What theme do you have in mind for your child’s first birthday? Share in the comments!

This article was written by EverydayFamily from Everyday Family and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

Image : Getty


A New Spin on Diaper Cakes

The diaper cake is a favorite centerpiece of any baby shower. But you don’t have to restrict yourself to making a typical tiered diaper cake.  Since diapers lend themselves to being rolled, folded, and stacked, you can fashion creations that are whimsical and unique to your shower’s theme.

When creating an alternative diaper cake, think about incorporating other baby items that can also be rolled or shaped, and come in colors other than white such as receiving blankets, washcloths, and baby socks.  You can also use toys and baby gear in your non-cake diaper cake. These items can be used to frame the cake, provide a defined shape, and build the diaper cake into the form you are trying to achieve. 

Here are some ideas for diaper cakes that are anything but typical.

Diaper Carriage

Construct a baby carriage by starting with an oblong wicker basket. Wrap the basket in a receiving blanket and tie ribbon around it. This will be the carriage body. Make four small round bundles of rolled diapers and secure them with ribbons. These will be the wheels. Place a layer of rolled diapers in the basket to make a mattress layer, cover with a blanket, and place a baby doll or stuffed animal inside to complete the carriage cake.

Diaper Caterpillar

Roll a receiving blanket to create one long tube.  Wrap diapers around the receiving blanket and fasten with a rubber band, to hold each in place and mimic the segmented body of the caterpillar.  Stick pipe cleaners through the rubber bands on each side of the caterpillar and bend them for legs. To create the head, wrap a tennis ball in a child’s sock and add some googly eyes, pipe cleaner antennae and a mouth. Attach the head by sliding the body into the end of the sock and you’re done.

Diaper Wreath

Start with a floral ring that you can pick up at a local craft store or florist, or cut out a cardboard ring from a carton. Roll one diaper and fasten with a rubber band. Wrap wide ribbon around the diaper to cover the rubber band, and glue or tie it closed. (Don’t let glue touch the diaper.) Glue the diaper to the wreath by putting glue on the ribbon and attaching to the base. Continue until diapers cover the entire base. Glue a bow or other decorative touch at the top of the wreath, and tie a ribbon around the wreath so it can be hung.

Don’t feel constricted by the idea of a diaper cake. You can use diapers in so many ways to design original and fun diaper creations that are meaningful to the mom-to-be and add delightful décor to your shower.

Image : Getty


Easy Autumn Gender Reveal and Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Autumn is the season for bountiful harvests, crisp nights and gorgeous foliage lighting up the landscape. If you’re having an autumn baby, embrace the colors and special qualities of fall to create a unique pregnancy announcement or gender reveal that will delight your friends and family.

Few things symbolize fall as distinctly as a pumpkin. While pumpkin flavored everything fills the grocery store shelves and coffee shops, you can seize on the pumpkin theme by crafting a clever announcement showcasing the new little pumpkin in your expanding family (and belly!). Whether using a pumpkin shaped announcement or integrating pumpkin artwork and wording in the card, using a pumpkin is sure to be a cute way to announce your new pregnancy. 

Want to create a gender reveal with pumpkins? You could paint small pumpkins pink or blue and place the winning gender alongside the larger mommy and daddy pumpkins, or get in the Halloween spirit by carving “girl” or “boy” into the pumpkin and lighting it from within for all to see.

If you have a local pumpkin patch with a corn maze you can plan a fun autumn outing with family and friends and place your blue or pink pumpkins at the end of the maze to surprise your guests when they finally arrive at the end.

When the leaves change color from green to fiery reds, yellows and oranges, you can collect them and incorporate these natural elements into a pregnancy announcement, pressing them between wax paper to create a bright, autumnal base layer for a card that’s easy to pop in the mail. If you're artistic, paint a family tree on a canvas or foam core using real leaves to decorate the branches and reveal the newest branch when your guests arrive at your home. Frame it after your reveal and hang it in the nursery. Everyone loves playing in the fallen leaves that gather on front lawns and backyards, so set up a scavenger hunt using piles of leaves as a pathway. The final pile can hide a box with a boy or girl painted pumpkin inside.

Of course, fall is also apple season. Create candy apples by dipping them in pink or blue melted candy coating and reveal the colored apple for your girl or boy for dessert after a brunch. Make a fall version of a King Cake. Bake an apple pie and place a tiny porcelain baby girl or boy in the pie. Slice the pie and serve it to your guests and celebrate when one of them gets the mystery piece that reveals your baby’s gender.

Planning a gender reveal or pregnancy announcement in autumn means celebrating during a season full of delicious, comforting food, spectacular natural surroundings, and thankfulness. Invite your friends and family to join you on this exciting journey by planning an event that blends the best of fall with the joy of a new baby on the way. 

Image : Getty


5 Easy Fall and Winter Accents for your Nursery

Decorating the inside or outside of your house for the fall and winter holidays is a great way to celebrate this festive time of year. When adding those decorative touches to the interior of your home, don’t forget to include baby’s nursery in your plans. There are many easy ways to add some seasonal cheer to your little one’s room without investing lots of time or money.

Go for garlands

One of the simplest ways to add a whimsical seasonal touch to baby’s nursery is by using a garland. Garlands can be affordable to buy, but if you want to DIY there are many sites online offering easy instructions and ideas. For a festive fall look, try making or buying a felt ball garland featuring rich autumn colors such as orange, brown, red and dark green. To add a touch of winter, pick up a garland of white paper stars or snowflakes. Of course, you should never hang garland on, or anywhere near, baby’s crib.

Add meaningful light

Light plays an important role in many cultural and religious holidays that take place during the fall and winter seasons. The symbol of light is present in Diwali, Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa celebrations. By framing the nursery window with a simple strand of white lights, you can add a soothing and symbolic glow to baby’s room that can last through both fall and winter. If you celebrate Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, you can safely add a battery-operated menorah or kinara to baby’s room.

Get whimsical wall decals

Peel and stick. What could be easier? Wall decals are a wonderful decorating option for adding seasonal and holiday cheer to baby’s nursery. Larger decals can also be used to dramatically change the look of your little one’s room without a major makeover. Decals of trees, autumn-colored leaves, acorns or woodland animals can help spruce up the nursery for fall. When it comes to winter, you can try a holiday decal or choose snowflakes, skiing images or even words or sayings that help create a winter theme.

Try branching out

For a look that can bridge both fall and winter, turn to nature. Incorporate real, bare branches into your decorating and you’ll have a unique and natural accent that will get noticed in the nursery. To create a shelf or dresser display, gather various branches and then glue on felt or paper leaves before placing them in a vase. 

Add an art gallery

Pick up some inexpensive picture frames at a thrift or discount store and create a fall or winter themed art gallery in baby’s nursery. You can print your images or recycle old magazines, calendars, catalogs and holiday cards. After framing, you can create a mini seasonal art gallery by grouping all the pictures together on a wall or shelf. 

Image : Getty


12 of the Best Christmas Gifts for the New or Expecting Mom

When it comes to Christmas shopping, it’s easy to focus on what the little ones in your life will receive, but don’t forget about Mom! There are tons of great options for new and expecting moms that will help make her life a little better.

Birth and postpartum doula Michelle Cohen knows what every new and expecting mom really wants: food! Whether she’s too big to cook, or too busy snuggling a little one to think about dinner, providing a new or expectant mom with a nourishing holiday meal will be appreciated.

Don’t like cooking yourself? Forget the casserole, send her a gift card to a restaurant where you can order and get delivered a nice hot meal.

Many new and expecting moms find they really need one thing: the return of their short-term memory. Since you can’t give her that, give her something that will help her find her constantly lost keys and phone.

The Tile is a little white tile that can attach to keys or whatever you lose most often. Once you sync your Tile to your phone, you can then use your phone to find your keys and your keys to find your phone. Brilliant!

I’ve used my Tile more times than I can count in the first week alone. Mom can even attach a Tile to her baby (kidding).

This one is for the mom who likes tech or who needs to stay organized. The Wacom Bamboo Spark makes it possible to take notes by hand and then have your handwritten notes converted into a digital file — a digital file that can be synced with multiple devices like your phone, tablet, and computer.

Never worry about misplacing notes again! When kids are old enough to draw, they can even use the Bamboo Spark to create masterpieces that are easy for Mom to keep forever without taking up space.

Many new moms want to get back in shape after having a baby. A gift that helps her get fit after giving birth will likely be appreciated.

The Fitbit Charge HR can monitor her heart rate. If she doesn’t like the look of a Fitbit bracelet, she might like the Fitbit One, which can be clipped anywhere or put in her pocket. Many Fitbits can also monitor sleep, something that’s always on new moms’ minds!

New moms all face a similar problem: the baby really, really wants to play with her phone. Another common problem? Mom’s hands are full with her baby and her baby gear, and she drops her phone.

A lot.

The solution? A phone case that can withstand everything. The Thule Atmos X5 iPhone Case can withstand falls and spills, so basically, it can withstand the challenges of new motherhood.

It’s a truth many moms learn early on — that sometimes, baby just needs to be outside. If the new or expecting mom in your life might be pushing a stroller around in cold weather, she will thank you every time she uses her 7 AM Enfant Polar WarMMuffs.

These ingenious muffs attach to her stroller’s handles so that she can push your stroller without gloves, all while keeping her hands warm. This means no struggling to get gloves on and off when she needs to use her phone or give something to the baby.


There is one thing moms all love to do: take pictures of their little ones! Most moms will not be caught without their phones, so give her the gift of more interesting photos with the Lensbaby Creative Mobile Kit.

Speaking of photos, most moms would absolutely love photos of their little ones displayed in their home. Try a unique gift like these metal prints from Tiny Prints that can be made with one special photo or as a collage.

Or, if Mom prefers photo books, check out Mixbook. It has tons of options including making books with photos from iPhones, Instagram, and Facebook.

During my last pregnancy, and my baby’s first year or so, I carried around a notebook to record special thoughts and moments with my baby, along with to-do lists that I needed to help me through life in my sleep-deprived state.

I chose a cute notebook, but I would have loved a beautiful personalized journal, like this one from Tiny Prints, which goes for under $15.

Most expecting and new moms would love a stylish bag that works for her needs and her baby’s needs. The Chestnut Parker Tote from Mamas & Papas is so gorgeous — no one will suspect that it’s a diaper bag.

Inside are tons and tons of pockets and a wipe-off lining that is perfect for carrying everything you need for a little one.

Most moms love taking photos of their little ones with whichever camera they have available, whether it’s their phone or a big DSLR. The problem is that many of these photos get lost or forgotten about completely. The Bevy Smart Photo System is an ingenious approach to making sure Mom keeps every single frame of her little one.

Use an app or download a memory card and all photos are stored in one secure place. This gift will keep on giving for years to come.

Take it from a mom of four: moms of new babies spend a lot of time cuddling sleeping babies and even being pinned under them, afraid to move, lest she wake the baby.

There are also many hours during the first year and beyond, spent feeding the baby or caring for him in the middle of the night. These times are, of course, precious, but I’ve found that I enjoy these hours more when I have a quiet activity to pass the time while enjoying those new-baby snuggles.

The NOOK GlowLight Plus is the perfect solution since it is light enough to hold in one hand and can be read in the dark without emitting bright light that may disturb the baby or Mom’s sleeping, grown-up partner.

Are you a new or expecting mom? What is on your wishlist?

This article was written by EverydayFamily from Everyday Family and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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First Birthday Parties: A Survey

Winnie the Pooh or Sesame Street? Cake or cupcakes? Outdoors or in? Your little one's first year of life is certainly a wonderful (and big!) reason to celebrate – and more parents than ever are using first birthdays as opportunities to reconnect with family and friends after 12 months of settling into the parenting thing. We were curious about how moms and dads were organizing their babies' first birthday parties these days, so we surveyed our readers about their party cakes, favors, food, and more. Here's what over 1,000 moms on told us about their first birthday parties:

1st Birthday Party Infographic

About half of moms felt under a lot of pressure when planning their children's first birthday party — but our survey shows most of that pressure is self-imposed. So if you start to feel like you need to keep up with the Joneses, remember that most of your neighbors are likely just as conservative with their time and money as you are: Less than one in 10 parents spent more than $200 on a party, less than one in 10 hired outside entertainment, and over half of moms hired out the cake-baking to their local grocery store or bakery to avoid stressing over homemade red velvet batter and cream cheese icing.

Parents who have been there, planned that, also had a few smart party-planning tips for first-timers. For one, most moms said their biggest regret was not giving themselves enough time to hash out the details, so be sure to start planning early — before you even think you need to —and you'll be less stressed and happier with the outcome of your party. And if you're concerned about having enough space for your guests at your home (or can't figure out how to arrange the space you do have), consider hosting your party at a playground or park. While only 10 percent of families held their celebrations outside, those who did loved their choice (after all, benches and a public lawn mean less post-cake cleanup for mom and dad...what's not to love?). And while Facebook messages and e-invites are always good way to get the message out, a majority of moms say they still prefer the more personalized connection of a good old-fashioned phone call or snail-mail card.

Most importantly, remember that your little one only turns one once. So wherever your first birthday party plans take you, make sure to take the time to slow down, cuddle, and savor this special milestone with your favorite little person!


5 Classic Gifts Your Baby Will Love This Holiday

By Keiko Zoll,

It's hard to imagine that your baby will remember his or her first holidays, or even their first few winter holidays, for that matter! But that doesn't mean they should miss out on all the fun of holiday presents and gift-giving.

Here are five classic gift ideas that any baby or toddler will adore this winter holiday season!

1. Plastic Blocks
While wooden blocks evoke a timeless image of childhood fun, I advocate for soft plastic or silicone blocks for little hands. They're easy to rinse off in case of the accidental spilled juice or milk, and if they're scattered all over the playroom floor, they'll hurt a lot less if you step on them! Blocks are such a fantastic developmental toy for babies and toddlers of any age, getting them to work on fine motor skills and concepts like stacking, sorting, and even counting.

2. Board Books
Reading is so important, even to the littlest, tiniest baby! Board books are especially resilient to tiny, curious hands. They're also small enough to fit in a stocking - or more importantly, a purse or diaper bag for quick engaging play on the go!

3. Stuffed Toy or Animal
Just like a security blanket, every child has a favorite stuffed toy. It might be their favorite character or perhaps a teddy bear that's been passed down for generations. Whatever it is, just make sure it's age appropriate. And here's a special tip: assuming it's not handmade, buy two, just in case one gets left at the zoo or the park by accident!

4. Security Blanket
Whether you call it a blankie, a minkey, a silkie, a lovey or something else entirely, there's nothing more iconic that a little baby carrying around their favorite blanket! Choose something soft and durable, because you know your little one will be taking it with them everywhere.

5. Musical Instruments
Don't worry - you don't have to go out an buy a grand piano for your baby! But something as simple as a rattle or drum is perfect for the littlest babies during the holidays. Older babies and toddlers will appreciate instruments like tambourines and xylophones. Music is a great way to teach vocabulary (think song lyrics) and basic counting and math skills through rhythm. And what little one doesn't love banging on a drum or keyboard?

What are some of your favorite holiday gift ideas for baby? Share your baby holiday wish lists in the comments!

Mom and baby dressed in white laying in bed together

5 Ways to Welcome Home Mom and Baby

Bringing a baby home from the hospital is a special moment. The new parents have probably prepared a nursery, cleaned and nested, and done everything they can to prepare. But you, as a support person, have the power to make it an even more magical moment. Whether your partner, sister, family member, or best friend is the one bringing a new baby home, check out the easy ideas below to make mom and baby feel special as they walk through the door. 

1. Fold the laundry, do the dishes, take out the trash, and clean up

Even if the new parents were cleaning and nesting before the baby arrived, labor is often unpredictable and it’s not unlikely that there was laundry running, dishes in the sink, and loose items scattered across the house. Make sure the parents have the ability to focus on their new baby when they get home by taking care of all the little chores that need to be done to keep a home feeling neat and clean.

2. Have a favorite meal cooking

Nothing says “home” like the smell of a home cooked meal on the stove or in the oven. Before the new parents arrive home, get cooking! Make enough for leftovers and don’t forget to clean the kitchen before you go.

3. Make a welcome home banner

Whether you tie balloons to the mailbox, make a sign for the door, or hang a “Welcome Home” diaper garland inside, help the new family feel special by decorating for their arrival. Whatever you do plan to keep it simple enough that the new mom won’t have any trouble cleaning it up.

4. Document the moment

Be ready to snap a few pictures of the special moment as the new parents walk through the door. Coming home from the hospital is exciting but can also feel a little overwhelming. Likely, the new parents haven’t thought about the fact that they might want pictures of this special moment to look back on. Play photographer and send the new parents any great picture you take.

5. Keep checking in

During the first week or two, new parents often feel very supported. As time goes on, however, many people may stop checking in as they assume the new parents are doing okay. Though how you support the new parents may change over the first few weeks or months of their baby’s life, sticking around can be very meaningful. The best way to figure out what a new parent may need as their baby grows is to ask. So get curious, stick around, and know that the new parents in your life are lucky to have you!

Who is expecting a new baby in your life soon?

This article was written by EverydayFamily from Everyday Family and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

Image : Getty

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Our Points Structure Has Changed

We are changing our Rewards Points structure so that we can improve our Huggies® Rewards program to offer you more ways to earn points. So, we are multiplying the cost of Rewards items by 10. But don't worry, your points balance is also multiplied by 10!

Our Points structure has changed

See How Rewards Has Changed

Watch this helpful video to learn more about all of the great improvements made to the Huggies® Rewards program.

Say Goodbye to Rewards Codes

You asked, we listened! Introducing two new ways to get your Huggies® Rewards Points when you buy: submitting a receipt and loyalty card linking — exclusively for Huggies® Rewards. 

Huggies Rewards Submit Receipts instead of Rewards Codes

Submit Your Receipts

There's a faster way to get your Huggies® Rewards Points! Earn points by uploading and submitting a photo of your receipt for all Huggies® Diapers and Wipes. You'll even get 2x the points for your first receipt submission! 

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