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Congratulations! You have a little one on the way. Huggies wants to help you in a big way. We have lots of articles and videos on everything from baby names to shower planning and more, so you can celebrate every moment of this major milestone.


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Nesting & Spring Cleaning: What to Know

If you’re expecting a spring or summer baby, your nesting instincts may be kicking into overdrive really soon. While not everyone will get the nesting urge, those who do tend to experience that sudden burst of energy and compelling need to get absolutelyeverything ready for baby during their third trimester. 

Since nesting is all about prepping your home for your little one’s arrival, spring cleaning may quickly rise to the top of your to-do list at this time of year. But before you rush out to load up on supplies, here are some tips to keep in mind that will help keep you and baby safe during your spring-cleaning marathon. 

Take a Pass on the Paint

Yep, sprucing things up with a fresh coat of paint is not recommended. The EPA states that all pregnant women should avoid being exposed to paint fumes—they are dangerous for both moms and babies. Even water-based paints, low-VOC and zero-VOC paints can pose a threat. 

Lose the Ladder

Your baby bump is bigger than ever. This means that your center of gravity has shifted, and that puts you at an increased risk of falling. This is especially true if you are in your third trimester. Dusty ceiling fans will need to be put at the top of someone else’s to-do list for now.

Forget the Oven

Even if you haven’t cleaned your oven in years, now is definitely not the time to start. Oven cleaners frequently contain toxic solvents such as glycol ethers that can increase your risk of miscarriage.

Delegate Kitty Litter Duty

You should definitely have your partner change the kitty litter and clean all pet cages when you’re pregnant. If you were to tackle these cleaning duties, you would be putting yourself at risk of getting an infection called toxoplasmosis. This infection, which is caused by exposure to pet droppings, won’t harm you, but it could cause hearing or vision problems if it is passed on to baby.

Open the Windows

Exposure to fumes from some cleaning products can put your baby at risk for health problems such as asthma. This is because of the toxic solvents, acids, and fragrances that are often used in many conventional products. Wear gloves and open windows for proper ventilation if working with these products. Better still, try using inexpensive natural ingredients such as vinegar, water and baking soda to clean.

Read the labels

When in doubt about buying or using commercial cleaning products, check the labels to see if there is a warning for pregnant women. If a product label states the item is toxic, or if it contains harmful ingredients like phenols, phthalates or glycol ethers, then you should definitely avoid using it when spring cleaning your home.    

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